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RUSH: Look at this Lena Dunham situation. Lena Dunham, who was a heroine to the pop culture in this country, she’s an absolute star. She’s got this HBO show called Girls, so popular, so hip, so cool that Obama used her in a campaign commercial in the War on Women back in 2012. What is she, 17 years old? I know she’s in her twenties. She’s got an autobiography. Oh, yes, she has an autobiography.

You know what the prominent event in her autobiography is? Yeah, she was raped by a conservative Republican. Right. She was raped by a conservative Republican named Barry at Oberlin college in Ohio. She described this guy, and it was easy to find who it was, except a problem arose when he said that he didn’t do it, and he had evidence that he didn’t do it.

So then people were confused, because Lena Dunham, why, she is a heroine, and she wouldn’t lie about this because women don’t lie about this. So what do we do? The guy says he didn’t do it. It looks like he’s telling the truth. But we know she wouldn’t lie, so what happened? And this festered and effervesced, and it began to become a very harmful thing for this book project.

So the publisher finally came out and said, “Well, it turns out that Barry is a euphemism, a made-up name. It’s not the real guy. It’s a pseudonym type thing and so forth.” And okay, well, let’s go looking for another Republican guy who might have raped Lena Dunham. They can’t find anybody. So the publisher has basically tried to walk this back. They will not apologize to this Barry guy, but everybody that’s looked into this knows who he is, and he didn’t do it. The publisher is now saying it wasn’t true, but there’s no apology.

Lena Dunham, as far as I know sitting here today, hasn’t said anything about this one way or the other. But it turns out that the whole story was probably made up, and it was used to advance this whole notion of War on Women and how women are being targeted by a bunch of male predators, primarily at universities, because there is a rape culture on American universities now because men are such predators.

And then the Rolling Stone story about how a gang rape of a female student at UVA took place and then they had to walk that back because it turns out that the writer of that story made it up and didn’t even talk to the members of the fraternity who had been accused. So Lena Dunham lies about a Republican college student, Barry, raping her; a Rolling Stone reporter falsely accused a fraternity at the University of Virginia of gang raping a young woman.

The leading publication for pop culture, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll I guess is gonna have to walk itself back now and just limit itself to drugs and rock ‘n’ roll because it can’t be believed when it writes about sex. And it’s been learned that the author of the Rolling Stone story has done this before. She has made up these kinds of events — rape — before. But before everybody figured out that the Rolling Stone story was bogus, University of Virginia suspended the entire fraternity system over these false allegations.

It turns out that dean Wormer over there, whoever he happens to be at the UVA, shouldn’t have put the fraternities and sororities on double secret probation. And I doubt that anything’s gonna happen to the Rolling Stone reporter because everybody’s in a circle the wagons CYA mode just like they did with Dan Rather. When Dan Rather obviously ran a totally made up story on George Bush and the National Guard, the Drive-By Media scheduled a brand new award and a ceremony and a dinner that Dan Rather was the first recipient of.

They couldn’t let the news suffer. They couldn’t let liberalism suffer, and they couldn’t let journalism suffer, and they couldn’t let the networks take a hit, so they had to circle the wagons and make Dan Rather some great new award winner, and that’s what’s happening now with Lena Dunham, the same thing to try to protect her. The publisher’s neck is hanging out on the noose here, and this Rolling Stone situation is the same thing. The lying based on totally false political assumptions. Lena Dunham being raped by some guy at Oberlin college, that’s political.

“What do you mean, Rush, how is that political?”

If you had any idea what’s taught at feminist studies, can I remind you, remember the name Catharine MacKinnon? This goes back now to the nineties. Catharine MacKinnon was a militant feminazi. She happened to teach women’s studies at the University of Michigan. She was famous for teaching the women in her class that all sex is rape, even the sex in marriage, because men are basically predators, heartless, with no feelings, who essentially just force themselves on undesiring women, even in marriage.

Now, you listen to this, and you listen to her say it, and you think this is crazy, nobody’s gonna believe this, except they did. The young women in her class, a certain percentage of them did. I’m convinced that a lot of this culture rot which is taking place in journalism is happening in journalism school. I really do believe that we are not fully aware, even though we intellectually know, but I don’t think we’re fully aware of just how radical the faculty at most major universities has become.

I think the faculty is the repository for the most radical extremists in our culture. Bill Ayers, for example, is a faculty member at some college or university. I think they’re scattered all over the place, and I think they’re filling their young skulls full of mush with lies and hatred for practically everything to do with American tradition, with American institutions. And they’re taking these young skulls full of mush, and they really are filling up with the kind of hatred that you can’t imagine.

It’s taught to them in such a way, “Hey, I’m letting you in on something. You, because you’re fortunate enough to be in this class, I’m gonna tell you what’s really going on in this country. I’m gonna tell you who the Republicans really are. I’m gonna tell you what the Tea Party really is. I’m gonna tell you who the conservatives really are.” And they launch with the hate, and they launch with the bias, and they launch with the bigotry.

These young kids don’t come out of the womb thinking this stuff. They probably didn’t go to college thinking this stuff. Some might and just had it affirmed or confirmed. But many of them show up, just going to college because it’s next phase in life, and they end up being radicalized by these professors. I have no doubt that’s what’s happening, and now they’re entering the mainstream as reporters and journalists, and they’re carrying the agenda that they’ve been inculcated with and taught right into their jobs.

And there are more and more women in the news business, management, assignment editors, producers, you name it. Not just on camera, reporters and writers, and it is rearing its ugly head everywhere you go in the middle of what is called American pop culture. And it is another thing that’s literally tearing this country apart. I’m sure that this writer for Rolling Stone — I mean, I don’t know for sure, but I would wager if I had to that she would have written the story even if she knew it was false. The premise being, “Well, it may not be true here, but we know it’s happening everywhere. We know there’s a rape culture, and therefore it’s important and needs to be written about and who cares if my story doesn’t actually contain real people and real names?”

There are advocates saying it right now. In order to defend her, they’re saying, “Well, she might have gotten the details wrong, but everybody knows it’s a problem. And she has raised the curtain. She’s lifted the curtain on one of the evils happening in American universities, gang rape.” So we have to look past the fact that she might have made this up because she’s doing a service in shining a light on a horrible thing that’s becoming standard operating procedure in the American fraternity system, and that’s how it’s justified.

And the same excuse can be made with Lena Dunham. “Well, okay, maybe she took some liberties here, but we cannot deny that women are under siege on American campuses.” And this is the justification. It’s like that ill-fated moment when somebody leaked that I was in a group trying to purchase the St. Louis Rams. And all of a sudden there are reams of fake quotes attributed to me that I never said about race, slavery, race relations.

The sports Drive-Bys are publishing it without even checking it out, and they’re all being heralded as heroes, and then finally it was pointed out to all of them that I had never said it. And the man who made ’em up had been identified. He wouldn’t take it back, but he admitted that he had taken some liberties. They all knew that they had published total lies, and the way they dealt with it was to say, “Well, Limbaugh didn’t say it, okay, he didn’t say it, but we know he thinks it.” It’s the same thing that’s being done here with all of these rape stories and whatever else that fits into the War on Women meme that the Democrat Party has established.

And therefore the truth is the biggest casualty because the truth has become relative. The truth is all dependent on what the powerful can make it be, or the people who think they are powerful. In this case, it’s journalists. And to them, power, not truth is the key. And if you have the power to write a story that is factually incorrect but you think identifies a larger problem, fine, go ahead and do it because you’re serving the greater good by illuminating a problem, even if you had to fictionalize an account of it.

They’re applauding themselves and patting themselves on the back for this. And it’s the same mentality. “Well, Limbaugh didn’t say it, okay.” They were upset when they found out I didn’t say it. But then they had to say, to cover their own bases, “Well, we know he probably has thought it. We know he probably thinks it, ’cause we know Limbaugh,” that kind of thing. So character assassination, defamation, you name it. But this has a real-world result. They are tearing apart the fabric of society. They are rendering meaningless the truth.

They are getting away with using power to make the truth relative to fit whatever their political agenda is. And, as such, innocent bystanders, which happen to be the American people, their heads are spinning not knowing what’s what, but afraid to speak up because they know what happens to people that do. The same in St. Louis, “hands up, don’t shoot” did not happen. “Hands up, don’t shoot” did not happen. And Eric Garner was not killed with a chokehold. He had a heart attack. He had all kinds of health problems, diabetes, type 2, I think, and a respiratory problem. It wasn’t a chokehold. Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.

You know, I can remember asking some friends of mine who have been in the business of sports, primarily on the management side in broadcasting, I remember asking ’em, “Why don’t athletes speak up on some of these political things?” I mean, you realize how much credibility they have. Take your favorite player you have anywhere and there’s a controversy in America. You know that if an athlete spoke up, to a lot of people that would settle the issue. And these guys said to me, “It’ll never happen. Athletes are never gonna go there. Their endorsements would be on the line. They have nothing to gain, Rush. They’ve got nothing to gain by angering half the country with a political point of view, so they’re gonna stay out of it.”

Well, guess what? That’s gone bye-bye now. And I knew it was gonna happen when those five guys in the Rams came out and put their hands up, solidarity with the protesters, and it wasn’t just the next week, it’s “I can’t breathe” all over T-shirts or “I can’t breathe” all over shoes and LeBron is out there, “I can’t breathe” on the court. And so now the corrupting influences that sports was an escape from, the corrupting events that sports provided an escape from, sports has now been corrupted as well. There is no escape from it.

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