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RUSH: Oh, folks, I have got to tell you, I interviewed Dr. Thomas Sowell yesterday afternoon, after the program for the next issue of The Limbaugh Letter. Now, normally I would tease you with what he said as a means of hyping the purchase of subscriptions, but because I don’t look at you people as pockets and dollar signs, I’m gonna tell you this.

I started off by asking him, “Dr. Sowell, you and I and countless others have been chronicling the deterioration of American culture, our society, and our politics, in my case, for 25 years. We just keep talking about it. At what point does any of this change?” And he said that’s actually the big question.

I said, “What’s your biggest fear?”

Are you ready for this?

He said his biggest fear: The Iranians get nuclear weapons and attack not Israel, but the United States.

Dr. Sowell said to me that one of his, not his only, of course, one of his biggest fears is that the Iranians would launch a nuclear attack of some kind on the United States.

And the kicker? He is convinced that if Obama is president when it happens, that he will surrender.

I expressed total shock.

And he said (paraphrasing), “What did the Japanese do? All it took was two bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What did they do? If we wake up one day and Chicago and New York are gone, if we wake up one day and Dallas and Los Angeles are gone…”

The shock of that, I had to come back to it probably 20 minutes later in the interview to ask him about it, if it’s something that he really believes. He’s dead serious. He’s 85 years old now and he doesn’t sound a day over 50, if that.

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