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Detroit Lions Fan Outs Cheating Girlfriend of Some Guy He Doesn’t Know

RUSH: Imagine, ladies and gentlemen, you are at a football game. Let’s say that you are in Detroit on Thanksgiving Day and you have your girlfriend or your wife with you. You’re sitting there, you’re watching the game, and your girlfriend keeps using her phone. She’s texting, and you say to yourself, “Ah, no big deal, it’s a football game, and she’s good enough to come with me. She doesn’t really like it so she’s doing what she can to stay involved while I enjoy the football game.”

And at some point during the game a guy sitting behind you hands you a note, a handwritten note. The guy behind you has been watching your wife or your girlfriend as she texts. And the note tells you that your wife or girlfriend has been texting another man, telling him that she wishes she could spend the day with him instead of being at the football game with the lug head. Then the guy, who you don’t know, gives you this note, says, “Happy Thanksgiving, have a great day, but I think you should know, Bro.”

That actually happened.

“He was just trying to watch the game, but instead he was dragged into a random couple’s relationship drama. A man named ‘Lye’ has written about his experiences confronting a stranger at a Detroit Lions football game, after he claims he saw the man’s very pregnant girlfriend ‘romantically texting’ another man throughout the match. At the end of the game, Lye handed the man a note revealing the alleged adulterous text messages, and later posted a picture of the note and the pair he claimed to be the couple to Facebook.”

He went public with all of this.

“Those images have since gone viral and are now sparking a heated debate online about whether it’s appropriate to wade into a complete stranger’s relationship.”

Really? That’s a matter of debate? It’s up for grabs whether or not you should wade in to a complete stranger’s relationship? This guy took a picture of the note that he wrote and posted it. It says, “Hey, bro, I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but when you get home, check your girl’s phone. She been texting Jason saying she wishes she was with him all day. Take care, Bro. Wish you the best.” Signed, “unknown fan sitting two rows behind you at the Detroit Lions game.” (laughing) You know, you’re worried the NSA is spying on your e-mail? You’re worried about Apple or Google or whatever? Hey, how about the guy sitting behind you in public?

College President Apologizes for Saying “All Lives Matter”

RUSH: Did you hear about this college professor? This is classic. Smith College. Is that an all women’s college? Is Smith an all women’s school or not? I’m confusing them with Wellesley. I know Wellesley is. Smith College president Kathleen McCartney has apologized. Do you know what she apologized for? She apologized for saying “all lives matter.”

She is the president of the prestigious Smith College, and she is red-faced and apologetic for telling — (interruption) yeah, I thought it was a women’s college. She is red-faced and apologetic telling students on clamp that “all lives matter.” Smith is in Massachusetts, by the way, Northampton, Massachusetts.

Kathleen McCartney wrote the phrase “all lives matter” in the subject line of an e-mail to students at the school, whose alumni include the feminazis Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, the former First Lady Nancy Reagan and celebrity chef Julia Child. Kathleen McCartney was attempting to show support for students protesting racially charged grand jury decisions in Missouri and New York.

Protesters, as you know, have adopted several slogans in connection with the cases of the Gentle Giant and Eric Garner. One of the slogans they’re running around using and painting and wearing is “black lives matter.” So McCartney sends out an e-mail to the student body at Smith, and the subject matter is, “all lives matter,” which is definitely more inclusive, wouldn’t you say? Wouldn’t you say that “all lives matter” is much more inclusive than just “black lives matter”? But this more inclusive version was seen as an insult and an affront that diminished the focus on “black lives matter.” A bunch of people reacted with angry e-mails back at the college president, so she apologized. She apologized for saying “all lives matter.”

You remember the, well, quote, unquote, controversy at Columbia law school earlier this week where it was learned that the dean was going to grant exemptions, postponements of final exams for any student claiming to be emotionally distraught over the grand jury decision from Ferguson, and the grand jury decision from Staten Island, remember that? The dean said (paraphrasing), “If you find yourself emotionally overwhelmed and disturbed to the point that you don’t think you can concentrate on an exam, you can delay it and take it later when you are back together.”

Now, I went to college for one semester. The one semester that I attended university happened to be the semester when the National Guard shot four protesting students at Kent State. And I can tell you that nobody — I mean, a lot of people were upset about that, don’t misunderstand. But nobody claimed they couldn’t take tests. I don’t know if it’s unprecedented, but if it’s not unprecedented, it hadn’t happened very much.

So the question is, “Why did the dean buckle?” The students are out there, “I can’t take the test! I’m so emotionally distraught. Oh, my God, I’m just a mess. I can’t take the test. I can’t concentrate, oh, my.”

“Okay, fine, we’ll let you take a delay.” And now Kathleen McCartney, “Okay, okay, you don’t like ‘all lives matter.’ I apologize for saying ‘all lives matter.'” These people are afraid, too! It’s not just the Republicans in the House and the Senate that are scared to death, everybody’s afraid of these lunatic leftists. I would bet you the dean at Columbia law and this college president at Smith simply acceded to the demands of the angry mob so that the mob wouldn’t show up near their offices and do a sit-in or protest or cause some kind of campus unrest.

So it was simply let the mob have what it wants, do what it wants, get said what they want said, so that the mob doesn’t get any more mob-like. So the inmates are running the asylum. Now, as to this “black lives matter,” as to this notion that black lives matter — (interruption) everybody is shaking their heads at me on this. Hang on, my friends, I’m just being handed a super-secret note. What is this? Oh. Kerry Bentivolio, Republican, Michigan, changed his “no” vote to “yes” so the vote could pass. Breitbart News. Kerry Bentivolio, he’s lame duck — oh, so he’s not gonna be part of Congress in January. Well, so Boehner found a guy that’s leaving. I don’t know if he lost or if he’s just leaving, but he changed his vote so a 213 tie, which would have been a defeat, turned into a 214 to 212 win on the procedural — okay, so that’s who it was.

Now, as to the black lives matter, of course they do. Black lives do matter. All lives matter. Well, that’s it. Nobody said they didn’t! Nobody said black lives don’t matter. Who? (interruption) Oh. All right. All right. All right, Margaret Sanger has and the eugenics crowd. Yes, yes. You’re right. But what these people think is that the grand jury in Ferguson said that black lives don’t matter, and the grand jury in Staten Island said black lives don’t matter. But as to this black lives don’t matter, what did I see the other day?

There’s a bunch of protesters running around complaining that people think black lives don’t matter, so they’re wearing on T-shirts either “I can’t breathe” or “black lives don’t matter.” Wait, no, no, no, it’s black lives do matter, “black lives matter.” It’s not black lives don’t matter. That’s the claim, that black lives matter. That’s it, black lives matter. I was thinking about that, and what did I see? Black lives matter, 78% of all abortions in New York, black, Hispanic, minority. Black lives matter. When I saw the abortion figures, I’m confused.

University President: White Students Have Unearned Privilege

RUSH: Now, we had Kathleen McCartney get in deep trouble for sending out an e-mail claiming that all lives matter. See, that was a put-down. See, that was insensitive. That made fun of, that mocked, that diminished the protest slogan “black lives matter.” And as I say, when you look at the abortion statistics, it kind of is conflicting with the whole point “black lives matter.” But I know that it’s risky to go there.

Now, we had Kathleen McCartney get in deep trouble for sending out an e-mail claiming that all lives matter. See, that was a put-down. See, that was insensitive. That made fun of, that mocked, that diminished the protest slogan “black lives matter.” As I say, when you look at the abortion statistics, it kind of is conflicting, like the whole point “black lives matter.” But I know that it’s risky to go there.

Here from Campus Reform: “The president of California State University claims that those who are ‘light skinned’ have ‘significant unearned privilege.'” What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is yet another inept female college president who we pay tons of money to be in charge of your young skulls full of mush. Is this really what you parents want to pay for? Are you paying to have your children be taught that if they are “light-skinned,” they have “unearned privilege”?

“The president of California State University … Jane Close Conoley says that whites inherently exert distrust and ‘lower expectations of behavior’ towards those with darker skin. In a Dec. 5 op-ed, the president of California State University (CSU),” she’s president of the whole thing, “claimed if you are ‘light skinned’ you have ‘significant unearned privilege’ and routinely think less of those who are different than yourself.

“In her piece, ‘Privilege at The Beach,’ — referencing the Long Beach area where the school resides — Jane Close Conoley, a white woman herself, asserts that ‘light skin color and high income levels may attract significant unearned privilege,'” as though the high income has nothing to do with merit or earned or hard work or any of that. She said that “Those who qualify for such privilege, often unknowingly exert distrust and ‘lower expectations of behavior…'”

Do you know who does that? It’s liberals, and it’s called “the bigotry of low expectations.” It is liberals who look at people of color and see incompetence. It is liberals who look at people of color and have great sympathy and sorrow. It is liberals who exhibit the soft bigotry of low expectations. It is liberals who think dark-skinned people can’t get anywhere without the help of liberals.
It is liberals who don’t have much faith in dark-skinned people.

Ergo, that’s why liberals devise all the programs to assist dark-skinned people because dark-skinned people can’t do it on their own. The bigots in this case are leftists. But here’s this college president now writing that all light-skinned people hold this view, because they have unearned privilege. They’re basically a bunch of braggarts who have high expectations of themselves and assume that people unlike them just can’t do anything.

I’m telling you, there’s a name for this. It’s called “the soft bigotry of low expectations,” and it is almost an exclusive characteristic of liberals. But, anyway, is this what you want to pay a university to teach your kids? I don’t know what it costs to go to California State University in Long Beach, but this president “claims that if a non-white person walks into a department store they may be followed by employees and their presence is often times acknowledged with ‘suspicion and fear.'”

I’m telling you, the roots of all of this discord that we are experience in our culture today — the lion’s share of it, I think — is coming from the classroom. Journalism school, political science school, whatever it is. Some of the most radical, leftist thought is safely ensconced on campus with tenure, and these young kids, the students arrive with blank slates or whatever other drivel they’ve learned in high school, and they are just propagandized with all of this literal hate, and radicalism, such as all sex is rape, including the sex in marriage.
Women’s studies program, gay studies — and they graduate and they come out and they become plagiarists and journalists that make things up to fulfill an agenda.

Jorge Ramos Asks Obama About White Privilege

RUSH: By the way, folks, it’s not just this insane, inept female college president of Long Beach who claims if you’re light-skinned you have unearned privilege. One of the most powerful media figures in this country, Jorge Ramos — I’m looking for the sound bite. Jorge Ramos is Univision or some such thing. Where is it? It’s impossible to find this stuff. Hang on, this is embarrassing. Anyway, Obama appeared with this guy — and I thought I had it — maybe it was from yesterday.

Jorge Ramos is Univision, and he hit Obama in their interview last night. Jorge Ramos said that Obama should have done more to address white privilege, in addition to acting sooner on amnesty. So here’s this Univision anchor accusing Obama of not having done enough to address white privilege. I’m telling you, there’s an all-out assault on the very founding of this country and it’s coming from all quarters. It’s coming from academia. It’s coming from the media, and it’s all being taught, folks. People are not born in this country this — well, their parents may, I have to allow — but it’s all taught, the point is.

The nature of being an American is not to be filled with hatred and resentment and anger. This has to be taught to people. It has to be inculcated. It is not the natural state of mind for an American to be angry, distrustful, hateful, bigoted toward his own country. That has to be taught. And it is being taught, and, sadly, it’s being learned. And it’s been inculcated at some of the highest levels of journalism and politics and the media. And the Republicans are worried about being blamed for a government shut down? Sometimes it drives me literally nuts trying to understand all of this fear.

AP Ridiculousness: Torture Report Casts Pall Over Movies, TV Shows

RUSH: To show you how ridiculous the torture report is getting, I have a story here from the AP. It says here that the Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture casts a new pall over the movie Zero Dark Thirty and casts a new pall over the television show “24.”
Now, you want to talk about trite, we’re talking about movies! Movies! Which have scripts. And this lopsided, one-sided piece of junk, Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture, the AP now says is calling into question whether or not we can actually believe what we saw in the movie Zero Dark Thirty. For crying out loud. You see what’s real to these people and what isn’t?

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