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RUSH: Welcome back. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network. Grab audio sound bite number one. The Drive-By Media is comparing Elizabeth Warren and Ted Cruz, but they’re doing it the following way. Elizabeth Warren is wonderful. Ted Cruz is mean and nasty and a threat to the republic. It’s about 25 seconds, and again, just a media montage to give you a flavor here.

ED HENERY: Elizabeth Warren saying she may hold all of this up and do a reverse of what Ted Cruz did.

TAMARA KEITH: She’s sort of pulling a Ted Cruz.

JOE KERNEN: They’re likening her to a Democrat’s Ted Cruz.

CHRIS STIREWALT: Much as Ted Cruz did.

JOHN KING: Will a Ted Cruz stand up?

MAEVE RESTON: People like Cruz and Warren.

HANS NICHOLS: Elizabeth Warren or Ted Cruz?

JOHN STANTON: Elizabeth Warren is doing her best impersonation of Ted Cruz.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: It’s almost like she’s the good knight versus the bad knight, Ted Cruz.

RUSH: That was Chris Matthews. And you see, she’s the good knight. She’s doing a Democrat Party shutdown. In fact, it’s being reported in some places that Elizabeth Warren is so clever that she is going to engineer the Republicans shutting down the government. So Elizabeth Warren is angelic and wonderful and fearless and fighting for the little people, and Ted Cruz is mean and nasty and a threat to the public. Now, if Elizabeth Warren is behaving like Ted Cruz, then why don’t establishment Republicans get out of the way?

Let me illustrate my point. Ted Cruz is gonna shut down the government. Republican establishment act like stuck pigs. “No! No! You can’t, oh, my God, it’s gonna destroy, oh, my God, no!” Okay so now a Democrat comes along. A Democrat wants to shut down the government. Shouldn’t the Republican establishment stand aside, let it happen, the theory being that if you shut down the government, the American people hate you? So shouldn’t the Republicans just stand aside and let Elizabeth Warren shut down the government and finally have the Democrats blamed for this? So why aren’t they?

Well, I think it’s a legitimate question. If shutting down the government is a sign of party implosion, why not let it happen? Why not encourage her? Why not help her along and let the Democrats find out what it’s like to take the excrement sandwich that comes your way when you shut down the government? I would think that the Republican leadership would be urging Elizabeth Warren to go full on Ted Cruz. Obviously I support Ted Cruz. But, I mean, a year ago, Ted Cruz was reviled and hated, not just by the Democrats, but by the Republicans, too. So what if the media supports the shutdown. That it doesn’t matter.

If Republicans are being honest with us about not wanting Obamacare and amnesty, then let Warren shut down the government and let this go into a new year. If the Republicans are being honest with us and they tell us, “Oh, my God, we can’t have the government shut down. The people will blame whoever does, oh, my God, it will be a disaster, Rush. We can’t do it, we can’t do it.” A Democrat wants to shut down the government, get out of the way, let her do it. Why aren’t they? You know why? Because they are saying, “Well, we’ll get blamed.” Is there a D next to Elizabeth Warren’s name or is there an R? “It doesn’t matter Rush, they’ll blame us.”

I’m telling you, this government shut down crap is simply a ruse. The Republicans hide behind it be ’cause here comes a Democrat finally acting like she may shut down the government, and Republicans, they’re not urging her, they’re not encouraging it to happen, yet it supposedly ruins the party responsible for it, right? I’m confused.

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