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RUSH: Get this. I heard about this news today, and when I heard about this, it’s one of those things that normally I would not be able to stop laughing about. But then on the other side of it, I couldn’t help but be affected by it in a negative way. You’re aware of all the hacks — (interruption) no, no, no. Snerdley. Hang on. I’m gonna get to this stuff with the budget and all that. I’ve got it all ready to go here.

There’s a couple things I want to take care of first. It’s one of these things, ’til I talk about it, it really hasn’t been said, and I know everybody’s waiting. Just hang on, folks. We have three hours here. I know you may not have all three hours, but if it’s important, you’ll stay, and it is. So hang on. I just have to get this off my chest first.

So I get up today and I read about this Sony hack. This Sony hack is just stunning. Now what has been discovered, salaries, health care benefits, children and spouses of Sony employees and their health problems and their problems with insurance and their problems getting treatment, their problems getting health care. Every secret that Sony has is being exposed here. Every personal secret, every business secret, it’s all trickling out.

And yesterday we made mention of the fact that the female cochairman, Amy Pascal, whose husband, by the way, just to show you how incestuous all this is, her husband is a guy named Bernard Weintraub. Do you know what he used to do? He used to be a reporter for the New York Times. So she is the cochair at Sony Pictures Entertainment, and the other guy is Michael Lynton.

Anyway, an e-mail exchange or a thread was discovered to exist between Amy Pascal and a producer of movies named Scott Rudin, and they were making fun of Obama. They were making fun of Obama based on Obama being African-American, being black. Amy Pascal had to go to some breakfast, a fundraiser breakfast that Jefferey Katzenberg was putting on. It was clear she didn’t want to go but she had to go so she’s e-mailing back and forth with the producer, Scott Rudin, asking what should I talk about, what should I say to him?

And he says (paraphrasing), “Well, you know, he probably likes black movies. Talk to him about Django Unchained. Talk to him about Kevin Hart. He probably loved The Butler, why don’t you talk to him about that?” They’re going back and forth. Well, do you know what she has done? Do you know what this woman’s done? This woman, Amy Pascal, one of the most powerful executives, male, female, gay, straight, you name it, in Hollywood, you know what she has done?

She has called the Justice Brothers. I am not kidding. She called the Justice Brothers. She called Sharpton and she called the Reverend Jackson, and she said she wants to accept responsibility after a leaked exchange with the producer Scott Rudin that included racially charged language, she called Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. She told the Hollywood Reporter that she was being proactive and she wanted “to accept responsibility for these stupid, callous remarks.”

Yes, I talked to Reverend Jackson. “It was a very preliminary conversation, and we just talked about getting together and hoping to discuss a healing process.” A healing process? What broke? A healing process? Healing process? You know what bothers me is look at the fear, for crying out loud. And there were even other e-mail threads talking about because of this exchange between Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin that she might lose her job. Yeah, Sony might not be able to handle the intense fallout from this. Joking that Obama probably liked The Butler, talk to him about that. Talk to him about Django Unchained. Talk to Obama about Kevin Hart.

“Of being labeled a racist, she added, ‘I know it’s not true. And I know that doesn’t reflect who I am or what I feel or what I’ve done.'” But it does, Amy. You are who you are. Your record is what your record is. You do what you do. You did what you did. You made jokes about Obama liking black things, with a white guy. It is who you are. You did it. Now she’s calling the Justice Brothers and begging for forgiveness, begging for understanding and asking to commence the healing process. And it is us, folks, been on this case for years.

(playing of spoof)

RUSH: You know what “healing process” means when you get in bed with the Justice Brothers? You know what it means? It means giving the Justice Brothers cash. That’s the healing process. And don’t be surprised if you see Al Sharpton starring in a movie or with some kind of a role, maybe even a bio pic about Al Sharpton. I mean, these people will go to any lengths whatsoever. But I love the apology. (imitating Pascal) “It’s not me. It’s not who I am, and I need to get past this. We need to start the healing process.” Normally, 25 years ago, I would still be laughing. You could not get me up off the floor.

But I sit here now today and I look at what this means. It’s further evidence of the abject crumbling of decency. For crying out loud, who are these guys? Shakedown artists and hoaxers and the highest executives in Hollywood feel like they have to grovel.

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