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RUSH: We’re gonna start Nelsonville, Ohio. Ron, I’m glad that you waited, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, after 20-plus years I finally got a hold of you.

RUSH: Here you are.

CALLER: This is my Christmas present. Sir, I really appreciate what you’re doing. My thought is, there’s been a deal made. The Republicans wanted changes to the Dodd-Frank and to campaign limits. Mr. Obama and the Democrats want his amnesty program with no problems and they don’t want any more fiddling with Obamacare. So there’s been a deal. The Republicans get what they want, the Democrats do what they want, and the voting public in the United States again —

RUSH: I think it’s a pretty safe bet. I mean, within parameters, I think you’re exactly right. It’s exactly the kind of thing that happens, and it’s gonna make people think this election that just happened was meaningless, that the elected officials are not even paying attention or listening to it.

CALLER: It was meaningless. They don’t vote for the people, they vote their own self-interest, and that’s it.

RUSH: Well, no, that’s sadly a reality more often than not. By the way, his point here, that the deal is in and that both parties have made claims to what they really want, and they’ve seen to it that both sides get what they really want, that’s the biggest argument in favor of nothing going wrong this afternoon to scuttle the thing in the Senate because both sides eventually have struck a deal where they both are getting what they want out of this. Again, it falls back to Fauxcahontas, the fake Indian-American Elizabeth Warren. The fake Native-American, right. And there are presidential politics all surrounding that.

One of the things we talked about yesterday, some of the — again, when I say “smart money,” I’m talking about the so-called inside-the-Beltway experts, consultants and media. They found out that Hillary Clinton is still accepting paid speaking engagements all the way through next March, and so they’re beginning to ask, maybe she’s not gonna run? Maybe she’s not gonna run for president, because in 2007 she announced in January and you don’t take paid speech engagements after you have announced. Everything you do after that is a freebie because you’re campaigning. So maybe she’s not gonna run.

Now they’re saying today, no, no, no, that wasn’t right. Mrs. Clinton is so confident that she’s got this in the bag, she’s gonna wait ’til April or May next year to announce. And then the smart money is saying, that’s a very egregious error, because that just expands the opening for Fauxcahontas to go in there and start scoring points and trashing Hillary and trashing whatever she doesn’t like about the Democrat Party and really rallying the Democrat base, which any Democrat nominee is going to need.


RUSH: Here’s Spencer in Boone, North Carolina. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush.


CALLER: First, I like talking about your book. I’m an educator, and knowledge and truth is a powerful thing, and what you’ve given these young children is gonna change thousands and thousands of people to the rest of his lives, and I congratulate you for it.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: I don’t know if that’s why you wrote the book but I know that’s gonna part of the result.

RUSH: Well, thank you very, very much. I sincerely appreciate that.

CALLER: That’s getting to the point that I’d like to make, and that’s this. Liberals tell the truth, and the Drive-By Media picks it up and tells it over and over and over until it is the truth. They tell a lie, and then it ends up being the truth simply because, you know, you tell it over and over, and somehow it’s the truth again. I wonder, what can we do as conservatives to get our truth out?

RUSH: See, your first comment is one of the small things I’m trying to do. I know that young people are never gonna listen to a program like this, but yet I happen to think they could benefit from many of the things this program offers. So how to get it to them, ergo books with the truth of the founding of this country written for them. But this is the age-old thing now. The problem is that, to the left, the people you’re talking about, the truth is relative. There is no truth. The truth, to them, is a result and derivative of power.

To the American left today, this whole conversation about truth, they think, is joke. They think it’s a trap. They think that we get caught up as conservatives in trying to pound the truth. They’re laughing at us because, to them, it’s not about truth, it’s about power. And the power that they seek and that they think they hold allows them to define the truth however they wish to, which is what you said. They just pound and pound lies in and out, day and night, and eventually they are accepted as truth. And it’s the power that they have that enables them to do that. In this case, the power resides in the media.

And so the question, “Okay, how do you fight this?” and people have just always thought the truth — you’ve heard the phrase, “The truth will out,” meaning the truth will eventually overpower. That’s what people hope. They have to rely on history for this to give them confidence. But I think it’s a constant battle. I don’t know that you ever have a way of finally determining ever winning this. It’s never, ever over.

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