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RUSH: Now, by the way, I have to go on record and remind everybody I was first to this, just because. Matt Drudge on his page today has a link. I haven’t clicked on it, but it’s about Hillary. The Millennials have discovered how old she is, and they’re stunned. Remember I mentioned this not long ago? The Millennials are shocked when they find out Hillary Clinton is 67. We gotta get pictures out on Twitter, folks. How is that possible? How can people be shocked to think Hillary Clinton’s that old?

Anyway, young people.

And they’re also shocked, not positively here, “67, my God, we’re not gonna support somebody that old.” And then they learn that she doesn’t drive. She hasn’t driven since 1996, and that’s a negative. But Drudge has a link to the potential problems for Hillary presented by Bill Cosby, because the Bill Cosby situation is gonna bring back to life the Bill Clinton situation. And as I’ve mentioned here, when these Millennials find out that Hillary ran the bimbo eruptions unit that destroyed all these women that came forward — remember, we live in an era where fake journalism is permitted, to highlight such things as abuse of women on campus.

Rolling Stone is not being criticized by the Millennials. Even if it’s a fake story, it’s still accurate, they say, because it happens. This story may not be true, but it’s great the story ran to raise consciousness about it. Well, you just wait. If they’re shocked that Hillary is 67, then they also don’t know what Hillary did to all the bimbos that erupted here and tried to stop Clinton back in 1992 and ’93, ’94, ’95. When they find that out, what it’s gonna be is Bill Clinton may have been the first black president, but he’s gonna the end being the white Bill Cosby. And I’m telling you, that’s what they’re gonna be worried about at the Hillary camp. You mark my words.

Now, I’ve mentioned this before, but this is starting to gain traction and get out of control out there. And I want everybody to remember that it was your host, your beloved El Rushbo on this, as they say, like white on rice way back last week.

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