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RUSH: I checked the e-mail during the break. Somebody said, “I don’t understand what you mean that liberalism’s a gutless choice. You need to explain that.” I’ll give you a story here in just a second. I’ll explain, after the break coming up at the bottom of the hour. It’s about my first trip to Hollywood and being pitched on the possibility of hosting my own TV show. It’s a fascinating story.

I’ve told it before, but it’s so long ago, you’ve probably forgotten it. If you have not forgotten, if you remember, you’ll find it fascinating anyway. It makes the point. Now, I thought, ladies and gentlemen, Obama didn’t believe in torture. I thought we got a big speech on that the other day. I thought the Senate committee staff report on torture just released lambasted this country. “We are horrible! We tortured! That’s not who we are!”

They put this thing out, and said it can never happen again. What did Obama do? He just normalized relations with a Regime that tortures people that disagree with it politically. They don’t only torture people who they think are going to attack them and try to overthrow them. They torture people who think differently, and Obama just normalized relations with ’em.

Cuba, by the way, happens to be an ocean paradise, according to people like Sean Penn and the rest of the people in Hollywood, who are supposedly outraged over kowtowing to a dictator in North Korea. But they love kowtowing to a dictator in Cuba who tortures — and has tortured for 50 years — people who only disagree with them! They’re celebrating that, they’re applauding, they’re making travel plans. They can’t wait to get some Cuban rum!

But they want North Korea nuked off the face of the earth. There’s a reason these people are relegated to make-believe, and too many of them make the jump from make-believe to the real world simply because they portrayed a role or a person in a movie and they end up thinking they’re now qualified when they’re not.

This is amazing. Obama wants to have normal relations with Cuba, a country famous for its torture chambers and political prisons, its violations of international law and human rights. That’s being applauded and that’s wonderful. But the Norks? “Well, their days better be numbered! That Kim Jong-un, we’re gonna give ’em a big sausage between his butt cheeks if he’s not careful. We’re really mad now!”


RUSH: Okay. So Obama doesn’t believe in torture, condemns the United States for it, says we have to change our ways. The fact that we don’t torture is made up and manufactured, and it’s said that we do, and then we are the scourge of the planet, folks. In the Senate staff committee report we, the United States, the scourge of the planet. And many liberals believe this. This is the point. I keep saying, 25, 20 years ago these people would say these outrageous, crazy things, and we’d laugh at them and then we would say, “Who’s gonna believe this crap? Who’s ever gonna?”

And now it’s 25, 20 years later, and we are shocked to find out that all this time more and more people did accept it and did believe some of the most outrageous, ridiculous claims that we never took really seriously because they were so far away from our perceived sanity and bounds of reality. So we find ourselves today looking at normal, everyday utterances from people on the left, and I don’t know about you, but people are shocked to find out people actually think this way. More and more of them do, and it’s centered in the academy.

I’ve got it in my Stack of Stuff today. I’ve got three different stories about the things that women professors are teaching their students and thus what the students believe. It’s some of the most outrageous, insane, crazy stuff you could think of. But to liberalism, it’s mainstream belief.

So the US was the scourge of torture. The United States failed to live up to our values. How many times did you get sick hearing that? We were minding our own business on 9/11, 2001, and here we are some years later, and if you don’t know better, if you just landed from Mars, you would think that we did something to cause that, that we deserved to be attacked and that we better learn why. That has become a common belief system, not only in liberalism around this country, but around the world.

If you go back to that day, what were we doing? What we’ve always done. Beacon of hope, liberty, freedom for everybody around the world, world superpower. The one nation on earth standing for freedom and justice, defending it, protecting it, securing it for anybody else, providing a haven for people. And yet here we are 13 years later, and it was all our fault. And we deserve even more of it. Why? Because we’re racist, because we had slavery, because we oppressed women, we stole the country from the Mexicans.

Before that we stole it from the Native Americans. Do you realize what a scourge on the planet this country is? After that we’re destroying the planet with climate change and global warming, our advanced lifestyle. Which we owe to theft. Our superpower status, our standard of living, our prosperity only results from how much we’ve stolen from other people around the planet. Do you realize what a scourge, what a plague on the planet the United States is to these people? More of them than you think.

So if you grew up thinking that, and here comes some cyber hacker threatening to tell everybody what you said about your classmates in an e-mail — we got high school on display here. You know what I think is driving this Sony hack? These executives, these holier-than-thou, good people liberals are paranoid that people are gonna find out the truth about ’em based on the e-mails being leaked. They are scared to death.

This is no different than being in high school. You live a lie, you live a phony image of yourself, you craft one, you create one, but in real life with the people you think will never blab on you, you’re ratting out everyone else and you’re telling them what you think of all these other punks that you’re faking as though you like and love them. And now the hack has come along and all of a sudden all these people, the veil is gonna be lifted, and they’re living in panic and fear over what other people are gonna find out about ’em.

I think these people are gonna do anything they can to limit future releases of hacked data because they just can’t stand it. I think it’s childish in the big scheme of things. Grow up. Everybody doesn’t like everybody else. Grow up. Some of you hate other people, and you’ve told other people how much you hate ’em. Grow up. Because what’s happening, because of this fear, this self-loathing, the idea that people might learn the truth about us in Hollywood or whatever, “Okay, okay, okay, we won’t show the movie! Okay, we’ll close the theaters. Okay, please don’t release any more hacked data, please, please. Oh, by the way, I gotta call Al Sharpton, and then I’ll call Jesse Jackson, whatever you want, Reverend Jackson, shake me down, whatever you want, but don’t release any more of my e-mails. Oh my god, oh my god, I’m gonna die of embarrassment. Oh, my God, can I keep my job?”

This is what’s going on. And it’s being brought to us by people who have portrayed themselves as our saviors, smarter than the rest of us. The very people who claim to be better than we are because they have more compassion and they’re more tolerant and they’re more understanding, and when the veil is lifted, you find out they’re not doing diddly-squat or a damn thing to solve any of the problems they claim to be deeply troubled by. And when people come along and seriously do try to solve these problems, they are called names: Racist, sexists, bigots, homophobes, you name it.

And George W. Bush comes along and says the axis of evil includes Iran, North Korea, and I forget the third nation that was in the axis of evil, but these people just had a cow when Bush said that. “We don’t want to make North Korea mad, oh, my God!” It’s just a tiny little sliver of a country, and now look. And you get to Cuba once again and here’s Obama participating in this whole meme that the US is a scourge and a plague on the planet because we abandoned our values, we didn’t live up to our values, and we showed the world what a rotten, mean people we can be.

So we have penance to pay. We have a price to pay. We have to make up for all of these grievances. We have to make up for slavery. We have to make up for oppression of women. We have to make up for all kinds of things. We liberals don’t because we’re on the right side of all of it, but the country, well, it needs to pay a price. And so we’re gonna tell the world we know how much America sucks, and we’re gonna raise support in the Senate that lets the world know that we agree that the United States is guilty of the most evil torture of free people. And then less than two weeks later we announce that we’re gonna prop up economically a dictatorship in Cuba which actually does torture people as the norm. Iraq was the other, yeah, yeah, Saddam, the other nation in the axis of evil.

So now we’re gonna prop up a Regime that tortures political prisoners. A Regime that Hollywood loves. A Regime that Hollywood romanticizes about. A Regime that Michael Moore made a movie about claiming the best health care in the world is in Cuba. Yeah, Cuba, that’s the place. America, (raspberry). Cuba, yeah, man, so now we’re gonna prop that up. Isn’t it a beautiful thing.

And the same people on the left condemning the North Koreans for hacking Sony cheered when the hackers of this group called Anonymous shut down the Ferguson police computers and leaked the names and addresses of Darren Wilson and other cops. Oh, yeah, they cheered that hack. Oh, they cheer any hack that embarrasses an American corporation. They cheer any hack that embarrasses the United States of America. And then a hack that comes around and affects them, why, we can’t put up with this. Why, this is intolerable.

Now, bear in mind Obama exacted a price for bailing out General Motors and Chrysler. He demanded ownership. Obama demanded all kinds of concessions of General Motors and Chrysler. He demanded ownership and a bunch of things. The stockholders, remember, the actual bondholders of General Motors had to pay the price. The bondholders and some of the stockholders in General Motors lost everything in that takeover. The unions, who had no equity at all, were given the company. Okay?

So General Motors was viewed as an evil entity, an evil, had to be gotten even with, ’cause General Motors had ripped off its employees, and General Motors had not been fair with health care, and General Motors had not been fair with the unions and their pensions. And so Obama comes in we’re gonna fix it, we’re gonna take over General Motors, we’re gonna give it to the union. What do we get had from Cuba? We exacted a price from General Motors and Chrysler. What price did Cuba pay for being bailed out, which is exactly what’s happened. We have bailed out Cuba.

But again, if you believe that it was a humanitarian thing because you believe that America’s responsible for the suffering of the Cuban people, and if you believe lifting the embargo was gonna help the Cuban people then of course this is a wonderful thing, it’s very reasonable, and you can be thought as a wonderful person because you support it. Because you are one in solidarity with the suffering of the Cuban people. Because you know it’s the fault of the United States of America. So lifting the embargo, yes, it’s a beautiful, humanitarian thing.

It isn’t.

There’s nothing humanitarian about it. The Cuban people are suffering because their leaders oppress them with communism, socialism, political tyranny, and torture chambers. Nothing to do with the United States of America. And now we have just bailed out the oppressors and propped them up. Labor unions, by the way, are still outlawed Cuba. I kid you not. Obama didn’t even get that concession.

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