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RUSH: Chuck in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush.

RUSH: How you doing?

CALLER: Good. Merry Christmas to you and happy birthday to your wonderful bride.

RUSH: Thank you. I’m sure she appreciates that. Thank you very much.

CALLER: I’ll tell you, Rush, it’s been over 20 years waiting to say this, but Great Lakes dittos to you.

RUSH: I appreciate that very much.

CALLER: Yeah. Hey, Rush, it’s kind of ironic, if you look at what’s going on with North Korea now with this deal with Sony, how everyone seems to be shocked that they gave ’em what they wanted and they still want more. Isn’t that exactly what happens with all of the liberal mind-sets, whether it’s environmentalists or —

RUSH: In this case, we got blackmail going on. You cannot ever satisfy a blackmailer. You pay once, and it’s over. They’re gonna keep coming back. It’s never over, actually. In your case, what you’re talking about, the left is in a way the same. No matter what they get it’s never enough. They’re never happy. And, by the way, the one thing that people need to remember, when the left proposes solutions to big problems that they have made in the first place, they create these the problems, they break things, then they want their own agents, government, bureaucracy, whatever, to fix the problem. There’s no solution.

Everything they do is just the beginning of a new set of problems. They never solve anything, and they’re never happy with whatever you end up giving them. That’s why they’re never happy now. They’ve got the president they wanted. They’ve got their health care. They’re never happy. And your point about them being the environmentalist wackos, okay, so Obama doesn’t do Keystone pipeline. That’s not gonna make ’em happy. They’re gonna be upset somewhere that somebody somewhere else in the world is using oil. It’s impossible for them to be happy. And yet they keep blackmailing. I know what you mean exactly.

CALLER: So they’re (unintelligible) terrorists, so can we relate this back to the same thing?

RUSH: You mean in what way?

CALLER: That the environmentalists in their own way are terrorists themselves.

RUSH: Well, they have been in the past. I mean, there was a group called Earth First back in the early days of the EIB Network. Earth First would actually destroy timber company property. They would blow up SUVs on automobile sales lots. They would spike trees in order to destroy saws. They would destroy housing developments, they will blow up housing. The environmental movement has been filled with ecoterrorism from the get-go.

CALLER: So in reality they’ve come full circle.

RUSH: Yeah, you could say that. You could say that. Depending in terrorism — well, this is being called terror. This is cyber terrorism. There’s no question this is terrorism. What is terrorism when you get right down to it? Terrorism is upsetting norms and instilling fear in people when they engage in normal behavior. If you make people afraid to engage in normal behavior, you’ve succeeded as a terrorist, and they’re succeediing left and right. And we’re caving left and right.

There’s always gonna be an America, folks. It may not always be the America that was founded, and it looks like, depending on what happens these next two years, it looks like that what really is being sliced apart here is America as a superpower. When we speak of America in decline, that’s really what is in decline here. Not just that culturally we’re in decline, we’ve got corruption, perversion, and rotting throughout our culture. No question. But we also are seeing the decline of the United States as a superpower. And I believe that to be targeted. I believe that to be purposeful. And our ability to project power is in decline, as is our willingness to project power in decline. The two go hand in hand. Anyway, Chuck, I appreciate the call.

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