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RUSH: As you know, ladies and gentlemen, I have a hobby, and that is technology, high-tech, keeping up with the latest that’s happening with things like iPhones and iPads and all the stuff, television, whatever it is, and I’ve always been a gadget guy. I was the guy, when VCRs came out, I was the guy who knew how to program ’em first. I was the guy who set up VCRs and stereos and video systems in my friends’ houses. It’s always been a hobby of mine.

I went cold on it, I went dormant on it for a while during the early days of this program, and I just swerved back into it. And I have shared with you observations, as I, in my hobby time — i.e., relaxation time — I’m encountering more and more either direct or subtle political content in high-tech website and blog posts. It interests me. You could say, “Rush, why do you care? They’re just part of the left. You could read some of this stuff by anybody.” Yeah, I don’t know. The reason, folks, that it does, I’m always looking at the day we reverse this. I’m always looking down the road to the day when we finally bottom out and reverse this. I firmly believe that it’s gonna happen.

But I’m really worried. We used to be able to, as I say, rely on countless institutions with moral authority that just by their virtue of existence, they had the power, they had the moral authority to reject things, and people would automatically accept it. They’ve had a two-pronged strategy. While the left has been literally creating insanity among their base supporters — one of the greatest examples of that is what they did with the Iraq war. I mean, every Democrat ends up voting for the Iraq war, and they make everybody forget that. By the time we finish everybody involved in it is a liar, we didn’t need to go, we’re losing, we never had a chance of winning. You remember it all.

The Democrats are doing this, jockeying for electoral advantage, but in the process they’re really creating, in their base voters, instability, general mental instability. And they keep enraging them further, they anger them further, and they become irrational. You get groups like Occupy Wall Street or others. Now, we’ve always had those groups. But, as I say, there’s always been a counterbalance to it. It’s been churches and religion. It’s been universities in some cases. But it’s been institutions, time-honored traditions and institutions, that when they spoke they had automatic credibility. The left has also been in the process of destroying as many of those time-honored traditions and institutions, such things as marriage. Just one example off the top of my head. But there are countless others.

Religion now, biggest enemy on earth, particularly Catholics. And in the process of enraging their base supporters and followers and then destroying the credibility with character assassination of any who might oppose them, they also fuel additional rage. And I think that’s where we find ourselves now. We’re looking out over the horizon at something we can’t see anymore, and how does this get turned around? What way does it get turned around? Who is it that can stand up and proclaim all of this wrong? It’s why I said on Fox News two Sundays ago when I was guest, I said to Chris Wallace, it’s times like this, the president of the United States, ran for election as a unifier. I was reading a piece last night — this is fascinating, by the way. I should have printed it out, but I didn’t.

It was one of these young conservatives back in 2008 who was just hoping and praying that Obama was indeed the real new deal. Not quite David Brooks thinking he’s great because of the crease in his slacks. But one of the things that this young writer said was, President Obama, he’s eloquent, parentheses, like we are. He is brilliant, like we are. He’s academic, like we are, and he can unify people. Well, that’s the last thing that he’s done. He’s done the opposite of unify. If President Obama really — and I mean this, folks — if he really cared about unity, you know what he would do? He’d get back here for those police officers’ funerals, and he would take the mayor with him. If he’s really interested in unity.

Instead, what’s he doing? He’s out talking about the need for patient dialogue, which confers legitimacy on this guy and the people whose club he belongs to that killed these two cops. And it’s going to continue. The act is being cheered, in many places on Facebook and Twitter. And why not? When you’ve got civil rights leaders leading chants of their followers saying, “Cops dead, cops dead, dead cops, cops die,” what do you expect? These people are already manipulated. They’ve already been bent, shaped, flaked, and formed into whatever the civil rights coalition wants them to be.

They’re like sharks in the water and there’s a little chum thrown in with some blood. It’s clear to see what’s happening here. And there are people, there is an institution, the presidency with the bully pulpit and the moral authority that office has could be used to quell some of this, but we just don’t see Obama doing it, do we? And why don’t we see that? May not even have an answer cry out to you in your conscious, but your subconscious might be telling you, that’s not who he is. It’s not who identifies with him. He’s a community organizer, ACORN. The cops in that world are the problem.

See, community organizers don’t unify, by definition. Community organizers agitate. They actually should be called community disorganizers, is what happens. One chant in New York City last week, “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now.” Well, they got their wish. You can’t say, “Well, we were just blowing off some steam.” Some of you might have been, but you gotta realize — you know, here’s the thing about this, too, folks. Stop and think of this.

Remember Gabrielle Giffords, member of Congress, Arizona? She was shot at a campaign appearance in a bookstore or coffee shop or someplace. What’s the first thing the media did? The first thing the media did was blame Sarah Palin. And then the media blamed me, and I had never even heard of the woman. I’m sorry, folks, but I do not know all 435 members of the House, and I had never heard of Gabrielle Giffords or Gabby Giffords. I didn’t know who it was at the time of the shooting. They blamed Sarah Palin — stop and think about that. They blamed Sarah Palin, and even when it became obvious — it was silly. It was ridiculous. But their believers believed it, and their followers believed it, and they started trashing Sarah Palin again and again and again.

And everybody involved was lying through their teeth knowing it was ridiculous. Ditto, trying to blame me. And they said, “Well, you know, Sarah Palin, she had a graphic on her website with some crosshairs on it.” She was endorsing, I think, the opponent of Gabbie Giffords. And it was — just to mention this is ridiculous. And I hear the same people who have actually been shouting, “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want ’em? Now.” Saying, “ah, no, no, that has no effect. No, no, no, no, that’s just positioning. No, no, no, no, that’s just blowing off steam, oh, no, you can’t.”

But a graphic on a website — this gunman out there that shot Gabby probably never visited Sarah Palin’s website, much less heard of her. Ditto, me. School shooting in Arizona, our old buddy Brian Ross, ABC News, what’s the first connection he tried to make? He got the name of the shooter and the first place he went was a roster of Tea Party members. Remember? Brian Ross, ABC, actually went on the air to report, “We’re not sure, but it could be, it might be that the shooter X so-and-so is a member of the local Tea Party.”

It turned out that the Tea Party had nothing whatsoever to do with the school shooting and as is so often the case the shooters in these mass murders are all deranged leftists. Every one of them, for one reason or another, is mentally disturbed, unbalanced, deranged, what have you, and they are all angry about something. And I’m telling you, this is a direct result of the ongoing, unstoppable, never-stopping, constant anger and rage that comes from the mouths of elected officials, amplified and promoted by the media.

There was no “hands up, don’t shoot.” There was no surrender. A chokehold is not the reason Eric Garner died. And if I sat here and applied myself and thought about it, I could probably give you a list of 15 things off the top of my head that are out and out media lies about things related to this topic and things unrelated to it.

Now, how does all this fit with the tech blog? Well, I’m reading the tech blog and I ran across something that I think makes the point. I don’t know how old this kid is. Gotta be young. I know his name. I’m not gonna mention his name ’cause I don’t want to make him famous, ’cause he’s an idiot. But he thinks he’s brilliant. And the piece that he wrote is being cited as brilliant. And you know why all this is happening with the cops? You won’t believe the rationale. Well, you see, we sit by and praise the military when they wantonly murder in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the cops are just like our domestic military, and it’s time to stop the wanton slaughter of our military around the world and our cops.

This is being hailed as brilliant. There’s other things to it. I just want you to hear it because this is the kind of stuff that percolates out there in a certain demographic among a group of people that think they’re really, really, really smart, who are so clueless that it hurts.


RUSH: Let me give you some excerpts from this blog post last week. This is before the shooting of the cops on Saturday. Just so you know, this is before the murder of the cops. “The problem isn’t with the NYPD, the problem is with the blanket total support we give our military when it fights in Afghanistan and Iraq. The price of placing zero value on the lives of the people of these countries is that our lives in turn become worthless.”

Now, where does this mumbo jumbo come from? Okay, here’s a guy who’s been driven to literal hate for what happens in Afghanistan and Iraq because he’s been lied to about why we’re there. So when he hears from John Kerry that our Marines are rapists and terrorists, he just gets mad. “Not my country,” he says, “It’s outrageous,” and he starts believing it. And then, “We’re not in Iraq for our freedom. We’re not in Afghanistan to fight Al-Qaeda. No, no. We’re there to wantonly kill citizens,” is what this guy thinks.

That’s what the price of placing zero value on the lives of the people of those countries means.

He says, “What goes around comes around. You reap what you sow. There are dozens of adages and fables that explain this phenomenon. The lives of the people of the foreign countries are worth exactly as much as ours. We overlooked the behavior of American soldiers in these countries. Now the cops want to know why we treat them differently.”

So this guy believes that we have given our military a blank check to kill innocent women and children, and the cops want the same consideration. And when they don’t get it, the cops are outraged and angry and don’t understand. If the military can kill with disregard, why can’t we?

And then he says the cops are right to ask: “If the army can arbitrarily kill thousands in Iraq, why can’t they kill a few people in Staten Island, Missouri, or Ohio? You ‘support the troops’ why don’t you support us, they ask.” Has anybody heard a policeman make this argument? Have you? Has anybody ever heard a cop say, “What are you getting mad at us for? I mean, you praise the military, and they kill thousands of innocent people?” What is this, arbitrarily kill thousands in Iraq?

But there’s an answer, you see. “We made a bad mistake. Now we understand. We have to unwind this. We have to tell the police that they are us and we are them. When they kill us they are killing themselves. Eric Garner was a real person, with a life, a family, he clearly had ideas, felt entitled as an American citizen to be left alone by the cops. So he was breaking a law. Yeah, it happens. There’s no way what he did justified the penalty. The people who killed him must pay for what they did, so that everyone in a position of similar power understands that we do not tolerate murder, even if you have a badge. Our support of the police has limits.”

Here’s the net-net, the bottom line. “Let’s stop singing God Bless America at our sporting events. Let’s stop lying about what our military does (I see the recruiting commercials during basketball and football games, they are disgusting). We have to remove this culture of honoring the invasion of countries on the pretense of liberating them when we’re actually protecting the economic interests of the rich and powerful.”

Is this not exactly what Harry Reid says or Pelosi? Is this not exact what Ahmadinejad in Iran accuses us of doing? This guy has been taught this literal insanity and he believes it morning to night. He believes it and he thinks he’s a good person for believing it. We allowed this to happen. We are gonna have to remain seated when imperialism, which devalues the lives of ordinary people like us, rears its head, such as “God bless America.”

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