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RUSH: By the way, Al Sharpton now bleating that he’s got some people threatening him. Oh, yeah, Al, yeah, let me find the sound bite here. Grab number nine, audio sound bite number nine. This is Sunday at National Action Network headquarters. Sharpton met the media.

SHARPTON: To blame the mayor and others is not what we need.

RUSH: Yeah, now.

SHARPTON: The blame game will only lead to further kinds of venom and further division —

RUSH: Stop the tape a second. This is not what he said two weeks ago. He was saying (imitating Sharpton), “This is just the first chapter. We have been knocked to the canvas, but we are gonna get up and we are gonna come out. We are not gonna cut our gloves off. We are gonna come out and we are gonna keep fighting.” Well, bang, bang, cops, you’re dead. This is why, I tell you, people like Sharpton, the Democrat Party, I don’t care — look at this guy in the campaign that literally thought Mitt Romney killed his wife.

Remember that ad? It was an ad that Obama’s campaign babe, Stephanie Cutter, put together. Some poor guy’s wife died, and it turned out to be Romney’s fault because of something to do with insurance, preexisting condition, some such thing, I forget the details. But the Democrat Party’s running an ad Mitt Romney killed this guy’s wife, or she died and Mitt Romney didn’t care, and because he didn’t care, she didn’t get the proper care, she died, or what have. And then Romney hates his dog, dog’s on the roof of the station wagon during family vacations.

I’m telling you, to have this kind of rage and hatred daily and consistently, these people are being taught. They are being propagandized, manipulated, gasoline’s being poured on ’em. I mean, this is not a natural state for human beings to exist in. Constant rage and hate, that has to be fed. And that’s what the modern-day Democrat Party and the community organizer movement and unions, you name ’em, this is the endgame for them.

And while they’ve been doing that they have been ripping to shreds all of the counterbalances, all of the great institutions and traditions and people and their reputations, who provide a counterbalance to this stuff. So that the credibility of people and institutions that oppose this has been destroyed while this enraged insanity has been fed. Okay, finish the Sharpton bite.

SHARPTON: I began receiving threatening phone calls and hate.

RUSH: Oh, no.

SHARPTON: The language is, “Hey, N-word, stop killing innocent people. I’m gonna get you.” And I have several like this. So we are now under intense threat from those that are misguided by those that are trying to blame everyone from civil rights leaders to the mayor rather than deal with an ugly spirit.

RUSH: An ugly spirit. “Rather than deal with an ugly spirit.” You mean the kind of spirit that’s created when the grand jury doesn’t go your way and you say (imitating Sharpton), “Well, it isn’t over. This fight isn’t over. We’re not gonna cut off our gloves. We’re gonna go back to our corner. We may even be on the canvas. But we’re gonna get back up and we’re gonna keep fighting.”

What kind of spirit are you talking about here, Reverend? “Now we’re under intense threat from those misguided by those trying to blame everyone, from civil rights leaders to the mayor”? The mayor publicly said that he has to warn his own son, who has a police escort every day to keep him alive, he has to warn his own son to beware of the cops because his son is part black.

What does your son need to be warned about, Mayor? I’ll tell you, folks, these people, you know, it needs to be done and it’s the easy to do, and because of that it gets rejected as too simplistic. But I’m telling you, this is all liberalism, slash, socialism, leftism, whatever. And it’s a technique. It’s a strategy that’s being employed because all of this has, as its ultimate aim, votes. All of this.

The death of the Gentle Giant, political opportunity. The death of Eric Garner, political opportunity. That’s what’s sick about it. Not the system. Not the cops.

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