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RUSH: I’m looking at the Stack of Stuff and there’s some lighthearted stuff in here, but even the lighthearted stuff has an edge to it. And it’s really incredible. I remember the first five years of this program, maybe the first ten, the month of December there was hardly any controversy, hardly any hard-hitting news. I mean, there might have been exceptions, but we just don’t have any let-up. There is not a let-up in the intensity of the news.

Here we are two days before Christmas, and we’re still dealing with chaos, and we’re dealing with crisis one after another. We’re dealing with facts right in front of our faces that tell us of a crumbling civilization, actually. Not just a crumbling culture, and not just a crumbling society, but a crumbling civilization. And, believe me, that’s what’s at stake with all of this anti-cop stuff. And, you know, there’s a great piece today by Heather Mac Donald. I printed the piece out. It runs to five pages and I’m not gonna endeavor to read the whole thing. I mean, I could. I could read the whole thing and keep you locked into it.

Most people cannot read other people’s work for any length of time and keep anybody interested. It delves into monotone and people just lose interest. This might even be worth it to try, but I’m not going to. Her basic thrust is that our civilization is literally being torn apart by a series of lies, and the biggest lie that is being promulgated, amplified, and serviced by the media, by the Democrat Party and by special interest groups is this idea that the police exist to shoot black men. That that is the purpose of police departments, is to shoot black men. And that lie is getting people killed. And it is a lie.

You know, when the incident happened in St. Louis, in Ferguson, Missouri, with the Gentle Giant, one of the reasons that made legitimate news at the time is because it’s rare anymore that this kind of thing happens. It’s rare, and it’s why it made news. But they immediately — when I say “they,” I’m talking about the leftists — began to immediately cast that story as common, everyday. When anybody countered with, “No, no, no, the black murder rate in America is what it is because of black-on-black crime,” you say that and you got pilloried. If you said that you were attacked and people came after you and accused you of all kinds of mean things, racism at the top. You were a divider, not a uniter. You were a bigot.

But the fact remains that it’s true. The incidence of police officers targeting and going hunting on black people, it’s a falsehood. It is a big lie. And Heather Mac Donald documents it with facts and data, and she makes the point here that people believe this lie to the point now that when you tell ’em the truth, they don’t believe that. They don’t want to believe it and they don’t believe it. I’ll tell you what services the lie the best is the black incarceration rate.

There are certain things that are true. The incarceration rate for black males is higher than white males, expressed as a percentage, and so that gives the agitators like Reverend Jackson and Reverend Sharpton, they use that to prove the lie that police departments everywhere are targeting black men and either killing them or accusing them of crimes and a rigged jury system is finding them all guilty and that’s why they’re all in jail. And then over here are the real statistics from the DOJ on black-on-black crime. And you find that black-on-black crime dwarfs whatever happens with police departments.

But the point is that it’s just an out-and-out lie. And the whole thing about the truth being relative, that the truth can fall prey to power, and does, way too often. But the way she has written, it’s really good, the whole idea that a lie is getting people killed. And the people servicing the lie are people like this lamebrain mayor, de Blasio. The New York Times is out defending him and blaming others for stoking this attitude, when he’s right in there leading the way. Obama has yet to speak up on the two dead cops. He’s still playing golf. He could do a lot to quell this if he wanted to, but he’s not doing anything. What are we to believe, then? That he doesn’t want to do anything or that it’s a local matter and we in the federal government don’t get involved. It’s not true.

The New York Times, in an editorial on the 21st, a couple days ago, actually wants Dick Cheney and all the interrogators of Al-Qaeda prisoners at Club Gitmo brought before charges at The Hague. War crimes charges, the New York Times is demanding this. Even the Senate staff report, which was bogus, on the so-called interrogation techniques and the torture that took place, even they do not think that anything they reported is worthy of anybody being charged with anything. But the New York Times is off and running on that, and of course they set the table for much of the rest of the media to follow.

But that is just an example of how radicalized what everybody thinks of as mainstream media has become. All this happening a couple days, three days before Christmas, and no sign that it’s getting any better. And then the mayor of New York, this guy is classic. In his heart he’s an agitator. In his heart he’s a low rent community organizer. He got elected mayor and he doesn’t have the slightest idea how to responsibly run that office. He has taken every radical view that he’s got, taken it right with him in its base form and is ruling the city with this radical idea or the series of radical ideas that he’s had, not making any adjustment whatsoever for being elected mayor, the whole concept of you’re mayor of the whole city.

And apparently this guy, de Blasio, one of the defining aspects of his character and his politics and has been, for most of his life, police brutality. These people are just personally invested with the lie that the cops are the biggest problem in America. And don’t forget that piece that I shared with you yesterday from another radical leftist disguised as a tech blogger. This guy is saying, “Well, you know what, the reason we’re dealing with rogue cops this way is because we give the military a blank check.” He has this comparison, the military is out wantonly killing thousands of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria, and the cops are asking for the same exemption. Well, hell, if the military can kill citizens freely and at will, why can’t we in the police department?

This is absurd, but the guy believes it, and he’s taught this. But it’s genuine radical belief that has dwarfed any belief in what would be called the reasonable left, if there is any of that left, or remaining. And it’s just so much of what’s affecting this country, not just the problem we’re having with race and the cops and the aftermath, Ferguson, the grand jury there in Staten Island. So much of everything that is attacking our basic civilization is the result of lies. Some big, some little, but people believing them and acting on them, and people are getting killed because of it, and the country is being torn apart because of it.

Our civilization, some fear, is coming apart at the seams because of a bunch of lies. You have basically a bunch of community activists, agitators, organizers or whatever, who are used to not really being heard by that many people. They go out and they raise hell, and if you’re community organizing on a corner in Chicago, okay, big whoop. You take that same behavior to the White House, you take the same behavior to Gracie Mansion, city hall, you are starting to affect real people and real life with this radical, stupid, cockamamie belief system that you’ve got.

It’s one thing to be in the neighborhood shouting all this stuff about police brutality or this or that and people go walking on by. But then you take that same behavior untempered and put it in positions of real power and you’ve got people who have no idea of the results of their actions or words. Maybe they do. Maybe I’m cutting ’em too much slack. Maybe they know exactly what they’re doing and they’re doing it on purpose. I don’t know. Whatever, it isn’t helpful. And it’s coming from the people that claim to love us and claim to be tolerant and claim to be the ones that have all the compassion. They’re the good people, right? They’re the ones that care.

They’re getting people killed. They are in the process of taking the rivets, if you will, out of our civilization. And they seem to be doing it happily. So this stuff is happening, and it’s two days before Christmas. These people used to take a break at least a couple weeks before Christmas. So it’s there, and we are going to address it because that’s what we do. We keep you up to speed, make the complex understandable and keep you advised of the absolute latest on everything.

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