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RUSH: Does the name Jeffrey Epstein mean anything to you? Does the name Jeffrey Epstein ring a bell? Jeffrey Epstein is a wealthy New York Palm Beach financier, big-time Democrat fundraiser, big-time Democrat donor, big-time friend of Bill Clinton — and, as it turns out, a big-time friend of Prince Andrew. Epstein is the guy that was convicted in a plea deal. He’s a Democrat.

He’ll probably get off scot-free given what he’s charged with. He apparently had sex slaves at his Palm Beach house and in New York. Robert Maxwell’s daughter Ghislaine was one of his employees and she represented the whole thing. Anyway, he pled guilty to one minor charge in all this. But the UK Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph now have stories that have been picked up everywhere in the New York Post, because the sex slaves were under age

They were minors — 17-, 16-year-old women — who were brought in to service friends of Epstein, and some of the friends were Clinton and Prince Andrew. Alan Dershowitz has been dragged into this. One of the girls who was 17 at the time all this was going on is now 30, and she’s the source for the story that’s out there now, and she says even Alan Dershowitz was involved, and he’s all over television demanding that she go on TV and say it to his face because it isn’t true about him.

So people are starting to wonder about the politics: Okay, why is this happening now? I mean, this is like in the cusp of Mrs. Clinton’s next day in the sun. All this is old news. I mean, what Epstein did, what was going on at Epstein’s house, is he would call you up and say, “Would you like a massage? Come on over,” and 17-year-old girls would do whatever you wanted ’em to do. So he had his friends over there.

None of it ever stuck to Bill Clinton, except now there’s a story that Clinton is identified in the lawsuit. Now, the woman who was 17 then and 30-years-old now, claims that she was never asked to take care of Clinton but that he was around. But the Daily Mail has a story that Clinton’s been identified in a lawsuit against Epstein who had regular orgies at his Caribbean private island as well as the Palm Beach house.

I don’t know if this went on in New York or not. I presume it did. I first heard about this over the weekend too when I’m cramming get ready for today, and somebody sent me a note saying, “You know, this has got to be politically oriented time-wise because this can’t be good for Hillary, for all of this to come up again when it’s been over.” Epstein went to jail. He did his time. He had a sweetheart plea deal, and the plea deal…

Get this.

The plea deal even assures all of Epstein’s friends that their names will never be made public. Their names will never be released. It’s incredible opinion and it’s the power of Democrat Party politics that made this possible. The Palm Beach police were the original investigating agency and they had all kinds of evidence. The Palm Beach police said they had enough evidence to send the guy away for a long time. By the time the state and federal legal beagles got involved, it got pared down to practically nothing.

That’s just Democrat Party politics coming into play. Epstein was a big donor, and he’s big fundraiser. Clinton flew all over the world with this guy. This guy owns a couple of Boeing 727s or 757s or what have you, and he was Clinton’s transportation. So whoever is doing this, whoever is responsible for this coming up now is definitely trying to link Bill Clinton to this, if in no other way than by association. It has to be targeted at Hillary.

Remember all these Millennials out there who think Hillary is the greatest thing since sliced bread? I’ll never understand it. I still don’t understand it; I never will. As adept and attuned to the pulse of the people as I am, I will never understand how Hillary Clinton gets over 10% in any poll. But she does. She’s the Democrat front-runner. I will never understand it because of the things I know. But even in an age…

There’s a story in the Stack here about young people today and the challenges they face. I’ve read it, and I’ll get to it. I’ve gotta be honest, the kids today — 20, 25, 30 — have got a whole different set of challenges than I had when I was their age. It’s much more complicated and complex, and it’s much more pessimistic. It’s one of the things that stands out, like I always wanted to be older. I wanted to be an old guy. I wanted to be with those people.

The people young today, I mean, it’s Logan’s Run: Get rid of anybody over 30. They want nothing to do with anybody that’s an adult. They don’t trust ’em, they don’t like ’em, they don’t want to like ’em — except for Hillary, which I don’t understand. But wait ’til they find out that she was the head of the bimbo eruption unit. That’s one of their things: They also believe this idiocy that rape on campus is a runaway problem. They believe this stuff.

It isn’t, just like the cops are not killing black kids every day, but they believe the opposite, and they believe that there’s a distinct “rape culture” all over colleges in this country. That’s what they’ve been told; they believe it. Well, when they find out that Mrs. Clinton ran the “bimbo eruptions” unit to destroy women who accused her husband of nefarious things, just wait. That’s something that hasn’t happened yet.

I don’t know if the Clintons are… This business with Epstein and all this stuff becoming public again? I guarantee you it is aimed at derailing Hillary. Can we be honest here as voyeurs, folks? All of us would just love, once, for something to stick to Clinton besides a blue dress, and nothing ever has. Even lying before a grand jury! He’s still the biggest star in the Democrat Party, much to Obama’s chagrin. So here comes another opportunity.

Whoever’s behind this is clearly trying to embarrass Clinton, and it’s just guilt by association now except this latest thing in the UK Daily Mail: “Bill Clinton Identified in Lawsuit Against His Former Friend and Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Who Had ‘Regular’ Orgies at His Caribbean Compound That the Former President Visited Multiple Times,” and it goes on to say that Clinton’s got phone numbers from these women or the women have his number or something like that.

So it’s starting again, the whole business of Bill Clinton and the babes.

We will just have to see.

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