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RUSH: By the way, once again, folks, just to remind you, Al-Qaeda in Yemen has claimed credit. Al-Qaeda in Yemen are Islamist extremists. They’re not extremists acting in the name of Islam. That’s that little girl that’s the State Department spokesman, Marie Harf, and still the Regime will not call it what it is. I’m not trying to get anybody scared. I’m not trying to frighten anybody. I think Obama knows. I always have to exempt him when I’m gonna talk about people’s ignorance, ’cause I don’t think Obama’s ignorant.

I still love Ralph Peters’ characterization of Obama last Sunday. He’s still wearing the Che Guevara T-shirt that every kid in college wears, still buying into it. But I don’t think Obama’s naive. I don’t think he’s ignorant. I think he knows exactly what he’s doing and that scares me to no end. But half these other people, I really think there’s some people with their heads in the sand that don’t think that militant Islam is really a real threat. It’s not a big deal. We can appease them. I don’t think people realize what they’re dealing with.

And when you have — I don’t care if it’s a problem or if it’s an enemy or a task, an objective, if you will not first even be honest with yourself about what you face, you don’t have a prayer. If you’re not even gonna have the guts to do that, I don’t care if it’s final exams in college, a problem at work, I don’t care, if you don’t have the ability to honestly identify the problem, the threat, particularly your enemies, then you don’t have a prayer against ’em. And there are so many Americans who I think are of a mind to just wish the problem away or ignore the problem. Pretend it isn’t there, and it won’t be there.

There are Americans, “Come on, that can’t happen to us; we’re too big. Come on, they’d never try it against us. They wouldn’t stand a prayer and they know it.” And I think it’s just the opposite. I think our enemies think that we are riper than ever. I think our enemies think we’re weaker than ever. I think our enemies think that we have raised a couple, three generations here, that are not tough, that don’t know hardship, and I think they’re willing to exploit it. They could be wrong about that, but I think they think it, and I think they’re in the process of exploiting it, and I think when they engage — I mean, can you imagine these guys, can you imagine Ayman al-Zawahiri and the brain trust of this bunch sitting around in the caves wherever they are, and they listen to the State Department refusing to identify them?

In one sense, they probably get mad because these guys want everybody to know who they are, and they want everybody to know what they’re doing. That’s part of the threat. At the same time, they’re looking at this, and they can’t believe how cowed they have people. They really can’t. You’ve got Paris, you name it, anyplace doing battle with these people, willing to shut themselves down, rather than face it. And even when we face it, we put rules of engagement on our forces that make engaging them really just nothing more than an academic exercise.

Anyway, I think all of this back-and-forth here about who these people are and we better not offend ’em, you can’t do this cartoon stuff and all that is just — you know, Obama says all the time, “That’s just not who we are.” Well, I tell you, all this cowardice and everything, that’s not who I remember us being, either. And I don’t mean cowardice out there among you. I’m talking about cowardice within the highest reaches of our government.

What is political correctness, but fear? In one sense, that’s what it is. You’re afraid to hear things you don’t want to hear. You’re afraid to hear things you disagree with. You couple the fear with this outsized sense of power and intimidation that you have, and you end up being authoritarian, statist, or what have you.


RUSH: This is Robert in Atlanta. Welcome, sir. It’s a delight to have you here on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, it’s great to speak with you, sir.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I have a question that requires a brief setup, my friend.

RUSH: Yeah, go ahead.

CALLER: You have described the Obama administration’s calculated attempts to finely parse the actions of Muslim terrorists as ones being wholly separate from Islam.

RUSH: That’s exactly right.

CALLER: However, Obama — and for that matter, Democrats in the mainstream media — do precisely the opposite with Republicans as a whole. That is, all Republicans are racists, all Republicans are homophobes, all Republicans want to push grandma over the cliff. So, Rush, the question is: When will Obama start treating Muslims like Republicans and tell them to stop clinging to their guns and Korans?

RUSH: (laughing) You know, it’s an interesting question. I mean I love the way that you’re illustrating the point. All Republicans are engaging in a War on Women.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: All it took was one answer from Mitt Romney in a debate, and the Republicans have a War on Women. Meanwhile, if there’s anybody conducting a War on Women, it’s Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, and the Muslims.

CALLER: This is true.

RUSH: It’s the militant Islamists, and yet the Republicans are the ones accused of it. So you’re exactly right. I’m gonna grab a sound bite here to illustrate. Thanks, Robert, excellent point. I’m grabbing one of these Marie Harf things. Stick with me here. Ah, there’s three. I don’t have time to read all these to figure out which one it is I want. But Marie Harf is out there saying that it is “extremism in the name of Islam.” She is not calling it “Islamist extremism.”

She was asked about it. (interruption) It’s number nine. Here it is. Okay. This is CNN’s New Day this morning. Chris Cuomo is interviewing here. He said, “If the concern is to insulate moderate Muslims from being lumped in with the bad Muslims — Muslims who pervert the faith, bastardize it for their own reasons — do you think it feeds the paranoia of Islam when you ignore that these men and women identify themselves as Muslims?”

HARF: Well, we’re not ignoring that, and we have worked very closely with the Muslim community, uh, in the United States, in France, and encouraged moderate Muslim voices to stand up and say, “This is not our religion. They are not acting in the name of Islam.” So no one’s ignoring the fact that these terrorists claim to be acting in the name of their faith. What we’re saying is, uh, that’s a perversion of their faith. This is not what Islam represents. And more than what we call them, what we’re focused on is how you fight them, how you hold them accountable, and how you prevent this from happening again.

RUSH: And you haven’t the slightest clue, madam, because you’re not telling yourself the truth about who you’re dealing with — and that sound bite is Exhibit 1. Listen to what she said here. “No, we’re not ignoring that! We’ve worked very closely with the Muslim community in the US, in France, and we’ve encouraged moderate Muslims voices to stand up and say…” Where are they? “‘This is not our religion. They’re not acting in the name of Islam.'”

What we’re gonna have here — we just had the story yesterday, down somewhere in Texas. There’s gonna be an annual convention of Muslims, the purpose of which is to protect the image and name of their prophet in the midst of all this. These are supposedly the moderate…? Where are they? Marie Harf and the State Department’s engaging with these people and demanding they stand up? They never do, and we’re told that the reason they don’t is ’cause they’re scared, too.

But, folks, I’m… (sigh) All I can do is quote my friend Andrew McCarthy. You know the story. He was the prosecutor, the lead government prosecutor against the blind sheik. And very briefly, in his prep, in his preparation, he read the Koran. Here’s the blind sheik, who had authorized bombing of the Lincoln Tunnel and the bridges and all this. Omar Abdel Rahman is his name. Andy has written about this, numerous essays and books. In prepping, he became an expert on Islam. He read the Koran.

He wanted to find out where this guy was a kook. He wanted to find out where this guy’s beliefs were ridiculous and extremist so he could cite them, and he was shocked. The guy’s mainstream. He wasn’t extreme. Omar Abdel Rahman was a mainstream Muslim, and Andy is blue in the face trying to tell people this. He makes himself available for Fox interviews. He’ll go anywhere. It’s amazing the number of people who will not accept it, and here you have Marie Harf!

“Well, this is not our religion. They’re not acting in the name of Islam.” But those people never stand up and say so, even though she’s talking to them. “So no one’s ignoring the fact that these terrorists claim to be acting in the name of their faith.” So, you see, they’re not. In the State Department’s eyes, they’re not militant Islamists. They’re “extremists acting in the name of Islam,” and that’s why we’re not gonna call ’em “Islamist extremists.” Now, you could nitpick and say, “What the heck’s the difference?”

But that is missing the point. These people are purposefully trying to obfuscate. For some reason, they do not want to face the truth, deal with the truth, identify the truth, or even admit that they know the truth. This girl’s 33 years old, and she’s ranking in the State Department. “I mean, we’re focused on how you fight them, how you hold them accountable, how you prevent this from happening.” You’re really having a lot of success at all that, I must say.

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