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RUSH: Now, Wesley Pruden has a piece today, the Washington Times, “Why Hillary Ain’t Gonna Run.” He calls her the most downtrodden woman in America. I wish I could remember what I said about — it’s something like that, actually. It was the most rejected or the most — you know, I’m gonna do a site search ’cause I know I’ll find it ’cause I remember catching a lot of hell for it. That just means it was right on the money, too.


RUSH: I now found it up in there, folks, I found it up in there. I went to my website. It was October 16, 2007, when I said Hillary Clinton is the most cheated-on woman in the history of the world. That was eight years ago. Well, seven and half, October. And she is. I could go review the comments that I made on the program that day. But we got Wesley Pruden now, why Hillary won’t run for president. Basically he says that she can’t win, and that’s why she won’t run. She may not even know that yet herself, but a lot of Democrats want her because she’s all they got.

No, they don’t. They got Elizabeth Warren, and I’m gonna tell you, that woman’s star is rising in the Democrat Party. I’ll tell you why it’s rising. You know, Hillary is doing her best to — whatever she’s doing right now, she’s doing her best to distance herself from Obama, foreign policy, and the economy. But here comes Elizabeth Warren, and the conventional wisdom is that Elizabeth Warren is succeeding in moving the Democrat Party even further to the left on the economy, and that her magnetic field, so to speak — this is another absurdity, by the way, that this woman is a legitimate contender for a particular political party’s presidential nomination?

The “you didn’t build that” Elizabeth Warren who faked having Indian blood in order to qualify for some affirmative action victimization. This party is presenting to us joke after joke. And these jokes are presented as paragons of virtue. It is sick. Anyway, Elizabeth Warren is such a star and such a heroine in the extreme, insane Democrat base. She is said now to even be dragging Hillary back to the left with economic comments and so forth.

So, anyway, all of this is factored in — not all of it, but Pruden talks about how Obama’s baggage is gonna be too much for Hillary, and even Bill’s baggage is gonna be too much when the moment of truth comes. The party’s already rejected. How many presidential primary seasons was it Hillary’s, and they always found somebody. She’s treated like an abused wife. She’s the most cheated on. It was hers 2008 and then here came Obama and they just cast her aside.

And they want to blame her for Benghazi when all the stuff happens. Obama brings her in to take all the hits for what he knows is gonna be a disastrous foreign policy because he intends that to be the case. This is the most abused woman in America, the most cheated on, the most abused woman. I spoke up in her defense on this a number of times. I ran Operation Chaos to keep her campaign viable in 2008. But it doesn’t matter. It’s all just one joke, sick, sorry joke after another.


RUSH: I want to play you a couple sound bites from Reince Priebus, who’s the chairman of the Republican National Committee. He was on Bloomberg last night, Bloomberg TV With All Due Respect, the show that is cohosted by Mark Halperin and John John John — whatever. It doesn’t matter. Anyway, I want you to hear these two sound bites because I just got through explaining here the joke, Hillary Clinton, the most abused, taken for granted, cheated-on woman in the world, by her husband alone, how many times? How many times has the Democrat Party promised her and cast her aside?

She’s the most used, the most taken for granted, and every four years she’s held up as her turn and it’s presented to us as though she’s earned this, it’s her turn, it’s her time, and every time somebody ends up somehow pulling the rug out from under her. It’s either a new affair with an intern that her husband’s engaged in or this sex pedophile thing, or some new, young-looking black guy comes out of nowhere named Barack Obama. But no matter what, everybody that tells Hillary they love her casts her aside.

And so we’re back again. This repeating cycle. I swear, I can remember having people at my house at the annual Spring Fling ten years ago in fear of such a thing. “There’s 75% chance Hillary Clinton’s gonna be next president.” No! “Yeah. I’m telling you, it’s gonna happen.” No! Oh, no! And I’m sitting there not understanding the fear, not understanding the, “Oh, my God, we can’t beat her, oh, jeez, we’re finished” attitude. I’ve never understood it, and it’s repeating.

The Republican Party once again, “Oh, my, oh, no.” Fait accompli. Yet intelligence guided by experience says somebody in the Democrat Party is gonna do something to snatch it all away from her. So, anyway, Reince Priebus was on Bloomberg last night, this All Due Respect show, and Mark Halperin said, ” You said you thought, in context of running against Hillary Clinton, that bringing up the Monica Lewinsky impeachment issue was kind of an old issue.”

PRIEBUS: I think so, I think it’s a little old.

HALPERIN: What about things like Hillary Clinton’s cattle future trades or her record at the Rose Law Firm? Is that also old news?

PRIEBUS: Sure. I mean, I think if there’s new revelations, if there’s new things that come up and new evidence and new questions, sure, I think it’s all fair game. We’re writing a Hillary Clinton book now. I mean, we got a research team that is in Little Rock. I mean, so we’re not gonna be shy about what we’re —

HALPERIN: How many people do you have in Little Rock?

PRIEBUS: I don’t know. I think we’re sending two or three. We’re gonna get whatever we have to in order to share with the American people the truth about Hillary and Bill Clinton.

RUSH: Oh, come on. I just don’t believe this. Forgive me. We just went on TV and spelled out our operational plan to the opposing general. We just went on TV. (imitating Halperin) “How many people are you gonna send to Arkansas?” “Oh, two or three. I don’t know.” Maybe everything is just striking me funny today because I overslept. We know everything we need to know about the Rose Law Firm and the cattle futures. None of that’s gonna matter.

It’s called Benghazi. It’s called the last four years. It’s called Bill Clinton getting near the place again. It’s called these people are undeserving. They are a pair of frauds. They are a pair of jokes. And here’s Halperin. He’s just doing the job that the Drive-By Media would do. He’s making fun of Reince Priebus and Priebus, I don’t think, knows it. (imitating Halperin) “So, you guys are gonna try to make a big deal out of the Rose Law Firm records again? Ha-ha-ha. So you guys are gonna run down there and look at Whitewater again? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. So you guys are gonna take a look at the cattle futures? Oh, yeah, ha-ha-ha-ha.”

Halperin’s mocking the guy. Basically saying, you people, we think you are idiots, trying to stop the Clintons on all that stuff way back then and you failed. I’m surprised that Halperin didn’t say, “Hey, are you gonna make Ken Starr part of the opposition research team? Ha-ha-ha-ha.” “Oh, we’re gonna do everything we can. We’re gonna go down there, two or three people, in Arkansas. (laughing) We’re writing a Clinton book now.”

Anyway, Halperin then said, “Well, when you say new stuff about Bill Clinton, ’cause he did say that. Priebus did say we’re gonna get whatever we have to in order to share with the American people the truth about Hillary and Bill Clinton, and he referenced that they’re gonna try to find some new stuff, and Halperin, that’s the only thing he did sniff out. “What do you mean, new stuff? When you say new stuff about Bill Clinton, new stuff, what do you mean, what are you talking about, new stuff? What is this new stuff that you’re talking about, Reince, on Bill Clinton?”

PRIEBUS: Anything. I mean, business dealings, travels, whatever it might be that would be important for the American people to know about Bill and Hillary Clinton that isn’t clearly, you know, old and stale stuff that we already know and have taken notice of I think is fair game

HALPERIN: What about personal, what about things from their personal lives? Are those fair game?

PRIEBUS: It depends what it is.

RUSH: Okay, so Halperin wants to know, “What are you gonna do, what new stuff, what new stuff?” “Well, you know, business dealings, travels.” It’s called Epstein. But I don’t think they’re gonna do any of this, that’s the point. I think they’re afraid to do any of this. I think they’re afraid to go back to oppo research on the Clintons. They’re clearly afraid to do oppo research on Obama. (interruption) How is it different? Obama’s African-American, makes it tougher to do oppo research on him. Hillary’s a known — that’s my point. Hillary is a known punching bag, and she is a beat up punching bag. And Clinton himself, you know, kind of has a face that looks like it now, too.

I don’t know. Halperin’s question, “So what are you guys gonna do? You gonna try go Whitewater?” (laughing) He’s making fun of Priebus, and Priebus doesn’t know it. And if he’s not making fun of him, if he’s not mocking him, he’s belittling, obviously, what Priebus might be looking at as disqualifiers, where the Clintons are concerned.

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