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RUSH: The other part of the State of the Union show, of course, obviously, is the people that respond. We’ve got two different Republican responses tonight. We got a pig castrator, and we have a pro-amnesty freshman Republican in the House that will be doing the Spanish language response. Right here it is: “Pro-Amnesty House Republican to Deliver Spanish Language Response.” This is our buddy Dan Riehl writing at Breitbart.

“Based on House Republican documents reviewed by Breitbart News, pro-amnesty Republican freshman Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida will be delivering the RepublicanÂ’s Spanish-language address in response to ObamaÂ’s State of the Union speech.” By the way, it’s been confirmed by Boehner’s office.

“Curbelo recently made waves with a January 18 interview in The Hill, which focused on his strong dissent from the basic Republican position on immigration and all but stated his support for ObamaÂ’s executive amnesty.” So, you know, Boehner, he may be talking a good game in regards to fighting the White House on immigration and fighting the White House on this and that. But it’s tough to square that if you’re gonna pick a guy, a freshman Republican, not just pro-amnesty, pro-Obama executive amnesty, a Republican freshman to do your Spanish language response to the State of the Union.

I guess there aren’t any conservatives in Congress who speak Spanish. Ted Cruz’s Spanish is better than John Kerry’s French. Who’s kidding who here? You know what I think Obama ought to do? Just punt the speech. Just go get Bob Dylan to come out and sing, Don’t Think Twice, everything is gonna be all right. I mean, if Kerry can have James Taylor over there from Hippie Incorporated singing You’ve Got A Friend, why not bring Bob Dylan out? Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright. It’s a great idea. That’s what I’m known for.

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