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RUSH: The New York Times had a story that was picked up everywhere. I saw it last night in a news alert that I received from the Washington Times, and it was highlighting the fact that the Department of Justice decided they were not going to prosecute Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

The news was received happily and gladly, that they had looked and they dug deep and they had investigated a long time and they just concluded that there’s nothing to see there. And so DOJ announces, Eric Holder and so forth, that they can’t find any evidence that Officer Wilson violated the civil rights of anybody, so that investigation shut down.

That’s my point. We knew there was no evidence that was going to make an investigation worthwhile. We knew it was all for show. There was never any, the grand jury, I don’t care where you go, there was never any evidence that Officer Wilson violated the guy’s civil rights or acted outside the normal procedures for a police officer. But the DOJ and Holder, in order to build a bridge to militant activists, went through this utter show of making it look like they were conducting a deep investigation, and they were gonna get to the bottom of it, and Wilson was gonna pay. Even though the grand jury let him go, Wilson was gonna pay.

And then silently yesterday the DOJ, ah, ah, nothing here. Which, if you remember, we boldly predicted last fall that nothing would come of this because there never was anything there. But that, my friends, is not the point of this. The New York Times has the gory details, and they are thus. “This only closes the narrow case of the shooting. The broader investigation of the Ferguson police department is continuing.” And we are seeing exactly what was explained back in December.

The Department of Justice is using this incident, the Gentle Giant killing in Ferguson, Missouri, as a pretext to conduct a much broader investigation of the entire Ferguson police department. What they’re investigating is alleged systematic discrimination on the part of the police departments. They’ve done this in Las Vegas. They have done this in Newark. The DOJ has, Holder. They have done this with 20 or so police departments around the country.

What they do, they extort these police departments into signing consent decrees forcing the police departments to conform their practices to Obama and Eric Holder-approved policing methods in their communities. So the whole thing investigating Darren Wilson was a smoke screen. There was never anything there to find. DOJ, while supposedly doing that, was actually setting the table for enforcing Obama-style police tactics on the police department.

Then last night they announce, “Guess what? There’s no evidence to proceed against Officer Wilson.” Everybody thinks the case is closed, DOJ go home. No. What’s going to happen here is the DOJ is going to continue to pressure the Ferguson police department, and when I say conform to practices approved by Obama and Holder, in terms of police methods, what’s gonna happen is, say if Obama-Holder oppose stop-and-frisk, if they do that in Ferguson, they have to stop.

They have to stop any intelligence gathering that the DOJ claims is rated in racism. In other words, the Obama-Holder consent decree forced on local police departments essentially ties the police department’s hands and punishes or shapes these police departments under the premise that they have been violating the racial and civil rights of the residents for years.

That’s the unreported story, even though New York Times gets close to it. That’s what’s really going on in Ferguson. It’s already happened in Las Vegas. It’s already happened in Newark. And it’s gonna keep happening ’til these guys leave office. It’s the way local police departments are being federalized. It’s the way Obama and Holder are making sure local police departments do their jobs based on the political beliefs of the far left. And the political beliefs of the far left really are rooted around the fact that the criminals and the bad guys in society are having their rights violated.

It’s going to end up making the police departments back off just a little here, just a little there, in pursuing bad guys. And I’m telling you, it’s based in the belief, that the United States, as founded, is unjust immoral, racially segregated, biased country, has created these bad guys. The United States, by virtue of its founding, by virtue of its laws, has made these people frustrated, angry, and turned them into criminals, and so law enforcement must back off. And that’s what’s happening. But the headline, you heard it here first, “No Civil Rights Charges Against Wilson.” But the fact is the Ferguson police department does remain in the crosshairs of the DOJ.

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