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RUSH: Yemen is literally falling apart. Yemen is a staunch US alley, the government of Yemen is. If you don’t know where Yemen is, it’s the southern border of Saudi Arabia, which is the only country in the world named after a family: The Family of Saud.

It is Al-Qaeda in Yemen which has toppled the ruling government of Yemen, and Al-Qaeda in Yemen is right up there with ISIS in terms of the latest militant jihadists and terrorists posing a threat to free and peace-loving people everywhere, including us in the United States of America. It’s Al-Qaeda in Yemen perpetrating the attacks in Paris against the magazine, Charlie Hebdo.

North from Yemen, the king of Saudi Arabia, is said to be a reformer. I had to laugh when I read the guy’s mini-obituary. His name is Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. He passed away at age 90. (interruption) Were you impressed I could pronounce that name, Wendy, without pausing to look at it? (interruption) Why are you laughing? His name is Abdullah. He’s one of thirty sons of the founder of Saudi Arabia. (interruption) Wait a minute. Of course their name cannot be Mike! Their name would not be Rush.

There would never be an El Rushbo in Saudi Arabia, much less one in the ruling family. No, Saudi Arabia is named after an old man named Saud, who had thirty or forty kids, maybe more. The reign of terror… The way the ascension to power works is that his sons, as they die, the next one in line takes over. Out of thirty sons of Mr. Saud, there are said to be six that are even halfway (chuckles) qualified.

One of them was Abdullah, and Abdullah… As I say, I had to laugh (laughing), that they say Abdullah was reforming Saudia Arabia, moving forward on rights for women. I read this, and I was stunned! What world are these reporters living in, reporting on the king of Saudi Arabia as some sort of reformer? He was a US ally, there’s no question, in many ways.

But Saudi Arabia with Wahhabism is the cauldron, it’s the boiling point for much of militant Islam. But that’s way over there. The point is, the king passed away at age 90 and the replacement is his brother, the crowned prince, who is seventy-nine and suffering dementia! (interruption) I’m not kidding. He’s suffering dementia, 79 years old, and is mentally incapacitated. Not fully, but he’s not all there, either

The point is, that’s a fluid situation. The Middle East has become a literal cauldron here of Sunni vs. Shia, with the United States right in the middle of it. It’s important to note all of this, and hardly any of it is getting any attention whatsoever. What’s happened in Yemen is the terrorists have taken over that country. The king of Saudi Arabia has passed away, leading to all kinds of potential problems down the road.

Let me just tell you what the top stories are at TheHill.com as we gather here today to kick off three hours of broadcast excellence. These are the top stories from The Hill’s news feed. Number one: “Obama’s YouTube Interview Deliver Awkward Moments.” Snerdley, have you seen any of this? (interruption) You talk about beneath the dignity of the office, maybe setting a new low. President Obama with YouTube interviews. It’s an outreach to the youths of America, but, folks, it was so embarrassing. We’ve got audio sound bites coming up. It was just… Ah, man. So beneath the dignity of the office, and there are people that still care about that.

The number two story at TheHill.com: “Obama Hopes High Court Legalizes Gay Marriage.” The number three story at TheHill.com: “Obama: States More Likely to Legalize Pot; President Predicts Other States Will Follow Successful Efforts in Colorado and Washington.”

Meanwhile, in Colorado the governor there, Hickenlooper, says the biggest mistake they could have make was legalizing pot. Had he known what was going to happen beforehand… He was against it from the get go, but had he known what he knows now, he would have opposed even more fervently the legalization of pot.

Folks, those three stories are irrelevant, and yet those are the three things leading TheHill.com, an inside-the-Beltway news agency: Obama’s YouTube interviews, Obama’s high hopes for the high court legalizing gay marriage, and states more likely to legalize pot.

Terrorists have taken over Yemen, the Saudi king has died, and of course the big story everywhere, the New England Patriots and Deflategate. This is so telling. It is such an eye-opening event for people studying our culture. I love it.


RUSH: By the way, folks, a minor correction on Yemen. It was not Al-Qaeda that toppled the quasi pro-American government in Yemen. They were toppled by the Houthis. Now, the importance about that is, the Houthis are Shia. Al-Qaeda is Shiite. They claim to be enemies. It’s a distinction without a difference. The point is, the reason it’s important to note that is it’s Shia terrorists who have taken over Yemen is because they’re backed by Iran, and Iran is one of the biggest enemies of Saudi Arabia for a whole host of reasons.

Not to mention the Shiite versus Sunni differences. But there are also geopolitical concerns: Iran going nuclear. Saudi Arabia, if anything pro US or at least allied with us. So now Yemen to the south is essentially controlled by Iran, and then Iran to the east of Saudi Arabia. They’re surrounded, and their new king has dementia. We haven’t even talked about Netanyahu and Israel in all of this. Obama is committing more outrages. These YouTube interviews are just — and we’ll get to them. Don’t worry.

Before the program ends, you’ll hear this. I can’t do it all here in the first hour. I always just follow my interests like you do. Hang in there; be tough. It will all be touched upon today. These YouTube interviews are just embarrassing. They’re funny. Had they been done with anybody but the president of the United States, they would be outrageously hilarious. They are still outrageously hilarious.

But they’re just another example of the prestige and the esteem of the office being ripped to shreds right before our very eyes. In the meantime, we have this controversy with the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Here’s Obama… Let me grab a call. I have a guy who wants to ask me about this. It’s Open Line Friday, and I always try to get to a call in the first hour. Richard in Philadelphia, you’re first, sir. It’s great to have you. I’m glad you called.

CALLER: Hi, good afternoon, Rush. My question is: How much time and effort went into these YouTube videos starring the woman who eats cereal out of the bathtub in which she’s sitting, but yet Netanyahu will not even get a word from the Secretary of State or even probably the dogcatcher?

RUSH: It’s worst than that.

CALLER: It’s unbelievable.

RUSH: Everything you said is true. This YouTube stuff, for example. Obama’s talking… What is this? GloZell Green. Do you know who GloZell Green is? (interruption) You hadn’t heard of GloZell Green? (interruption) I hadn’t either, but apparently she’s a big YouTube star because she swallows whole spoonfuls of cinnamon. This makes you a star on YouTube. (interruption) Right. Right. She sits in a bathtub filled with cereal and she eats the cereal she’s sitting in, in the bathtub.

Yeah, this makes her a YouTube star, which makes her a video star in America. This is who Obama had a YouTube interview… (interruption) Yep and bright green lipstick, of course. Anyway, she’s talking to Obama. Obama is interviewing with these people as an outreach to young people, and she says, “Castro put the ‘dick’ in dictator.” (laughing) Now, frankly, I’m kind of torn on that because she’s somebody willing to call Castro out to Obama who is buddies with Castro. (laughing)

So here you’ve got this low-rent YouTube sensation talking to the president. “Yeah, Castro, he put the ‘dick’ in dictator!” (laughing) You have to laugh. You have to. But it’s, still… As I say, I don’t know. If it was Jay Leno talking to the president… By the way, is GloZell Green male or female? (interruption) Okay. “It’s a she.” I hadn’t… (interruption) African…? (interruption) Well, I… (interruption) Really, African-American? Who would have figured that? GloZell Green, African-American. Who would have known?

In the meantime, Richard here is right. Obama is off doing this, while John Boehner has invited Netanyahu to come to the House of Representatives and make an official address to Congress. Over the situation… (interruption) Oh, there she is. Fox is running a little clip of it. Oh, my. This is even worse than what I thought it would even look like. Oh, man. Anyway, this woman is going to be a big star now. Mark my words. Anyway, Boehner has total authority over who is invited to speak, joint sessions or otherwise, to the House of Representatives.

He invited Netanyahu. Netanyahu is attempting to coerce, influence the US into ramping up sanctions against Iran. They’re very worried. Everybody in the Middle East is worried. Saudi Arabia is worried. The king of Jordan (also King Abdullah) is worried about Iran going nuclear. Obama doesn’t seem to be worried about Iran going nuclear. Obama, in fact, is on record to saying (summarized), “Well, who are we to tell them they can’t? We have nuclear weapons.

“Who are we to say they can’t have ’em? What if somebody had come along and said we couldn’t have nuclear weapons when we were building ours?” Well, that simply won’t do. That fails to recognize the US role in the world, understandably. So Boehner invites Netanyahu. The White House is in a snit like you can’t believe, because truth be known, Obama doesn’t like Netanyahu at all and never has. It goes beyond the personal. It also happens to be political.

It’s not just that Netanyahu is the equivalent of conservative. It’s that he’s Jewish. It’s that he heads the Israeli state, the Jewish state. It’s clear that Obama and his administration have problems with Israel. They do not like it. They think Israel is the problem. Just like they think the US is the problem in the world, they think Israel is the problem in the Middle East. Do not doubt me. Even if they won’t admit it in so many words, do not doubt me. That’s this administration’s view of Israel, that everything there can be solved…

We could have a peace process, we could have a Palestinian state, we could have whatever we want — we could have a nuclear Iran that doesn’t threaten anyone — if we just didn’t have to deal with the Israelis. Obama has made that abundantly clear. Remember…? You may not, but I do. Do you remember the first visit to the United States by Netanyahu after Obama had been immaculated? Netanyahu and a small contingent of people show up to the White House for a meeting with Obama.

Obama starts the meeting, and after a few short minutes go by, tells Netanyahu he’s leaving. He’s going to the residence to have dinner with his wife and kids. He sends Netanyahu off to another room in the West Wing off the Oval Office. He packs him in there, and gives them two hours to come up with whatever would be acceptable to Obama in terms of whatever they were discussing at the time. I mean, it was one of the most insulting episodes that I can recall taking place, that I’ve ever heard about taking place in the White House.

That was the first, maybe the second meeting. It was early 2009 when this happened, and it has never gotten any better. Obama has had a snit over Israel every time the subject comes up. Middle East, Arab Spring, Muslim Brotherhood, you name it. Israel is the reason for problems in the Middle East. So Boehner has invited Netanyahu, Netanyahu has accepted, and Obama is in a snit over this because he thinks he should have had a role in the invitation.

He should have been involved in extending the invitation. He should have been involved in the decision to invite Netanyahu. The last thing that’s happened that I’ve heard about, is that Obama sent some sort of message to Netanyahu threatening, “You better not discuss Iran! You better stop working with members of the House of Representatives and the Congress. You better stop trying to get them to tighten sanctions on Iran.”

Obama is trying to get rid of the sanctions. Obama is trying to get rid of all the economic sanctions we have with Iran. Netanyahu is going to come, and one of the things that it’s expected he’ll speak about is the need to tighten sanctions, and Obama is about to blow a gasket. So in the midst of that, where is Obama? He’s on YouTube, talking to GloZell Green and whoever else. Literally the Middle East… Well, it always is on fire.

The flames are getting a little higher than usual now and, par for the course, Obama can’t be found. He’s off doing other things that are irrelevant and don’t matter. He’s still campaigning. What is this “outreach to young people”? He’s not running for reelection. Why go on YouTube and be interviewed by people that would never ever have such access in the normal ebb and flow? It has to be outreach for the youth. But for what?


RUSH: In the meantime, here is Obama, last night, YouTube channel, while all the rest of this is going on, here is our president talking to GloZell Green.

GREEN: He’s retired from the Air Force. However, heÂ’s mad at me right now because I cut all the hoods off his hoodies. (Obama laughs) I did. I did that for real —

OBAMA: I understand.

GREEN: — to protect him.

OBAMA: Yeah.

GREEN: ‘Cause I’m afraid when he goes outside —

OBAMA: Right.

GREEN: — that somebody might shoot and kill him. And it’s not like regular folks, it’s the po-po.

RUSH: That’s right. So GloZell Green is telling the president that she cut all the hoodies off of the hoodie sweatshirts that her husband wears, and Obama is laughing. He says he understands. Hoodie, I get it. I understand it. Somebody might shoot and kill him. It’s not like the regular folks. It’s the po-po. The po-po might shoot my husband. Snerdley, who are the po-po? It’s the police. Everybody knows that.


RUSH: You know those interviews that Obama did with these three YouTube stars? I mean, some outreach. The whole, I don’t know what you call it, program, whatever you call it, at it’s peak it only had 84,000 viewers. Some outreach, 84,000 YouTube viewers.


RUSH: Let’s do another Obama and GloZell Green interview segment on YouTube, 84,000 people tuned in to the president’s decision to be interviewed by internet YouTube stars. GloZell Green, after disclosing that she’s cut the hoods off of her husband’s hoodies because she’s afraid of him being shot by the po-po, Obama responded.

OBAMA: Young African-American males are typically seen as older than they are. And so a lot of the way to solve this is to improve training so people can be aware of their biases ahead of time. Just by the small fix of keeping track, suddenly each cop, when they were about to make a traffic stop, they have to think, “Okay, am I stopping this person because I should be stopping them, or is some bias at work?”

RUSH: You have got to be kidding me. This just proves the man doesn’t have the slightest idea of what police work is. Let’s take a look at this. Well, young African-American males are typically seen as older than they are. Is that some kind of bias right there? Is that some kind of bigotry discrimination in itself? How does he know that? And so, a lot of the way to solve this is to improve training.

Have you noticed so many liberal solutions involve training? Reeducation camps. Sensitivity seminars. All of this happy malarkey BS busybody gobbledygook. Yeah, improve training so people can be aware of their biases ahead of time. Okay, so a crime is going down. You’re a cop in a cop car. “Uh-oh, am I doing this because I’m a racist? I better stop and take an introspective view of myself. Am I looking at this as a potential crime scene or do I see an opportunity to be a racist pig? If I’m doing this because of my bigotry and racism, then I’ll stop and let the crime continue.”

What is this? Meanwhile, the idiots tuning in and watching this are probably nodding their heads in agreement thinking, “Wow, man, this is so cool.” We’ll do one more of these. This question from GloZell Green to Obama, this is the question where she says Castro put the dick in dictator. But this might be a better question than Obama would ever get, say, on Meet the Press.

GREEN: I have a lot of friends, close friends, who are Cuban Americans. And I’ve heard the stories of their families escaping and some of them didn’t even make it, to come to the United States for a better life. To get away from the Castros. Okay. I mean, the guy puts dick in dictatorship. So I’m trying to understand how do you justify dealing with the Castros?

RUSH: The guy puts the dick in dictatorship. How do you justify dealing with the Castros? There isn’t a single Drive-By info person who would ever ask Obama that question. Not like that.


RUSH: And here he is, our esteemed leader who has put the embarrass in the word embarrassing, Barack Obama answering the question from the great YouTube star GloZell Green. The Castros put the dick in dictatorship. How do you justify dealing with the Castros?

OBAMA: When you do something over and over again for 50 years and it doesn’t work, it’s time to try something new. Now, what we’re saying is, that by normalizing relations, we’re going to be able to still put pressure on the Cuban government. Also what happens now, you have more visitors to Cuba. You start getting telecommunications into Cuba. You start getting the internet into Cuba. People’s minds begin to change, and over time, you’re going to see —

RUSH: All right, stop it. Look. Look. When you do something over and over again for 50 years and it doesn’t work, it’s time to try something new. Hey, how about the War on Poverty? How about the Great Society? How about liberalism in general which has never worked? How about socialism, 50 years, much less 50,000 years, it’s never worked. But certainly the War on Poverty is 50 years old, and we’re not changing the way we’re doing that at all. We’re ramping up the same way we’ve been doing it. We’re making it even worse. But I didn’t expect GloZell Green to have any clue about that.

RUSH: I had to check something, and it turns out, Obama was right. There actually has been a study done on why black young people look older. It was in 2011, and it claimed what Obama is claiming, that blacks are perceived as older than they are. The name of the study should give you a hint as to its objectivity. The name of the study is: “The Essence of Innocence: Consequences of Dehumanizing Black Children.” That’s the name of the study.

“The Essence of Innocence: Consequences of Dehumanizing Black Children.” Who is doing that? Who is dehumanizing black children? Can I tell you how the study begins? The study begins with a quote from Alice Walker. This is the very first thing you see when you open this study or look at it on the internet. “The most important question in the world is, ‘Why is the child crying?'”

That is said to be the most important question in the world: “Why is the child crying?” We have one more sound bite here from Obama and GloZell Green. After Obama explained that we have to change our Cuban policy because after 50 years it hasn’t been working — much like the War on Poverty hasn’t been working and the Great Society hasn’t been working and much like socialism doesn’t work, although we’re not changing any of that — GloZell Green says that she has a gift for Obama.

GLOZELL: My mama said, whenever you go to somebody’s house, you have to give them something.

OBAMA: Ooooh. Oookay. All right.

GLOZELL: Don’t come empty-handed. So I have green lipsticks.


GLOZELL: One for your first wife —

OBAMA: My first wife?

GLOZELL: I mean… (giggles) I mean… (giggles)

OBAMA: Do you know somethin’ I don’t?


OBAMA: (chortling) One for the first lady —

GLOZELL: For the first lady and the first children.

OBAMA: — and the first children.

GLOZELL: I’m so sorry.

OBAMA: Oh, I’m teasin’.

GLOZELL: (giggling)

OBAMA: It’s impressive stuff. I’m going to ask Michelle to try it on, maybe tonight.

RUSH: She meant for the first lady, she didn’t mean first wife, and everybody got all embarrassed. I have a friend who has been married 80 years, and he still introduces people as, “I want you to meet my first wife.” Everyone’s first reaction is, “What are you doing with her? Where is your current wife?” It’s his way of saying he’s never been divorced: “I’d like you to meet my first wife.” It’s his calling card.

Let’s listen to how the Drive-Bys reacted to this. This is Howard Kurtz last night on the Kelly File talking about the YouTube interviews.

HOWARD: GloZell is a star. She’s funny. Uhhh, she’ll probably have her own Netflix show by next week. But when did eating milk and cereal out of your bathtub, become an audition to interview the President of the United States? It seemed beneath the dignity of the office to be hanging out with some of the YouTubers. There was, umm, Bethany Mota saying his answers were awesome; asking him what superpower he would like to have, and also taking the selfie. So maybe this is how the president wants the press corps to act around him.

RUSH: Howard, you guys are missing this. By the way, he just insulted Netflix here. He said, “GloZell is a star. She’s funny. She’ll probably have her own Netflix show by next week.” Is getting a Netflix show easy to do or something? I have a Netflix subscription, but I haven’t utilized it all that much. (interruption) No, no, nothing against Netflix. I just have other options I utilize first. I watch House of Cards and I watch Lilyhammer. When new episodes of those come out on Netflix, I’m right there.

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