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RUSH: Now, as you know, ladies and gentlemen, Scott Walker has been championed on this program for, well, years, actually. But in terms of his success, the things that he has encountered, the adversity that he’s overcome in being elected governor of Wisconsin and then having to win three more times a couple of recall elections, which were nothing more than disguised efforts by the Democrat Party and their allies to destroy him, and then another standard reelection effort, the guy has overcome every effort the Democrat Party knows to destroy him.

His family has stood tall. Scott Walker and his family have withstood everything the Democrat Party has, and not only has he withstood it, he has triumphed over it. And he’s done so as a conservative, as a flat-out, no-excuses-made conservative. Scott Walker has not attempted to co-opt liberal language and use a little bit of that in the way he speaks to try to calm them down and keep them at bay. He has been fearless. He has not withdrawn. He has not shrunken. He has not exhibited any fear whatsoever. And his family stood with him. As such, as you’ve heard countless times on this program, Scott Walker has the blueprint on how to restore this country.

He has restored Wisconsin, which started out a blue state. He tackled the entrenched leftist bureaucrat interests in that state that were bankrupting it, that were destroying the schools, and that’s primarily the unions, public employee and otherwise. He stood up to ’em, took every mean-spirited attack that they had to offer and beat them back with the people of Wisconsin. He didn’t win the media in any of this. And the media was part of the cabal that was doing their best to destroy him. He withstood it all. And I’ve thought for the longest time, through all of these three elections, I’ve thought that Scott Walker’s telling everybody how to do it here.

We’ve interviewed him. I’ve not endorsed him, and I’m not doing so now. That’s not the point. I don’t do that, particularly this early in any campaign or any race. But we’ve interviewed him for the Limbaugh Letter. We’ve had him on the program to discuss his book. Audio sound bites of him from last Saturday in Iowa at this conservative gathering. The important thing about Scott Walker, I mean, all of a sudden people are saying, “Who is this guy? Where’d this guy go to get a charisma transplant?” He’s always been who he is. It’s just that he’s never been touted.

When you hear about Republicans and the governors they talk about, you hear about who? Well, you hear about Governor Christie; you hear Rick Perry now and then, deservedly so; but you never heard Scott Walker. And all he was doing was showing everybody how to beat back the left, which I thought is what we’re all doing here. I thought that was the purpose here, to save and restore America to its founding principles and ideals.

Here’s a guy doing it. Here’s a guy who did it. Here’s a guy who did it against a juggernaut that was designed not just to beat him, but to destroy him, and eliminate him as a political force for the rest of his life, not just his career. There’s the blueprint. There’s how to do it. Never heard his name mentioned in any official Republican Party communiques.


RUSH: The second illustration of the — well, I don’t know what to call it. The, well, program. Most talked about radio talk show in America.

I didn’t know this had happened until long after the fact. Bill O’Reilly had his guest Charles Krauthammer, Dr. Krauthammer, Tuesday night on The O’Reilly Factor. You know, Monday was a really hard day here. The days are still hard, folks, with the death of our chief of staff here, Kit Carson. But in an effort to branch out and still do the show on Monday, there was a lot of attention paid to Scott Walker and his performance in Iowa on Saturday. I made the point that, to me, and I’ll say it again, folks. This has been a point of mine for two years, that Scott Walker is showing everybody how this is done. You may not like him, you may not want him to be the guy, but he’s got the blueprint.

This is a guy that’s done it. We don’t have to involve consultants and have meetings on strategy and theory and philosophy. Here’s a guy that’s done it. Here is a guy who has beat back the absolute best the left has to offer. By that, I mean the absolute most horrible, the most mean-spirited, personally destructive politics that you can imagine in this country. They threw everything at him and his family. And how did he beat them? With conservatism. He beat them by drawing a sharp contrast between them and himself. He didn’t blur the lines.

He didn’t fall into the trap of thinking, as Republicans are told, “Well, you know, the electorate is pretty moderate out there, and they don’t like it when Democrats are criticized. They want us to all get along. They want Republicans to work with the Democrats. And to get things done, they want a spirit of cooperation.” Walker went out and he told everybody who they are. The first thing he did was define his opponents, and he explained why Wisconsin was in such bad shape, budget-wise, education-wise, you name it, and he laid it right at their feet.

Then he told them how he was gonna fix it. He told them how he was gonna restore it. And when he did that, he articulated undiluted conservatism, in a blue state. This is Madison, Wisconsin. This is Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is as Democrat as state as San Francisco is a city. He won three elections in four or five years. It was unreal what he had to do, and he triumphed every time. Well, anyway, I’ve been making this point for two years, and I’ve gotten blue in the face telling everybody how mysterious I think it is that the Republican Party doesn’t tout the guy. The Republican governors — I understand jealousy and I understand envy, but aren’t these people about winning? Well, here’s a winner. Here’s Scott Walker who’s shown how it happened. Anyway, they heard Monday’s program over at the Fox News Channel, did a segment on it on The O’Reilly Factor on Tuesday night.

O’REILLY: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently caught a break.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Scott Walker has the blueprint for winning and winning consistently and winning big in a blue state with conservative principles that are offered with absolutely no excuses.

O’REILLY: Rush Limbaugh’s positive words give Governor Walker some momentum. He is a proponent of smaller government, has restricted the power of labor unions in Wisconsin, generally defeated the far left at every turn.

RUSH: Right. The only thing I would disagree with there, I don’t think Walker caught a break, what that means, “Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently caught a break,” the break is being mentioned by name. That’s not recent. We’ve been touting Scott Walker and the way he’s been winning and the fact that he’s been winning, as you know, for two years here. He didn’t catch a break because he didn’t need one. He’s just being who he is. Scott Walker has been himself. He has been a cheerful, unembarrassed conservative. Conservatism draws people, not praise. Conservatism is why Scott Walker won. It is not because he got mentioned on this program.

Scott Walker didn’t catch a break here. He made his break. And do you realize everything he did in those campaigns was unsanctioned from the Republican Party RNC? I mean, they gave money. They contributed money to his campaigns. They wanted him to win, don’t misunderstand. But they didn’t incorporate anything Walker was doing in any of their other races. They were worried. You know, Walker’s getting beat up by the media, and, folks, this is still, sadly, too true. We have people in the so-called conservative movement, we got Republicans who are still influenced by what the mainstream media says about us and our candidates.

So there were people, “Ah, Walker’s damaged goods, Rush, you gotta give it up. The media’s destroyed the guy.

“What do you mean? He keeps winning elections.”

“It doesn’t matter, Rush. The media’s destroyed him. He’s a kook. He’s an extremist. He’s social issues.”

He’s none of that! Scott Walker has won on fiscal issues. He’s won on education. He’s won on everything you claim as a conservative to be for and interested in. Now, they thought Scott Walker was X, Y, and Z because the media says so. This actually all too common to me. I’m talking to conservatives that I know and other Republicans, “When are you going to give up this idea that our candidates have to be palatable to the Drive-By Media? It’s never gonna be the case. You’re just letting the media choose our candidates, if you’re gonna approve of or reject a candidate based on what the media says ’cause the media is never gonna like any of our people that can actually win. The media is gonna tout people on our side they think can be beat.”

Scott Walker withstood all of this, and he had the media out ripping him to shreds, along with the Democrats, and the Republican National Committee held their breath. They wanted him to win, don’t misunderstand. But the things that he was doing to win, and even now the things that he has done to win, you don’t see the RNC incorporating them, and that’s been my point all along. He’s got the blueprint.

Anyway, after O’Reilly announced that Scott Walker caught a break by being touted on this program he turned to Dr. Krauthammer, the analyst of the night, and O’Reilly said, “Rush Limbaugh complimented him, Dr. Krauthammer. That’s a big boost there. Does that change things for Walker?”

KRAUTHAMMER: It does, but it was the speech itself that changed things. The speech he made in Iowa this weekend. Look, you know, there are those who are sort of running for the presidency, and there are those — and this is a very big field — who are running for either number two or for a Fox show. Of course, if you run on the Democratic side, you’re running for an MSNBC show, like Al Sharpton. That’s the consolation prize. But the ones who are serious are the ones who impress audiences, and I think Rush is a very good reflection of the Republican constituency. He’s a perceptive guy. And I think Scott Walker is getting up there to the top tier.

RUSH: Exactly. And Dr. Krauthammer here is exactly right. It was the speech that Walker gave on Saturday in Iowa that caused everybody to go, “Whoa ho-ho, who is this guy?” And I’m glad it happened, but my point has been people should have known who this guy is for the past two years because of what he’s done in Wisconsin. While we’ve all been wringing our hands and talking about the Tea Party and hoping that the Republicans in Washington will finally take up the clarion call and govern the way they campaign, Scott Walker’s been doing it. He’s been showing how to do it. That’s what I mean by blueprint. He’s been winning, role model. All this stuff.

I haven’t seen any anybody try to incorporate what he’s done. The speech that he gave Saturday, don’t care, it’s finally happened, people are now saying, “Whoa, who is this?” Now they’re looking into what he’s done. It’s tough to permeate that shell that encompasses the inside-the-Beltway establishment, but that speech that Walker gave last Saturday apparently did it.

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