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RUSH: Now, I haven’t seen the full transcript of Obama’s public service announcement on violence against women that ran during the Grammys. Did he mention ISIS or Al-Qaeda at all? (interruption) He didn’t mention ISIS or Al-Qaeda in that PSA during the Grammys? (interruption) Well, just domestic — oh, just some domestic folks that were engaging in — oh, okay. So he just confined himself to making up statistics about the number of women who were sexually assaulted in the US. Did you hear about this? This is really, really problematic here.

The president said, “Right now nearly one in five women in America has been a victim of rape or attempted rape.” That’s what he said at the Grammys. That was what he said in the PSA. And he said, “More than one in four women has experienced some form of domestic violence.” Now, let’s run the numbers here. And, by the way, this is totally irresponsible. You have a bunch of made-up malarkey that is emanating on the campus. After the fake rape story at the University of Virginia ran in Rolling Stone magazine, all kinds of people pointed out that, hey, it didn’t happen. There were no rapes.

The Rolling Stone story was totally wrong. The defense of that was, “Well, well, that’s not important. That story may not have been true, but you know it’s happening. And so our story served a purpose, to raise everybody’s consciousness level about this, because it is happening. There are massive events of rape happening all over America and all over the campus, and if it didn’t happen at the University of Virginia, it doesn’t matter.” This is how the left and the Drive-By Media cover the lies. This is how they make up for or try to cover up for the lies that they report. “Well, it’s happening somewhere. We might have got it wrong here, but doesn’t matter. We still got it right overall.”

“The current population of the US is 316.1 million, with women comprising about half. That means there are about 158 million women and girls in the US. If 20 percent of American women have been raped or almost raped, thatÂ’s a total of 31.6 million women.” So 31.6 million women have been raped or almost raped? What is almost raped? What is that? Did he define that? So we’re left to our own devices to define “almost raped.”

Okay. Well, just going by what the president said, one in five women in America have experienced rape or attempted rape, and 31.6 million women have been raped or almost raped, “which is somewhere between the populations of Texas and California.” That’s the way to put this in perspective. So in this country, the populations of Texas and California, that number of women have been raped.

“These numbers are wildly out of line with national crime statistics, which donÂ’t show anywhere near that number of rapes in the past two decades.” Nowhere near it. The national crime stats show fewer than two million rapes being reported in the last 20 years. That’s a big difference, 31 and a half million versus two million.

“This would also mean that, if Obama is right and 25 percent of American women have experienced domestic violence, then 39.51 million women in the country (which is more than the population of California) are victims of such violence.” Notice that at the same time Obama claims the media is hyping terrorism, and that’s why he went out and said to Vox, you’re hyping terrorism, this is a bunch of random zealots, just some zealots shooting, random folks, at the same time Obama claims the media’s hyping terrorism, he points out and puts out just outrageously inflated numbers about sexual assault and violence against women.

You talk about hyping something? But it’s even worse than that. The numbers that he announces are even worse than that. What’s happening is, it all started — actually, it didn’t start, but it really intensified with the totally made-up War on Women being conducted by the Republican Party. That began in earnest in January of 2012 during a Republican primary debate when George Stephanopoulos relentlessly queried Mitt Romney if he favored contraception laws in states, and nobody knew what he was talking about, Stephanopoulos.

It came out of the blue. It came out of nowhere, and Romney, after trying to deflect it, had to answer the question to make it go away. Once he answered it, that was it. It didn’t matter what the answer was, Romney said X about contraception, there you go, Republican candidate commenting on contraception, that equals a War on Women. And that’s where the intensification began.

This War on Women theory and meme is actually part of the modern era of feminism which can be traced back to the late sixties or early seventies, the notion that men are predators, that all men are predators, that’s their natural state. That women are at high risk every day of their lives in this country. And Obama is now throwing gasoline on that fire and using totally made up statistics creating a situation of rampant fear among college women all over the country with these mythical stories about the rape culture that exists there. And now here’s Obama throwing gasoline on that fire, which is just gonna further divide men from women and vice-versa.

This is not unity. This is not comity. This is not everybody getting along. This is pitting people against each other. This is creating culture wars, or in this case exacerbating them. And for what purpose, what in the world, what purpose is served with Obama making these numbers up? What purpose is served by lying to the American people and telling them that 31 and a half million women have been raped or almost raped in this country?

The Washington Free Beacon from today: “Obama Uses Discredited Statistic on Sexual Assault — President Barack Obama repeated sexual assault statistics during the Grammys on Sunday night that have been thoroughly discredited. In a video during the broadcast of the awards ceremony, Obama said that almost one in five women has been a victim of rape or attempted rape.” Again, that’s 31.6 million women, using the numbers.

“However, that one-in-five figure has been widely questioned. American Enterprise Institute (AEI) researcher Caroline Kitchens noted in October 2013 that the statistic was derived from a questionable study. … Christina Hoff Sommers of the American Enterprise Institute explains that the study often cited as the origin of the ‘one in five’ factoid is an online survey conducted under a grant from the Justice Department. Surveyors employed such a broad definition that ‘forced kissing’ and even ‘attempted forced kissing’ qualified as sexual assault.”

So, we’re getting closer to understanding here what Obama means by “almost raped.” Forced kissing and attempted forced kissing. Now, you think I’m exaggerating about the negative impact all of these lies and myths are gonna have on our culture. From our old buddies at CampusReform.com: “Columbia to force students to write poetry to combat sexual assault.”

Remember when — granted, these are the old days, and I’m not trying to come off as an old fuddy-duddy here. I studiously tried to avoid that as I have matured and grown older. But you remember the days when colleges and universities used to require learning math and languages and advanced science before you could graduate? Now it seems the only requirements are things like learning sexual respect and tolerance for sexual diversity. Columbia University students will be required to participate, required. This is not even an elective.

“Columbia University students will be required to participate in a sexual respect education program — which can include poetry writing — if they wish to register for classes or receive a diploma.” Columbia University. This not University of Mars we’re talking about here. This is Columbia University, ranking high up there in the Ivy League, and if you want to graduate, register for classes, get a diploma, you’re gonna be required to take a sexual respect class, a series of them, which can include poetry writing.

“Students will have to complete one of four options by March 13, which include : participating in an hour-long workshop, submitting a reflection piece on two different TED talks, watching and discussing short films,” on sexual abuse. That just sounds like an excuse to show porn movies, if you ask me, but what do I know? And the fourth option, “producing art or poetry, according to the Columbia Daily Spectator. StudentsÂ’ art and poetry might be on display in an exhibit later in the semester.

“‘Decreasing the prevalence of sexual assault requires a dramatic change in campus culture,’ Jason Reid, a Columbia sophomore told Campus Reform. ‘Neither poetry nor one-hour trainings will affect meaningful change.'” Apparently the sudden increase in sexual assaults on college campuses is almost as established a myth as is global warming, and the only complaint seems to be that colleges aren’t doing enough to stop it.

Now, the push for training, this requirement that students take the sexual respect education program, including poetry writing, the push for this “was led by students at Barnard College, an all-womenÂ’s liberal arts college that is affiliated with Columbia. Barnard students do not have to participate in the program.” They just said everybody else does. Can you believe that? The women at Barnard College don’t have to participate in the program that they are demanding be taught at Columbia. Of course the women are exempted. Naturally the women are exempted.

Women are not natural born predators. Women are not natural born rapists. Women don’t engage in sexual abuse at all. They’re never anything other than victims. One in five. What do you think this is gonna do to people out there that believe this stuff? Young gullible little skulls full of mush in the Millennial generation and younger who believe this stuff when it comes from the Oval Office and from the government. I guarantee you they’re gonna spend the rest of their lives believing this stuff.


RUSH: I’m sitting here, folks, I’m still trying to figure out what “almost raped” is. One in five women raped or “almost raped,” 31 and a half million. What is “almost raped”? Could “almost raped” be when a woman pulls a gun to stop him? Could that be “almost raped”? What else would “almost raped” be? What could it be? What could it possibly be?

The women at NBC are the ones trying to save Brian Williams’s job. Deborah Turness, the president of NBC News and the woman that hired her, those are the two women that are lobbying to keep Brian Williams. It is said that Brokaw’s gonna have a central role. Brian Roberts, who is the CEO of Comcast, everybody’s boss there, said to be the final decision-maker on this. But the women — why did the story say the women are particularly personally invested in holding onto Brian Williams? Maybe it is that they know that men make things up all the time anyway, they’re used to it, no big deal. Men lie. I mean, it’s part of being a woman. Obama’s pretty much setting the stage for that.

And, by the way, keep something in mind here. Brian Williams is in the hot seat for making up things. In addition to making up things, he is in the hot seat for inserting himself in these made-up stories. But all Brian Williams did, and maybe will do again, all Brian Williams did was read the daily narrative that was typed on the teleprompter for him. Barack Obama is making things up left and right. I do not believe one in five women in this country have been raped or almost raped, 31 and a half million women. Just like the made-up numbers of how many black kids are being shot by cops. It’s all made up. Brian Williams doesn’t have any power over our lives unless we let him. But Hillary, look at the stuff she’s made up. Who she was named after, her daughter supposedly walking the street next to the World Trade Center on 9/11.


RUSH: By the way, Snerdley, is anybody keeping track of all the female teachers who are sexually molesting and sexually attacking young boys in our elementary schools? (interruption) Well, and girls. But it’s female teachers doing the predator behavior, right? I guess nobody’s counting that. I guess Obama forgot to leave that out of the stats. Look at what Obama did. He goes on the Grammys, on this PSA, and look at what he does.

He literally wants to scare everybody to death. In one instance, he tells women, “If you leave the house, there’s a one-in-five chance you’re gonna get raped or almost raped. But if you stay home, there’s an equal one-in-five chance that you’re gonna be abused by that idiot husband or boyfriend sitting next to you.” So women have nowhere to go, other than to be with and hang with other women.

That seems to be the safest place women could go. I guess what it boils down to here is that the division — the war, if you will, the division — between men and women is apparently not big enough, so Obama has been forced into telling outright lies to make women more untrusting of men. Look at what he did say in that PSA at the Grammys. If you leave the house, there’s a one-in-five chance you’ll get raped or almost raped.

If you stay home, you’re gonna get abused, sexually abused or otherwise. And it all must stop. And I tell you, you get hold a bunch of precariously balanced, young female and male minds out there who are gonna both believe this stuff, and it’s just a disservice. Why create this kind of paranoia, and why create this kind of mental mind-set and attitude for young people who are ready to get on with their adult lives?

Why would you want to do that? Do you realize everything that comes out of this administration is dire pessimism, apocalyptic, negative? I mean, Obama refuses to read the Presidential Daily Brief, otherwise known as the PDB, every day. He calls it a “daily document of death,” and he doesn’t want to know anything about it. He doesn’t want to see it. He says it affects him.

He gets up every day, and the first thing they want him to read is the Presidential Daily Brief, and all it is is a document of death that happened in the world overnight. Well, what is he doing by creating these lie-based statistics that are gonna lead to attitudes? This is how you create hatred in people. You make ’em suspicious, tell ’em lies and make them hate people they don’t even know. The question is: Why?

Why would you want to do that?

I want to stress again here, folks, this is made up. These numbers cannot possibly be true. And we know that the DOJ concocted these numbers based on an open survey on the Internet. There’s nothing scientific about it, and one of the categories that qualifies now as “almost rape” is “forced kissing.” Yes, if a brute of a guy attempts to kiss you and you don’t want, that’s “almost rape.” So that gets thrown in there.

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