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RUSH: Now, as I say, Brian Williams is on the bench for making things up and putting himself in the made-up version of his stories, and more and more are coming out all the time. But Brian Williams is just a narrative reader. Whatever somebody puts on the prompter, he reads it and he’s got the appropriate faces. He can fake drama. He can fake sincerity. He can fake whatever is necessary in facial expressions in order to convey credibility, sincerity, whatever.

But, other than that, he has no real power over our lives unless we choose to let him by tuning in and believing whatever it is he’s saying. But Obama has far more power over our lives, and he’s making things up left and right. You know, Mrs. Clinton… Again, I’m not opposed to all this scrutiny on Brian Williams. Don’t misunderstand. But there is a sense of proportion missing here. You look at Hillary. Hillary Clinton is documented to have made it up about dodging sniper fire landing in a war zone in Bosnia.

The person that gave her up is somebody that was on the flight with her, the comedian Sinbad. Mrs. Clinton also claims that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. For those of you in Rio Linda, Edmund Hillary was the first to climb Mt. Everest. Hillary was at an audience in Chicago, and she was telling everybody that she was named after this famous guy, Hillary. The problem was that Mrs. Clinton was born before the guy ever climbed Mt. Everest.

Nobody knew who the guy was when Mrs. Clinton was born. It is, therefore, impossible for her to be named after him. But there she was. She saw fit to make it up. Why? She thought it would give her added credibility, I guess. And then there’s Chelsea’s big whopper. Mrs. Clinton was telling everybody that on the morning of 9/11, her daughter Chelsea was taking a stroll on the streets of New York very, very close to the World Trade Center, and she almost died.

She was very lucky to see what was coming and get out of there in the nick of time. Well, it turns out that’s not true either. We know that because Chelsea herself blew the whistle on it inadvertently by, in her own memoir, whatever… She was writing about where she was that fateful day without consulting with her mother. She admitted that she was at a friend’s apartment nowhere near the World Trade Center.

Yet there’s Hillary making it up.

Hillary also helped concoct the lie that it was a video that led to the death of our ambassador in Benghazi. She worked with Obama concocting that lie. Now, these people make up lies, and nobody seems to be worried about it, not nearly the attention that Brian Williams is getting. Now, there has to be a psychological explanation or answer for that, and I would really like to know what it is.

I mean, I could make my wild guesses just as you could.

Some of them, some of the answers I’d concoct are troubling. People just have implicit trust in Democrats. People place implicit trust in representatives of the state, the government, and so forth. Obama himself, he is no stranger to whoppers. One of the things that Obama has made up over the years, is he claimed that his beloved mother died of cancer because she couldn’t get treatment because she didn’t have health insurance.

He told this whopper during the early days of trying to sell Obamacare. His mother died of cancer — and it was a horrible death, by the way. Oh, it was a gruesome death, precisely because she couldn’t get treatment, because she didn’t have health insurance. He repeated that story endlessly to push Obamacare. The problem is, it isn’t true. Obama’s mother had good insurance. She had an intact insurance policy.

It was good.

The insurers were happy to pay for her cancer treatments. In fact, you know where she was treated? Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York, which is reputed to be in the top-five best cancer treatment hospitals in the world. So over here Obama says his poor mother died of cancer because she couldn’t get treatment because she didn’t have insurance. Over here, the fact is she did get treated because she did have insurance.

And she went to one of the five best cancer hospitals in the world! Even the Washington Post eventually had to admit all of this after a number of us pointed this out on the air. How about the lie, “If you like your doctor, your can keep your doctor”? How about the lie, “You like your plan, you can keep your plan”? That lie was told over two years, over 23 times. Now, granted, people are mad. Obama’s approval numbers plummeted and fell.

I think people are quite upset about it, and maybe more upset than the Drive-Bys are letting on because the Drive-Bys did not spend a lot of time covering the anger people felt at Obamacare or any of these other things. So it may well be that there’s just as much disgust and anger with Hillary and Obama over their lies as there is with Brian Williams. It’s just a difference in media treatment and media coverage.

But, man, there’s a huge sense of proportion missing in all of this, Brian Williams versus these other guys.

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