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RUSH: Here’s Jackie in Earlysville, Virginia. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Thanks a lot for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am. You bet.

CALLER: And I think Snerdley’s great.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: Snerdley has the best laugh I’ve heard in a long — well, next to yours.

RUSH: You know, his laugh is somewhat like Justice Thomas’s laugh. Clarence Thomas has one of the most infectious laughs.

CALLER: It is infectious, yes.

RUSH: Infectious belly laughs that you have ever heard, and Snerdley’s is similar. So you’re right about that.

CALLER: Yep. He’s terrific. Anyway, should I get right to the point. I’ve got a couple.

RUSH: Sure. Have at it.

CALLER: Okay. First thing, I was gonna call about this on Open Line Friday, never got through, and I thought maybe I could broach this subject with you today.

RUSH: Now, wait a minute, since you say that, I’m glad you said that, because I’ve been meaning to say something.


RUSH: Open Line Friday, last Friday, was done in honor of Brian Williams, and in that vein, I offered callers the opportunity to call here and lie and make up anything they wanted. They could make anything up, put themselves in any story, and see if they could sell it, see if they could make people believe their lie. We had a couple of takers. So I wanted to extend that to callers this week. I forgot to mention it. It’s Tuesday, so it’s not late enough in the week to have missed the opportunity.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: So I want to extend to you the opportunity now. Not that you will, but if you want to just make something up here in your call, in addition to the other two points you want to make.

CALLER: Well, one of the points is something that I have no idea whether it’s true or not. It’s just kind of off the top of my head.

RUSH: Ah, we love calls like this.

CALLER: Okay. Okay. In my very best news voice. It has been reported that Hillary Clinton has undergone facial reconstructive surgery, better known as a face-lift, and this is the reason that she has not been around to counter comments to the contrary.

RUSH: Really, you know, I’ve heard those stories.

CALLER: Have you?

RUSH: Yes. I’ve been privy to them. There are countless reasons being advanced for Mrs. Clinton having gone on hiatus.


RUSH: There’s another reason, by the way, and it’s just as valid, and maybe even more so. There’s something about Hillary Clinton that is undeniable. The less she is seen and heard, the higher her approval numbers go. No, seriously.


RUSH: I’m not trying to be funny or insulting her. The more she’s seen and the more she speaks, the worse her numbers get. And a new fundraising scandal has reared its head in the Washington Post and New York Times about Hillary. It looks like a replay of what happened in 2008 and did Hillary in then, not even Operation Chaos could save her, and it’s all about controversy in the fundraising groups. Have you seen the stories about all the money that Hillary’s raised?


RUSH: That she’s got so much money it’s gonna scare every other Democrat off.


RUSH: Well, that story was also the same story in 2008. Hillary had so much money and such an organization that it wasn’t gonna make any sense for anybody to try to compete with her. And then here came Obama and the whole thing got blown up. The same thing is happening, except there’s a new twist, and that is that one of the fundraisers is David Brock. And it has been discovered that David Brock is paying commissions on the money that he is getting people to donate. So he’s going out to people X, Y, and Z, and they’re donating money, and he is paying a commission to people who are pitching these people to donate the money of 12 and a half percent.

The donors have found out about this, and they don’t like the fact that 12 and a half percent of what they pledged to Hillary is going to somebody they don’t even know. So Brock is in the middle of a firestorm here, and it is raising focus on some of the chicanery going on in the Hillary fundraising apparatus, and it is revealed that there is an internal competition going on amongst all the different fundraisers, they’re trying to get closer to Hillary. They want positions in her Regime, they want ambassadorial appointments, and so people are engaging in all kinds of chicanery in their fundraising to end up closer. You know, the old butt kissing things that’s going on. All the while, Mrs. Clinton is unseen. She’s nowhere. Nobody knows where she is. She’s not responding to any of this, ergo some of the rumors going around such as the one that you’ve heard, that she’s out getting work done.

CALLER: Well, I believe it, because she doesn’t look as good as she should, I think, for the kind of competition that she’s going to be facing.

RUSH: Who? Biden?

CALLER: No. If she should get the nomination.

RUSH: Elizabeth Warren? What you mean, competition?

CALLER: Well, I’m talking about competition from the Republican —

RUSH: Oh. Oh.

CALLER: From the Republican side.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, yeah.

CALLER: Yeah, yeah. I mean, there’s no way.

RUSH: Right.


RUSH: But see, everybody is making the same mistake. They’re thinking that the primaries are a fait accompli —


RUSH: — it’s just a matter of time has to pass, she’s gonna win it, Elizabeth Warren doesn’t have a prayer. John Kerry said he may think about getting back in.

CALLER: Yeah, I had heard that.

RUSH: And he’s already been the Botox route, we already know that, he’s already done this.

CALLER: But it doesn’t matter if a man does it, only if a woman does it.

RUSH: Right. Now, what was it you just said? You said it’s a good thing she’s doing this because she doesn’t look as good as she should?

CALLER: Or could. Let’s put it that way.

RUSH: Or could?

CALLER: Yeah. She it looks like she’s getting — well, we’re all getting older, but she looks like she’s really been rode hard and put up wet.

RUSH: Well, you know, the caller’s name here, folks, is Jackie from Earlysville, Virginia, and all callers are independent and are not instructed to say anything by the host. I still find it — you think she doesn’t look as good as she should or could?

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Isn’t that kind of a triumph of emotion over common sense?

CALLER: Yeah, it is, but that’s what they’re pandering to.

RUSH: Who is pandering to who, what?

CALLER: Okay. The Hillary campaign apparatus is trying to get the kind of voter that doesn’t have a brain anyway.

RUSH: Wait a second, though. Why is this necessary? I thought she was a lock. See, the problem with this rumor is that it doesn’t fit with the narrative of Hillary Clinton, which is she’s a lock. The nomination’s hers, the presidency is hers, she can’t lose. The Republicans are scared to death of her. The Democrats are afraid to death of her. It’s finally her turn. She’s owed this, so it doesn’t matter what she looks like. But if it does matter what she looks like, then all the rest of this isn’t true.

CALLER: I don’t know. I think it could be both. I think it could be both. I think one is insurance against the other.

RUSH: Well, you would be more informed than I.

CALLER: I don’t know. I don’t know.

RUSH: I don’t think there’s any hope, is my point. I think it’s a waste of money and time, myself, but —

CALLER: Rush, I worked at a TV station in the Norfolk, Virginia, area.

RUSH: TV station, did you say?


RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And that was in the 1970s and ’80s.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And back in the day we were told by the owner of the television station that we needed to find a hook to put the story on.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. The hook. That’s just the narrative.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: It’s just another term for the narrative.

CALLER: Exactly. So this isn’t anything new.

RUSH: No, no.


RUSH: No. What’s new is, the journalism industry acknowledging that there is such a thing as the hook to the consumer, or acknowledging that there is such a thing as the narrative to the consumer. This is one of the deep, dark secrets that they taught in J-School, that the news consumer was never to be told and never to know. Anyway, Jackie, I gotta run. I’m a little long. I appreciate the call.


RUSH: No, no, no. What David Brock was doing, is Brock is raising money for Hillary under some PAC. I forget the name of the PAC. I don’t care what the name is. The Washington Post revealed that he was paying commissions. He went out and hired somebody named Mary Bonner, Mary Pat Bonner, who was what’s called a “donor advisor.” She works closely with Brock.

She was out doing the fundraising for Brock, and Brock gave her what amounts to 12.5% commission on the money she brought in. So she’s raising the money for Brock’s group, and Brock is paying her. He paid her $3.5 million on $28 million that she raised, and the donors that donated that money got a little upset because they thought all the money was going to Hillary, number one. Number two, they don’t know who Mary Pat Bonner is.

Or they might, but they don’t know what she’s doing with the money.

You know, I’m giving the money to Hillary. I want Hillary president. I’m not giving them money. Who’s getting that $3.5 million? They got ticked off. So Brock is now gonna have to leave that PAC, and he’s sort of the dangling participle out there and may have to join some other PAC to get this. What Brock’s trying to do is raise the most money so that he can get closer to Hillary if she’s elected and be in line for some plum position.

They’re all doing that.

But the fundraising apparatus has been revealed here as a bunch of egomaniacs driven for their own personal aggrandizement, not so much the election of Hillary. It’s kind of close race, and this is close to what was happening in 2008, and it all blew up on ’em. Just like now, back in 2008, they all believed it was a slam dunk, that it was gonna be a coronation. Hillary is gonna win the primary, she gonna win the general, and that was it.

It’s the same damn thing. History is repeating itself now. And I’m… Look, I’ve made no ones about this. I am to this day… I mean, I’m as smart as anybody else. I watch this stuff as closely as anybody else, I understand it all, but the one thing I cannot grasp is the supposed inevitability of Hillary Clinton. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand why so many people think that her election so the White House is inevitable. I don’t know why she instills such fear in the Republicans. I don’t. And the reason is that…

I gotta be careful how I say this. (interruption) No, it’s just I want to be right about it. I just don’t I don’t see Hillary Clinton as smarter, more clever, more adept. I don’t see her as that. I see Hillary as kind of nowhere near being able to match the reputation. I’ve always been curious about this. I’ve never understood. I have people to this day who have already given up. “If Hillary’s the nominee, we’re toast.” We believe it. They believe it in New York or Boston or Washington. That’s what’s common about ’em.

Not that that’s the only place.

I just saw the clock. I’ve gotta take a break, and I really hate having to interrupt myself right in the middle.


RUSH: Look, folks, on this Hillary Clinton business, I have never in all of my years trying, I do not feel confident that I have properly conveyed my thinking on Hillary Clinton. Now I have been wrong about her numerous times when I have predicted that she wouldn’t run. I thought she wouldn’t run for the Senate in New York, and I was wrong. And there have been maybe a couple of other things. But the thing that has made me think about this is actually my reaction to the abject fear of the woman that I encounter everywhere I go, on golf course, sit down and talk to people from Fox News, I don’t care who it is, there is abject fear.

I can take you to my house back in 2007. We had a bunch of people in for the weekend and the dinnertime conversation, much of it got started when one of the guests asserted with a tone of abject fear and doom in his voice, that there was a 75% chance Hillary Clinton was gonna be elected president in 2008. It was like the dining room was turned into a funeral parlor, and I didn’t understand it.

Of all the potential Democrat candidates, why is it when you mention Hillary Clinton, people on our side think it’s over and want to give up and think that there’s nothing that can stop her, fait accompli? Because when I objectively look at Hillary, I mean, I go back to when I first heard of her, which was the Clinton presidential campaign, 1992, I just — I don’t know. I don’t see raging competence. I look at everything she got her hands on, in fact, during the Clinton years, she bungled.

She bungled the politics of handling all the women that were coming forth and claiming they’d had affairs or relationships with Bill. She sat idly by knowing full well what her husband was doing and didn’t raise a finger. She had to know that stuff was going on, and her role in it was to do whatever it took to cover it up. Well, how did that work out for ’em? They didn’t cover it up. It all became known. Gennifer Flowers, you name it, Kathleen Willey, and then of course Monica Lewinsky. We were led to believe that Hillary was shocked and saddened and had no idea. And she might have been shocked that her husband was so stupid as to do it in the Oval Office, but she could not have been surprised he was doing it.

So there had to be another calculation there, and I know what it is. The calculation was she gave up her life to move to Arkansas with him because she figured she would get farther in life hitching herself to his wagon than striking out on her own. And so the feminists have always thought she deserved special treatment because she gave herself up in order to follow this guy along and supposedly pave the way for him. But all she did was stand aside when all the bimbo eruptions happened. She let him get away with it. She tried to cover for him, and she did her best working with others on the staff to destroy the women. And yet she’s considered a great feminist?

You got James Carville running around with his (imitating Carville) “drag a dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’re gonna find.” She’s applauding that. Then they gave her Hillarycare, one of the prices that she exacted for looking the other way. Well, she didn’t do that. One of the prices that she exacted for making sure Clinton was not harmed by all these dalliances with women not his wife, was control over certain aspects of the Clinton agenda, and they gave her health care, and she botched that. Why, we alone on this radio program — remember, there was no Fox News back then. This was 1992, folks. Well, this might have been ’93 or ’94. I forget which.

Remember Hillary’s bus tour? Gonna go from Seattle to Washington, and she’s gonna drum up all this massive support for Hillarycare, which was just a forerunner to Obamacare. It was just as Draconian, and it had just as many ingredients as Obamacare has that are simply repulsive. It set up requirements for doctors that, in order to go to medical school and be educated in the specialty they desired, if Hillarycare had become law, they were going to have to promise, in order to be permitted to study that specialty, they were gonna have to promise to let the government assign them their place of business, where they were gonna live.

So if somebody wanted to go in and become a specialist, say, in toenail fungus, the government was gonna say, “Okay, fine, but you’re gonna have to live in Buffalo to do it.” I mean, that was part and parcel of Hillarycare. Anyway, she had this bus tour, and we blew that up on this radio show. We mocked it. We laughed at it. We made fun of it. We had people greeting her along the way with signs. It was supposed to be a massive, sweeping up of public opinion in favor of national health care, and instead that blew up.

The notion that the woman is invincible and the smartest woman in the world, all of it was concocted, all of it was manufactured, and none of it was based on substance. And then after the Monica thing hit she goes to the Today Show and blames that whole event on a vast right-wing conspiracy, which was silly. Not to say that some people didn’t buy it and the media glommed on to it because anything they could do to protect Clinton they would do. But I don’t know. I don’t understand the fear of any of them. But I don’t understand why there is fear of Hillary and there isn’t fear of John Kerry, on our side.

I don’t understand why there’s fear of Hillary, but there isn’t fear of Elizabeth Warren. It seems if you’re gonna be afraid of them, be afraid of all of them. They all stand for the same thing. They’re all big government socialists. They all do not like the country as founded. They all want to fundamentally transform it like Obama. Then you add the other elements to Hillary and I remain befuddled. You know, sometimes I question it because there so many people I know that are literally — I mean, maybe “scared to death” is a bit of an exaggeration, but they think she’s unbeatable. I’m not talking about Republicans in the establishment. I’m not talking about elected Republicans.

I’m talking about fellow media people and just friends of mine in all range of business and income level, the abject fear, I just don’t understand it. It seems to me that it wouldn’t be that difficult to illustrate the areas of incompetence and fraud that Hillary Clinton embodies. Now we got these rumors that she’s out there, she’s out of sight — by the way, one thing, I was not joking when I had that previous caller. Her numbers, her approval numbers do skyrocket the less she is seen and heard. That’s another thing. I mean, how good can she be if when she shows up and starts speaking, her numbers go down? But it’s the way it is.

So there’s all kinds of reasons and theories being advanced to explain why Hillary is out of sight and can’t be found. So you heard the one advanced by the caller, “Well, Rush, you know, she’s getting work done,” as in plastic surgery, face job. Now, I mean, admit because I remember, I’m sure many of you were shouting at the radio, I was the one who first asked the question, does America — by the way, in setting this up, or reminding you about it, I did this from the standpoint of compassion. I asked this question not as a critic or opponent of Mrs. Clinton. I forgot what was going on at the time, but she was being what I thought was — kind of like when Janet Reno was unfairly attacked. I forget what it was about, but I do know that I came to her defense and I was being compassionate.

I asked the question: Does America want to watch a woman of Mrs. Clinton’s age age before their eyes in office? The media picked up on that and made big hay out of it and treated it as a serious question. I was kind of surprised. But they did. They treated it as a serious question and began looking at it, and obviously the Clinton camp considers it a serious question.

But notice something else that our caller said. I was very precise on this. I thought the caller had said that she could look better, and the caller, “No, no, should.” The caller said, “She should look better.” And there are people who believe that. People who believe that Mrs. Clinton has not spent enough time nearly on just her own personal appearance, that she doesn’t need a whole lot of work, but she needs to do something. But the Republican candidate more than likely is gonna be somebody younger than she is and therefore is going to appear younger and more vibrant and more energetic and so forth.

See, when I think of Hillary Clinton, I think of somebody who is old. I think of somebody whose ideas are old. I think she’s been around so long that there can’t possibly be any of the kind of mystique that accompanied Obama, who arrived as a basic unknown and he was so unknown that voters could basically make of him whatever they wanted him to be, the old empty canvas argument. She’s not gonna be able to rely on that. I look at her as old and tired. She was a failure as secretary of state. I don’t know how else to explain this.

But I also know that I am in a real small minority among people whose business is getting people elected, or whose business is consulting those who get people elected. They all are scared to death that she’s invincible and inevitable. And I just don’t get it.

We will see.

I would even think that, on my side, is what happened 2008. If she’s so invincible, if she’s so inevitable, how could it have been that an unknown, relatively unknown skinny black guy coming out of 160 days in the Senate could blow her out? And it would have been a blowout were it not for Operation Chaos. That was my effort — and you helped, of course — to prolong her candidacy. Operation Chaos, for those of you who were not listening back in 2008, the Republican nominee had already been chosen.

It was Senator McCain. So there was no excitement left in the Republican primary process. The only primary action was on the Democrat side, and in this audience, who cares? I mean, they care, but the daily goings-on in the Democrat primary are not what people primarily expected me to be talking about on this program.

So in order to create interest in it, I had to find a way to involve this program and the audience in that Democrat primary. The chief objective was to keep it going. The last thing we needed was for Obama to get the nomination in March and for McCain to have already had it. I mean, that would have been sheer boredom from March all the way through the conventions, or until the conventions.

So what I did was conceive and order Operation Chaos deployed. Operation Chaos was Republicans were ordered and instructed — well, it was suggested by me that Republicans in open primary states left on the Democrat calendar, since the Republican nominee’d already been chosen and their votes for that didn’t matter, that they cross over and vote for Hillary in the remaining states from March through June, in order to keep her candidacy alive just so there’d be something exciting to talking about, and maybe upset the applecart a bit.

Operation Chaos was deployed and it was effective. It was so effective that there was a George Clooney movie that was made about a year later, and one-third of the movie was about politics focused on Operation Chaos and the Democrat Party’s paranoia of it. So, anyway, 2008, inevitable, invincible, and look, it didn’t take much, but eventually all the Democrats pledged to her fled and joined up with Obama. So why this inevitability? I still tell you, I don’t get it.


RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah. The George Clooney movie was The Ides of March. It’s about Democrat politics and the first third of the movie is about Operation Chaos. They don’t mention my name. They just talk about Operation Chaos and how upsetting it was. But look, go back to 2008. I mean, everybody says, okay, look, the young, skinny black guy is gonna trump the middle-aged to elderly white woman in terms of who’s got the most grievances, who’s more down for the struggle, who makes the bigger minority candidate, blah, blah, blah.

It wasn’t about that. That race, 2008, it was Hillary’s, it was hers, it was payback for all the stuff she had done to enable her husband. And I’m just telling you, if the Democrat Party had been committed to Hillary in 2008, which we were told they were, how in the world was it possible that Barack Obama comes along and steals it from her anyway? My theory is that the Democrat Party must not have wanted Hillary all that much. I mean, I’m not saying that they don’t want her.

But 2008 was a lock. It was hers. It was almost written down: “Mrs. Clinton, this is yours, it’s your turn, this is due you. We owe you for everything you’ve done for the party by looking throw away when your husband was out sleeping with all these other women and lying before the grand jury, you made that all possible by hanging with him, and so now it’s your turn.”

But they didn’t work very hard to make it hers. The minute Obama shows up, remember all the puff piece media stories on Obama? I said, “What’s this?” The Drive-Bys are abandoning Hillary Clinton in droves within a month of Obama showing up.

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