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RUSH: Yesterday I spent a considerable amount of time explaining and trying to explain to you why I don’t get this thinking that Hillary Clinton’s invincible. I really don’t understand why everybody is afraid of her on the Republican side. I have regaled you with those stories countless times, people I know literally scared to death. There’s nothing that can stop her if she runs. Despite the fact that a no-name African-American came out of nowhere in 2008 and beat her, our side still believes that she’s invincible, and I don’t understand it.

Lo and behold, we have a new poll just out today, YouGov poll of likely Democrat voters. It was done for MoveOn.org and Democracy for America, and it contains shocking results. Elizabeth Warren leads Hillary Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire. “The YouGov poll of likely Democratic voters for MoveOn.org and Democracy for America also found that 79 percent want Warren and majorities support her anti-Wall Street positions.

“Warren has said she doesn’t plan to challenge Clinton, though several others have indicated that they are looking at a bid, including Vice President Joe Biden. … The poll of 400 conducted Jan. 30 to Feb. 5 put Warren ahead of Clinton in Iowa, 31 percent to 24 percent. In New Hampshire, her lead is 30 percent to 27 percent. The groups cautioned that the poll mostly shows that voters are extremely open to her candidacy rather than her being a Clinton killer.”

They’re so worried about their own poll and how bad it looks for Hillary that they have to analyze it for their own readers saying it doesn’t mean what it means, and this is classic left-wing media. Okay, you hear some facts. Elizabeth Warren, who has said she’s not running, outpolls Hillary in Iowa and New Hampshire. The people that did the poll don’t particularly like the result so they say, “Hey, this doesn’t mean that she’s a Hillary killer. It doesn’t mean that at all. This is just an indication that these people want Elizabeth Warren to get into the race.”

Now, they didn’t ask that question in the poll. There’s no question, “Do you regret that Elizabeth Warren is not in the race?” That question is not there. These are just the pollsters analyzing their own results. My point here is that the invincible Hillary is already losing in a YouGov poll and MoveOn.org. They’re not inconsequential groups. And you know how polls are the bible to practically everybody in politics, it seems. This is not supposed to be. Hillary is supposed to be invincible. Hillary is supposed to be unbeatable. Iowa and New Hampshire.


RUSH: Fairfield, Iowa. This is Craig. Welcome, sir, to the Rush Limbaugh program. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Thank you very much for getting me on your show today. I’ve been listening to you since the late nineties, when I was in college. It helped form my political views and becoming more conservative in my ways.

RUSH: Well, so you have actually been taught to think about politics in a different way, then?

CALLER: Yes, you have.

RUSH: Because you have been listening to this program. Way to go. Congratulations, and I’m glad you’re out there.

CALLER: Well, thank you very much. And I’d also like to thank you on your children’s books. I got a set for my nephew. I’d like to plan on getting a set for my daughter here very shortly because I think that is a ring of truth in history that our schools are lacking in.

RUSH: I’ll tell you, we get some of the greatest comments that are coming in to us on the Rush Revere Facebook page. I have to tell you, people like you are sending in some of the most meaningful comments that I can imagine. I just thank everybody so much, and you, too.

CALLER: Yeah. I read them, and I just really like them a lot, and I’m gonna start my daughter down the right track with her education with your books. But my question for you today is, where is Joe Biden’s role gonna be in the upcoming election? ‘Cause you’re just basically saying that Hillary, Hillary, Hillary’s got it, but he’s just not gonna sit by and say, “Okay, I’m just not gonna be president. I’m just gonna be going on –“

RUSH: It’s a good question. Now, traditionally, in circumstances like this, the sitting administration would not get involved, especially in their own party’s primary.


RUSH: But this bunch doesn’t believe in any tradition. This bunch would blow everything out the water, so it’s hard to say. Now, Biden is toying with the idea of running. So if he decides to run for the Democrat nomination, he’s gonna be battling Hillary. If he decides not to run, by order of tradition, he won’t be endorsing anybody or getting involved in it. But as I say, this bunch doesn’t owe much to tradition, so they could break new ground in how they involve themselves in the next Democrat primary. I think they will. I think Obama is gonna be involved as much as he can because he wants to maintain this legacy.

There was a story the other day about where he’s gonna live. Axelrod was on TV talking to somebody, and they asked him where Obama’s gonna live, and Axelrod said he ought to live in Chicago. He’s gonna have a place in Washington. I guarantee you, he is going to make sure whoever the next president is, especially if it’s a Republican, that they do not try to unravel anything he’s done. He’s gonna be on television every day with his buddies in the media ripping whoever, Republican, Democrat president, whoever tries to do that. Now, what Biden would do in that case, I don’t know. But if he runs, he’s gonna be competing against Hillary. Does that help?

CALLER: Yeah, that does, but you don’t think he’s gonna step aside and let Hillary do it, or is he gonna be an asset to the Republican Party by digging more dirt out about the Clintons and her relationship with Obama?

RUSH: Biden, I don’t know. He’ll be loyal to Obama. That’s the one thing he’s shown that he is. Whatever Obama wants, if he doesn’t run, that’s what he’ll do.

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