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“How in the world can you have militant vegetarians? But we do! Have you ever heard of a militant beefeater? Have you ever had of a guy that loves steak demanding and protesting and putting out of business vegetarian places, demanding everybody eat steak?”

“The states that have set up Obamacare exchanges, like California, are finding out that it’s costing them a lot more money than anybody ever imagined and they won’t be able to afford it soon, and that’s the case in every state. Nobody has the money to pay for this, folks, least of all the federal government.”

“The Academy Awards is thought of as more important than any Supreme Court ruling, in many people’s worlds, and now to find out the voting might be corrupt? Wow.”

“The left always thinks — despite a worldwide, from-the-beginning-of-time failure of socialism and communism — that the current generation of leftists can finally make it all work.”

“Do you know the purpose of armies? It’s to kill people and break things. Wars are not won with doctors and nurses and clean water and good vibes and jobs and all of this typical, nonsensical, worthless, touchy-feely, gooey, syrupy, sticky liberalism.”

“I don’t think Hillary Clinton has ever had to defend her lousy record in public office. She’s never going to be asked about it, her endlessly long list of scandals.”

“I don’t think that the Clintons or the Obamas or any of the titular heads of the Democrat leadership could withstand more than a week of the kind of intense scrutiny that conservative Republicans get. It’s not just scrutiny. The left and its affiliates try to destroy the lives, the character, the reputations, and the credibility of political opponents.”

“While ISIS is just on a rampage, beheading 21 Coptic Christians in Egypt, this administration can’t even call them Christians. This administration refuses to identify ISIS as Islamist. This administration refuses to call any of this terrorism. Breathtaking. It’s absurd.”

“Iran is advancing toward the acquisition of a nuclear weapon, or in their case the creation of one, production of their own nuclear weapon, not just the acquisition of one. If that happens, I don’t need to tell you what that means.”

“The situation in the Middle East is literally falling apart. We are in the midst of an ever-expanding war. We are the targets, our allies are the targets, peace-loving people, non-Muslims are the targets, and ISIS is going to take this war as far as they can.”

“It was never the case that people’s premiums were gonna go down. It was never the case that deductibles were gonna go down. It was never the case that out-of-pocket was gonna go down. It was gonna get more expensive. Obama and the Democrats and the media lied about it.”

“I think, by my count, Obama has said that he doesn’t have constitutional authority to grant amnesty, over 22 times. It doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter. This guy makes Brian Williams look like a piker. Nobody cares.”

“Look, budget reconciliation pretty much a moot point anyway once the Republicans decided to go ahead and fund the government all the way through next September, when they did that with the Democrats last December. Made it harder to do reconciliation.”

“Many liberals don’t like the Constitution because they want government to have as much control over life as possible, to make things fair and equal, and the Constitution limits what government can do. The Constitution liberates and empowers people, and liberals do not trust people to make the right decisions in their own lives or with other people. Liberals don’t trust you to eat the right things!”

“People labor under the misconception that all of these special interest groups are populated by really brilliant, smarter-than-the-rest-of-us people. And they’re not.”

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