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RUSH: It is Friday, and that means –yessiree Bob. 1-800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program and it’s Open Line Friday.

And now we’re going to extend the Brian Williams/Bill O’Reilly option to you. Make it up if you want to. Lie about it. Have fun with it. This is the third week in a row that I’ve offered this opportunity and we’ve only had two people, unless you’re not letting them through. Are you screening them? Because I know that you sometimes disagree with the way I want to do this program. Yes, I do. And sometimes you screen calls out that I think I might like. I know what goes on in there. But I don’t get — I totally trust your judgment. You could be lying to me right now about it, too.

I mean, look it, I opened up this show. You want to make it up. Have at it. It’s the third Open Line Friday in a row and I’ve had two people. You tell me that Snerdley’s passing them all through here. I don’t buy it. Snerdley is probably thinking this is a dumb idea, Rush doesn’t really want to do this. But he’s not going to tell me that. He’s just going to tell me, “I’m sorry, there aren’t any liars calling.” And really, we’ve had one. The guy who said he was the dead body that was floating down the street in the French Quarter that Brian Williams saw. That’s about it.

I’m kidding about O’Reilly. Folks, I told you, I’m a little surprised it’s taken this long. When the whole Brian Williams thing began, I said there’s two things that are going to happen here. One of two things is going to happen. They’re either going to circle the wagons like they did around Dan Rather, which they didn’t do, or they’re going to go out and try to find examples of other prominent television news people doing it, too.

I’ve got a New York Daily News story. “Brian Williams apparently isn’t the only one under the microscope. Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly is facing allegations –” oh yeah, it’s Mother Jones, David Corn. That ought to tell you right there. David Corn once wrote, seems like a 5,000-word article on me and how I was in copyright violation by playing My City Was Gone as the theme song. A 5,000-word hit piece on how I was a major violator of law, copyright law, by playing my theme song. It was the most incredible — and it was hailed as a great intellectual piece.

So the same guy, David Corn at Mother Jones, used to work at The Nation. You’ve seen him on TV probably if you paid any attention in the last 15 or 20 years. David Corn claims that O’Reilly exaggerated his war stories when he covered the Falklands War 33 years ago. Thirty-three years ago. We’ve got a story that they’re trying to make stick. This is exactly what I predicted, that in order to save Brian Williams, they would try to find examples of other people doing it so they could say, “Hey, everybody does it.” Like Clinton and sex. “Everybody does it. It’s no big deal.” And in all this time, this is the best they can do, to go out and claim that O’Reilly lied about things 33 years ago covering the Falklands War.

What a stretch. But it’s classic. And O’Reilly is running around calling it BS. I’m sure it is. This is just transparent as it can be. But there are a lot of Drive-By Media outlets that are trying to make it stick. I just want to remind you I predicted that they would scour the world for examples of other news readers, other narrative readers making things up so that they could say, “Hey, hey, no big deal, everybody does it.” But, see, O’Reilly is a two-fer. It’s O’Reilly number one, and number two, he is at the dreaded, hated and despised Fox. But I don’t think people look at O’Reilly as an anchor the way they look at Brian Williams as an anchor. I don’t even think they look at O’Reilly as a narrative reader as they look at Brian Williams or any of the other network anchors.

But again, just to remind you, this charge was whipped up by David Corn at Mother Jones. Corn is, you may remember, he’s the buffoon who claimed that Valerie Plame was a covert CIA agent that was intentionally outed by the Bush Administration to punish her idiot husband. When in reality it was her idiot husband who told everybody that she worked at the CIA where she was not a covert agent. And as we all know, it was Richard Armitage that originally leaked her identity to Robert Novak in the first place.

David Corn, there’s a little credibility problem with this. But it’s just classic. Just classic in the utter predictability of the Drive-By Media and how they attempt to go about this.


RUSH: I’m watching CNN and they went and got Frank Sesno. Frank Sesno hasn’t worked at CNN in how long? Frank Sesno is now at some think tank that analyzes the news. I’m not sure where it is, but it’s one of these highfalutin intellectual outputs where news and journalism are analyzed and reported on and judged and so forth. They’re doing this big deal on O’Reilly, and it’s so transparent. All it takes, doesn’t matter who, I’ve just been waiting for it, just one left-wing Drive-By reporter to make the assertion and that’s all these people need and they are off to the races with it.

Thirty-three years ago. Bill O’Reilly was working for CBS 33 years ago. The Falklands War. I wonder how many people watching CNN even know where the Falkland Islands are and have any idea why they were in the news in 1982. Bill O’Reilly, he made it up. He lied. He made himself out to be heroic. He was embedded. He was on the front lines when he wasn’t, so says David Corn, at Mother Jones. Talk about relevant. It’s time to save the news. It’s time to save Brian Williams. It’s so predictable, the easiest way out of this for everybody and Brian Williams is to find examples of other prominent people doing it. Now we’ve got a two-fer. O’Reilly and he’s at Fox, oh, yeah, it’s orgasm time.

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