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RUSH: Yeah, okay, well, that’s the second place that I have seen it, but I haven’t seen any real confirmation. We have a caller up here that we’re gonna get to in a minute that says that Al Sharpton has lost his show at PMSNBC. And I got an e-mail from a friend earlier today that Al Sharpton lost his show at PMSNBC. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. It’s not on the Drudge Report, and, if it’s not on the Drudge Report, it hasn’t happened.

So I don’t know, it has to have gotten started somewhere that they’ve canceled Sharpton. Frank Sinatra III they got rid of as well, and some woman, Melissa Harris-Perry, is that who it is? (interruption) Oh, yeah, Joy Reid. They got rid of Joy Reid and Frank Sinatra III, Ronan Farrow, but everybody knows. It’s not Frank Sinatra Jr. ’cause there is one, who, do you know, hates me? Frank Sinatra Jr., the people at Patsy’s told me and they can’t explain, but he does. I’ve seen it elsewhere. Frank Sinatra Jr. or at least he used to, and hasn’t anything changed since then. I don’t know why. I have no clue why.

I never said anything about his dad. I’ve always admired his dad, always did admire. It’s just a little throwaway. But I’ve not seen it elsewhere on Sharpton. I did see that Frank Sinatra III’s gone. (interruption) Well, they are worried about ratings. They have to be. They don’t have any. But this Frank Sinatra III, this was hilarious. This guy is, what, 26 years old, had never, ever done TV. I would have thought this guy would have been hired in radio first. That’s generally where people who have never done it before get hired. Ahem. Ahem. Excuse me. Slap my face. Anyway, after three days on the job, Frank Sinatra III won the Cronkite award for excellence in journalism, after three days on the job. This is a classic example of how the liberals and the Democrats circle the wagons.


RUSH: I’ve just been handed a news flash. “The National Association of African-American Owned Media alleges that Sharpton and other advocates have been bought off.” This is the Hollywood Reporter. “Comcast, Al Sharpton Hit With $20 Billion Racial Discrimination Lawsuit.” Does this say that Sharpton’s been canned? (interruption) Okay.

“Even though the FCC hasn’t yet ruled on the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, one group has already filed a lawsuit claiming at least $20 billion in damages from the way the two giants allegedly discriminate against black-owned media. The complaint, filed in California on Friday, comes from the National Association of African-American Owned Media, which also filed a similar suit against AT&T and DirecTV in December. This time, the plaintiff is not only targeting both Comcast and TWC — on the eve of the two companies merging to become what would be the largest pay television distributor in the United States — but also various African-American advocacy groups and MSNBC host Al Sharpton for allegedly facilitating discrimination.”

What the hell? How did Sharpton discriminate at MSNBC? Look, does anybody doubt why Sharpton got the gig? You know, this is — (interruption) Journalistic talent, give me a — Al Sharpton can’t read a teleprompter. Journalistic talent, he’s not a journalist. If anything, he might come alive and be the real Al if they gave him a megaphone, one of those hand-held megaphone things from the old march days, public march. The protest days. But put him on TV? They bought him off. One of the reasons you hire Sharpton is to get him to not oppose your merger.

Shakedown. There’s no doubt why they hired Sharpton. But I’ve had two different people tell me Sharpton has been fired. I can’t find it. This is on Mediaite as well as the Hollywood Reporter. All right. “The lawsuit goes on to say that Comcast made large cash ‘donations’ to obtain support for its acquisition.” This is all about the merger with Time Warner. “The money includes –” here you go. Here it is. “The money includes $3.8 million to Sharpton and his National Action Network.” And despite that, the guy still owes the IRS four million bucks.

So the lawsuit says that Comcast, which owns NBC, paid Al Sharpton $3.8 million, Sharpton and the National Action Network. “The money, it’s charged, was meant to pay Sharpton to endorse the NBCU deal and divert attention away from discrimination. As for Sharpton’s MSNBC gig, the complaint says, ‘Despite the notoriously low ratings that Sharpton’s show generates, Comcast has allowed Sharpton to maintain his hosting position for more than three years in exchange for Sharpton’s continued public support for Comcast on issues of diversity.'”

I knew it. So somebody’s filed a lawsuit based on all this. Okay, cool. The National Association of African-American Owned Media is making this charge. This is black-on-black lawsuit action here. You can’t say this is racism. You can’t say it’s discrimination. This is the NAAAOM. That’s the acronym. They’re firing him because of the lawsuit? (interruption) Well, now they’re shouting at me that Sharpton’s been fired because paying him off didn’t work. They got sued anyway. Doesn’t matter. They haven’t won the suit yet. (interruption) Well, no, it wasn’t supposed to prevent the suit. It was supposed to prevent Sharpton opposing the merger, and the Reverend Jackson. Now, he didn’t get a gig, but it’s the Justice Brothers. You buy one, you buy both.

This lawsuit just codifies exactly what, or spells out exactly why the Sharpton job was created, why he was hired. It’s a pay-off. This is how you keep Sharpton from getting his rabble-rousers all up the protest march, protesting the mergers, how you stop that from happening. Anyway, let’s take a brief time-out. Still searching to see if it is actually true that Sharpton — (interruption) you can’t find it? I can’t, either. I’ve looked. I’ve looked.


RUSH: Okay. I have found it. Sharpton’s not gonna be fired. He’s gonna be moved. They’re gonna end the Monday-through-Friday Sharpton show and move him to the weekends, if he accepts that move. If he doesn’t, then, yeah, you know, sayonara. The source is Atlanta Daily, something in Atlanta, backed up by — yeah, see, the Huffing and Puffington Post or what is it — two or three places I’ve seen it now.

Here’s Scott in Middlesex, North Carolina. Great to have you, sir. Where did you hear about this Sharpton business? That’s what you’re calling about, it says.

CALLER: Yeah. Yes, Rush. It’s good to be on the show. I heard about that this morning. I was listening to the Glenn Beck show and heard that the Al Sharpton show was gonna be canceled. And, like you said, I believe he’s gonna get a weekend show, one day a week instead of the five he’s normally been on.

RUSH: It’s called the graveyard.

CALLER: Listen, my main question is, what I want to speak about is, when it comes to Al Sharpton, why has no one called him what he really is? He’s the most extreme racist in the country. But yet the left and the right, nobody wants to call him that.

RUSH: Well, no, that’s not entirely true. There are people on the right who have, certain media people. You won’t hear elected Republicans talking about him that way. But it’s not very many, and I get your point. There have been people who do. The answer to your question — and there is a good answer to the question, and it’s not just of Sharpton; the same answer would apply to the Reverend Jackson, or Sheila Jackson Lee or you pick. And the answer is, they have been such a put-upon, abused minority since the founding days of the country that it simply isn’t possible for them to exercise racism because they don’t have the power to actually implement the racist beliefs and ideas that they have. They’re such an aggrieved minority that this is their own answer. This is what leftists have said. Jesse Jackson, every word out of his mouth is racist. No, no. They can’t be racist; they don’t have any power. Which, of course, is bogus to say they don’t have any power.

CALLER: Well, that’s for sure, because, you know, you look at the access that Mr. Sharpton has with the White House. Actually, that’s just unbelievable that someone like that has the access to the president.

RUSH: No, it’s not unbelievable at all. It is totally believable if you know who Obama is. Why would a radical not welcome another radical to the Oval Office? It’s not unbelievable at all. What’s unbelievable is who’s in the Oval Office. What’s unbelievable is who’s extending the invitation. It’s not unbelievable that Sharpton would go there. What would be unbelievable is if we had a Republican president wanting Sharpton up there all day, every day, to give advice. That would be unbelievable. Obama calling Reverend Al and Holder up there for advice on what to do about, say, Ferguson, makes all the sense in the world from their perspective.


RUSH: All right, now, on the Sharpton business. The reason for the confusion is that there’s confusion. The Truth Revolt got the whole thing started and they got it wrong. Here’s the bottom line: Sharpton probably is going to lose the daily gig and move to weekends. Joy Reid also gonna lose whatever it is she does there. Now, the Daily Beast (which is a left-wing, commie publication also on the Internet) has have a headline: “After MSNBC Axes [Frank Sinatra III] and Joy Reid’s show, Is Chris Hayes Next?”

They are speculating that this… (Be real careful here, El Rushbo. Be real careful.) The person who hosts the eight p.m. show might also be on the way out of town, and if that is the case, the person who’s on there at eight would be replaced with Rachel Maddow. How can you tell the difference? (Slap my face. I didn’t say that.) It’s a legitimate question.

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