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RUSH: Gonna start in Long Beach, California. Hi, Cynthia. Glad to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s a pleasure. I’ve been listening for decades. I was thinking about the plan for Congress to cave, and I was considering whether or not they’re doing this to keep from having to do anything. I mean this in terms of just the ability within the court. If the case coming out of Texas moves on — and of course it will — to the appeal, if Congress passes a clean bill funding the DHS, then the court would probably need to stand by in what is sometimes called a zone one, Eric Holder’s brought it up before, wherein the people’s house and the president are speaking in a single voice. And so the court would really have to remove the first question, which is whether or not the states have standing, which would be no, and that would be part of bicameralism. And it just seems to me like this prevents the Republicans really from having to take a stand either way. “Oh, well, the court’s spoken,” that the states simply don’t have standing.

RUSH: I’m not sure I fully understand your point. The last thing you said is true. The Republicans, it appears, are indeed seeking refuge behind this court ruling.

CALLER: If I could give you an analogy. The tie goes to the runner. In a situation where Congress has passed a clean bill and the president is acting to fund DHS as well in order to fund what his executive action or, you know —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — (unintelligible) the tie goes to the president. If Congress has passed it and the president has passed it when the court sees it, it would become, really, a separation of powers situation —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. The president doesn’t pass anything. But the judge’s ruling was not on any of this. The judge’s ruling had nothing to do with the merits of the case. The judge’s ruling had to do with the fact that Obama had unilaterally acted here without engaging in a required public comment period where people could register their objection. This judge’s ruling has nothing to do with whether Obama has the authority to do this or not. Anyway, I don’t mean to be rude. I need to explain more to you because your thinking otherwise is good strategically, but I’ve gotta take a break ’cause I’m out of time.


RUSH: This is one of those days where I’m a just overwhelmed with things and I feel like I’m doing you a disservice. I’m not spending enough time on any one thing to fully explain it in my effort to get to so many things. I want to go back to our caller, because I didn’t mean to sound rude to her. Her point was right on the money, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the Texas judge. Her point is worthy of mentioning and repeating.

There’s a reason why Dingy Harry and the Democrats are pressuring the Republicans for a clean bill out of the Congress that funds the Department of Homeland Security, including Obama’s illegal executive amnesty. The judge in Texas who has stayed Obama’s implementation of his illegal executive amnesty, which, by the way, Obama is continuing, he’s doing everything but granting the amnesty. He’s granting the work permits. We’re up to nine million work permits. That’s quasi-amnesty right there.

He’s granting all these work permits, Social Security numbers. I think we’re up to nine million illegal immigrants, before he has acted on the executive amnesty. Well, it’s one and the same, if you ask me. So he’s continuing to act and behave as though he knows this is eventually gonna fall his way anyway. But why wouldn’t he? The only opposition we have has announced that they are not going to stop him. And he can see what they’re doing in the Senate, they’re caving and they’re leaving it totally up to the House to stop him.

If you were Obama and you had these grand designs on transforming or changing the country because you don’t like the way it’s treated people, in your opinion, and you’ve got two years left and you know that nobody’s gonna stop you, and you know that your race gives you a blanket amnesty yourself, why wouldn’t you do what he’s doing? Well, by that I mean his race limits over half the criticism any other president would get, if not more. So he’s insulated by a lot of things. Why would he not do this? This is what makes, you know, you and me out here watching this from afar, we can’t understand, what happened to the opposition? There isn’t any. There isn’t an opposition party.

Not only that, the opposition party has announced that they’re not an opposition party. Human nature, everything else makes perfect sense, Obama’s doing what he’s doing. Why would he stop? That’s why I was able to accurately predict these two years, you have no idea, you don’t have the slightest idea what’s in store, and this is just the beginning. Net neutrality and getting control of the Internet, that’s another big step, but this is also just the beginning.

Now, the reason they want a clean bill is because this case that has been stayed, because of the judge’s order in Texas, is eventually gonna get to other courts. It may get all the way to the SCOTUS, but it certainly is gonna get to one of the courts of appeal. If the normal route were followed, it would get to the Fifth Circuit court of appeal which is in New Orleans and is, for all intents and purposes, said to be a conservative court. So the Regime will try to get it moved to some other circuit, if they can. Why wouldn’t they? They can do whatever they want. Nobody’s gonna stop ’em.

The law doesn’t matter. The Constitution really doesn’t matter here. And if you don’t respect it and revere it and self-discipline yourself to follow it, and if nobody else is gonna make you, that’s where we are. But the clean bill, when we get to appeals of this judge’s ruling, and those appeals will eventually get to the substance of it, a future court sees that Congress authorized the full funding of the Department of Homeland Security, it would be a snap to overturn this judge and any other court that upholds him because the will of Congress. And that’s what courts look at, the will of the people as expressed by votes in Congress.

If both houses of Congress authorize the full funding of Department of Homeland Security, this case is over. There’s no court down the road that is going to continue to hold for the judge who ordered the stay. But if the Congress refuses to give the clean bill, and if a clean bill doesn’t therefore come out of Congress, then the will of Congress cannot be said to be full funding of Homeland Security. That’s why it’s crucial that Boehner hang on. That and a number of other reasons.

That was the point the caller was making, and she’s dead-on right about that. But in the Texas ruling, that judge didn’t rule on any of this. She’s right in explaining why Dingy Harry and the Democrats are so adamant about getting a clean bill. I think the number now, Obama has issued 7.4 million work permits. That’s since 2009. There are nine million that have been legally allowed by law since 2009. Obama has issued 7.4 million of them, if I understand that right. And that’s akin to granting amnesty. When you tell the illegal, “Okay, here’s your legal work order,” it’s a semantic argument.

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