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RUSH: The Netanyahu speech at AIPAC today, which set up his speech at 11 o’clock tomorrow morning Eastern time before a joint session of Congress. If you believe the Democrats on this, there’s nobody gonna be there. Everybody’s outraged. “Nobody wants to see Netanyahu! He’s coming here, and he’s just stiffing President Obama.

“He’s disrespecting President Obama! President Obama didn’t invite him, and he’s coming anyway, and he’s giving an in-your-face to the president.” In fact, it’s the toughest ticket for a joint address to Congress ever. This speech by Netanyahu is in more demand than any such speech in recent American history. And yet the media is trying to tell you nobody cares, nobody’s gonna go, because it’s a slap in the face at President Obama.


RUSH: Washington Times: “Obama Threatened to Shoot Down Israeli Warplanes — President Obama threatened last year to use the US military to shoot down Israeli fighter jets if they attempted to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities, according to Middle Eastern news outlets Sunday — reports the administration denounced later that day as flatly untrue.

“Mr. ObamaÂ’s threat reportedly deterred Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from dispatching warplanes into Iran after Israel discovered that the US had entered into secret talks with Tehran and that the two countries had signed an agreement, according to Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida.”

It’s important to note that this original story came from a Kuwaiti newspaper, not an Israeli outfit, and it should also be pointed out that everybody involved here is denying this. Israeli spokespeople are denying it. Of course the Regime here is denying it. Nobody is giving the story any credence. The problem is with this — and here again, I’ve gotta turn my memory up to full speed, but I remember this. It seemed last year, a year ago — if I trusted it, I’d do a Google search on this. But this is not the first I’ve heard of a threat to shoot down Israeli warplanes if they tried — now, I may have read in a novel, but I know I’ve heard of this. And it seems to me it was not in a novel.

It seems to me that this was either a fear the Israelis had or an undisclosed yet nevertheless made threat to Israel should they try this. But this was not the first time I’d heard of this when this story broke over the weekend on the Drudge Report.


RUSH: Benjamin Netanyahu is in town. He appeared before AIPAC today in a prelude to his appearance before a joint session of Congress tomorrow. There has been all this talk about the Democrats boycotting. It’s a slap in the face of President Obama, that President Obama did not participate in the invitation, and that this is a snub, how dare Netanyahu make this joint appearance before Congress and a speech when Obama doesn’t want him to.

It’s clear the reason why they don’t want Netanyahu speaking. He’s going to illustrate that Obama has got a deal with Iran for nuclear weapons down the road, that it is not a good deal. In fact, we learned last week — and John Kerry’s running around very braggadocios about this — that we have a deal with Iran. Get this. That they are limited in finally producing nuclear weapons for ten years, and then after that, they can do it. That’s it in a nutshell. For 10 years they can’t, but after that they can.

The predicate for it is as I’ve said: This administration is populated with people who do not think we have the right to tell any other nation what they can and can’t do. If the Iranians are running around saying they need nuclear weaponry to protect themselves, then our administrations says, “Well, who we to tell ’em what steps they can’t take to defend themselves? We have a nuke. Why can’t they? Who are we to tell them?” And that’s what they believe. There are no good guys and bad guys. And to the extent that there are good guys and bad guys, we are and have been the bad guys. I am not saying that just to get noticed or to be outrageous. I’m saying that because that’s what these people believe.

So, anyway, Netanyahu shows up, and he was very conciliatory today, and grateful, and appreciative, thankful for his country’s relationship with the United States. It’s hard to imagine boycotting somebody like Netanyahu, who speaks so warmly and passionately of his love for America. He’s a prime minister who never uses hyperbole to explain the existential threats that his country faces in the Middle East. He’s a prime minister who values and respects the relationship that Israel has earned with America. He really does. He’s a prime minister who speaks graciously of President Obama.

Some of you might cynically say, “Well, he’s got no choice. He has to. We have the purse strings.” There’s undeniable truth in that. But he wouldn’t have to speak as graciously as he did. I mean, anybody listening to Netanyahu who was not aware of Obama’s hostility toward him would be shocked to later learn of Obama’s anger. And that may have been calculated brilliance on the part of Netanyahu.

But really, what’s to dislike? Who wouldn’t want to stop the number one exporter of terrorism in the world, Iran? Who wouldn’t want to prevent a nation from getting a nuclear weapon when this nation, Iran, has not talked about defensive postures at all. Iran’s been very open. They want to wipe Israel off the earth. And that’s part and parcel of their belief in the 12th imam, the apocalypse. They believe nuclear weaponry is part of that prophecy. They’ve been open about their intention for it. How could you dislike somebody who wants to stop that?

What reasonable person would not want to prevent Iran from ever obtaining nuclear weapons? But Obama and the Democrats, ever since this speech was announced, Boehner extended the invitation, Netanyahu accepted it, and Obama and his buddies have been trying to essentially poison the jury pool, like they did in Ferguson.

Oh, speaking of which, the Department of Justice did announce that they’re gonna stick it to Ferguson today. They’re gonna do something to Ferguson. Not the cop, but Eric Holder and the DOJ are gonna do something to Ferguson. It’s on the top of my head. I’ll get to it here in just a second.

But he tried to poison the jury pool before Netanyahu’s speech, just like they tried to do that in Ferguson with the grand jury, they tried to poison that grand jury pool there too. And just like they did with Trayvon Martin in Florida, just like they did in New York with Eric Garner. I find it despicable what this Regime is trying to do with Netanyahu. But it makes sense, I know who they are. They don’t like Netanyahu. This administration’s foreign policy apparatus: Israel is the problem, just like in the rest of the world the United States is and has been.

The fact is, Obama is a footnote in history if the media hasn’t continually lied for him. Bill Clinton once said, back when he was having drinks with some guy, that he thought Obama should be serving him. (interruption) He was having drinks with Ted Kennedy, that’s right. It was during the 2008 presidential campaign. He was in South Carolina with Ted Kennedy, and he said to Ted Kennedy (doing Clinton impression), “You know, Ted, it wasn’t that long ago this guy Obama would be serving us our coffee, you know that, Ted?” And he said Obama’s a fairytale, none of this is real.

You look at how Obama has treated and does treat Netanyahu, you would think that Netanyahu was a white policeman from Ferguson, Missouri. I mean, that’s the conclusion that you would come to. Or that he was one of the cops that choked Eric Garner, or he was one of the jurors in the Trayvon Martin case.

So let’s go to the audio sound bites. This is Netanyahu this morning at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference. We have three bites, and then a bonus. We’re gonna let you hear Samantha Power. She’s from the Regime. She is their United Nations ambassador. She is the wife of Cass Sunstein, who is the legal wizard, who concluded that the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties because it doesn’t permit government to do enough. That’s just who she is. Here’s a the first of three from Netanyahu.

NETANYAHU: And I also bring to you news that you may not have heard. See, I’ll be speaking in Congress tomorrow. You know, never has so much been written about a speech that hasn’t been given.

RUSH: By the way, we edited the applause. It was robust and prolonged, and we edited it simply because of the time. Wanted to compress it as much as we could. Here is the next bite.

NETANYAHU: Let me clarify what is not the purpose of that speech. My speech is not intended to show any disrespect to President Obama or the esteemed office that he holds. I have great respect for both. (applause)

RUSH: Which he does, and the reason he’s saying that is because the powers that be in the Drive-By Media have already characterized his speech to be anti-Obama; he’s gonna show Obama up; he’s gonna try to humiliate Obama; try to embarrass Obama, and that’s why he’s saying, “Never has so much been written about a speech that hasn’t been given.” But they’re poisoning the jury pool on this. This is exactly what they’re doing. They’re trying to gin up hatred for Netanyahu before he even speaks.

And what they’re really trying to do is convince people, you know, you don’t even need to watch this speech, ’cause here’s what he’s gonna say. That’s what the media is doing. They’re trying to drive down the audience. They’re trying to keep people from watching it by telling them what he’s gonna do. He’s gonna really be disrespectful to our dear president. He’s going to be disrespectful to the United States. That’s what they’re trying to set up. And then in the final bite, he got down to it.

NETANYAHU: As prime minister of Israel, I have a moral obligation to speak up in the face of these dangers while there’s still time to avert them. For 2,000 years, my people, the Jewish people, were stateless, defenseless, voiceless. We were utterly powerless against our enemies, who swore to destroy us. We suffered relentless persecution and horrific attacks. We could never speak in our own behalf, and we could not defend ourselves. Well, no more. No more. The days when the Jewish people are passive in the face of threats to annihilate us, those days are over.

RUSH: Right. And there was thunderous applause for that. Dianne Feinstein was on one of the Sunday shows yesterday and she made a point to say (imitating Feinstein), “Hey, look, this guy, Netanyahu, he doesn’t speak for all the Jews. So don’t think this guy’s speaking for all of us.” What is there to oppose in this? You have a state that is the leading exporter of terrorism which has sworn to obliterate Israel off the map. That’s why they want a nuclear weapon. Netanyahu’s responsibility, defend and protect the people of his country, doesn’t want them to have a nuclear weapon. They have announced their intention. They’re not one of the good guys. And we have people that disagree. More senselessness in a senseless world.

Now Samantha Power. She is the US ambassador, United Nations. She has a constant frown on her face. But it’s actually not a frown. She looks like she is in constant, if this makes sense, joyful pain. And I came to this conclusion watching her in the audience at one of the State of the Union shows. Obama’s going on and on about the latest liberal utopian idea, and she’s in the audience on the verge of tears, so happy, face squinting, oh, my God, oh, so wonderful, oh, ah, oh, my God. It’s sort of like a suppressed orgasm, oh, my God. And she’s constantly in that state, her facial expression. I call it joyful pain, because liberals are always in pain. They’re always troubled. They’re always bothered. They’re always miserable and unhappy at something. So that’s who she is. She’s also the wife of Cass Sunstein who I just explained, and we have to two sound bites here, if I can handle both of them.

POWER: A few of you may have heard the prime minister of Israel is in town. Rumor has it that he may be giving a couple speeches. You may also have heard lately of tension in the relationship between the United States and Israel. Let me today separate out a few different issues. Politics, policy, and what the United States does each and every day to combat anti-Semitism around the world and to fight attacks against Israel at the United Nations. (applause) We believe firmly that Israel’s security and the US-Israel partnership transcends politics, and it always will.

RUSH: Okay, so she starts out by joking about Netanyahu’s upcoming speech, kind of making fun of the controversy. This is what she had to say about Iran.

POWER: The United States of America will not allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon, period.

RUSH: Well, now, no, that’s not —

POWER: We believe diplomacy is the preferred route —


POWER: — to secure our preferred aim, but if diplomacy should fail, we know the stakes of a nuclear armed Iran as well as every everyone here. We will not let it happen.

RUSH: That’s not — no. Honestly, that’s not right. That’s not what John Kerry’s been bragging about. John Kerry’s been bragging that they’ll not get one for 10 years, but after that, if they’re there, they can develop it. Kerry’s bragging we held ’em off for ten years. Kerry’s out there bragging we put pressure on ’em, this is smart power, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They’re not gonna do it for ten years.

And of course we believe them. I mean, everybody knows they’re gonna let Iran have nuclear — Kerry’s out there saying so. He’s also standing by his statement that the world is safer than ever.


RUSH: So Samantha Power says US-Israeli relations “transcend politics.” You just heard her say it. So why are the Democrats boycotting Netanyahu’s speech. Hmm? Why are the Democrats not gonna show up, if our relationship transcends politics? The AP had a story on February 25th: “Obama Aide Calls Netanyahu Visit to Address Congress ‘Destructive’ to US-Israel Relationship.” Why, I thought our relationship transcended politics.

These people are just full of smoke.

Here’s Kerry — who served in Vietnam, by the way. John Forbes Kerry, the haughty secretary of state, wanted the job ’cause he speaks French and likes going to Switzerland. He was on This Week Sunday with Martha Raddatz. “You said this week to Congress that weÂ’re living in a period of less daily threat to Americans, with fewer violent deaths than any time in the last century. Can you understand why the American people just arenÂ’t feeling that?”

KERRY: (haughtily) I still stand by what I said, which is — in large terms, compared to the last century — there are in fact fewer people dying of the means that you look (unintelligible) by state war, violence, health, et cetera. But that’s not what’s important! What’s important right now is what Jim Clapper said. There is an uptick in the level of terrorism and specific incidents of people being killed, and that threat is very, very real.

RUSH: Okay, so, “Yeah, we’re safer than we’ve ever been, but there’s more terrorism and we’re in danger.” You figure it out. “Yeah, I stand by what I said. It’s safer than ever out there. But then Clapper had a great point, too. This uptick in terrorism? It’s pretty bad out there.” That’s our secretary of state. So Martha Raddatz of ABC This Week said, “Okay, well, does Benjamin Netanyahu’s action,” coming here to give a speech, “actually help Iran?”

KERRY: Our hope is diplomacy can work —


KERRY: — and I believe, given our success on the interim agreement, I believe we deserve the benefit of the doubt to find out whether or not we can get a similarly good agreement with respect to the future.

RUSH: All right. Would somebody…? This is where my patience is gone, and incredulity has taken over. Folks, I don’t understand. Would somebody tell me, give me an example, where diplomacy in the Middle East has resolved anything? Other than some temporary skirmish and we get a 10-day ceasefire that isn’t really. The fundamental arguments have not changed; we’ve done nothing but diplomacy. I don’t see it ever working.

But again, you have to understand, one of the objectives of the diplomat is to never really solve a problem. Then you don’t need the diplomat. The purpose of diplomacy is to be able to continue to “manage the problem,” and military action tends to end the problem, one way or the other. You either win or you lose. We can’t have that! So the ongoing diplomacy that’s supposed to get all the gold stars and so forth? It never does accomplish anything at the root level, not for any length of time.

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