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RUSH: Let’s see what I have. Oh, this is fascinating, somewhat fascinating. This is Friday night on The Five, on the Fox News Channel, Kimberly Guilfoyle speaking with cohost Juan Williams about Jeb Bush’s ambassador at CPAC, and Kimberly Guilfoyle said, “Juan, what did you think of Jeb’s performance there today? What stood out to you?”

WILLIAMS: What was interesting to me is, before Jeb Bush gets on stage there’s, you know, Rush Limbaugh yesterday was saying, oh, basically Obama and Jeb could share — share the same worldview, right, America’s imperfect and needs to be fixed.

RUSH: They do listen, see? (laughing) I did say that. And I said it about Jeb and Hillary, too. That’s, by the way, all over the place now. That must have been, what, a month ago that I made that statement? No. You remember it, it was a month ago that I suggested — maybe even longer that then. I said I examined the top three issues — immigration, Obamacare, and something else. And Jeb and Hillary — yeah, it was over a month ago. Jeb and Hillary agree on all three of these things, and I said the ideal ticket would be Jeb and Hillary and they could figure out who’s on top, of the ticket, of the ticket, of the ticket, of the ticket. And that’s all over the place now.

So I added Obama to it last week in talking about worldview. And when it comes to America is imperfect and needs to be fixed and perfected and immigration and all that, Jeb Bush and Obama, they are close in certain areas.

Now, the review of what went on at CPAC over the weekend, you know, everybody’s got their two cents on this, and I just think it’s way too early to start making any judgments based on polling data. What’s really important right now is who’s raising money, sad to say. The race right now, that factor is as big as anything else, because that’s staying power, and that allows you time to stay, if you make mistakes to fix it, to dwarf opponents.

But the Republican field, just on paper, is really good. There are plenty of good options here. I’m just not sure how Jeb was ultimately perceived at CPAC because he bussed in so many supporters to counterbalance what they knew was gonna be a predisposition to oppose him at CPAC. (interruption) I know, the liberal media loves Jeb Bush. A lot of them do. Why wouldn’t they? I mean, why wouldn’t they?

Now, Matthew Dowd is a former Republican strategist, has roots going back to the Reagan years, I’m told, but he’s done a 180, and he fled the coop long ago, and he’s now joined the left wing of the media. He was on This Week, their roundtable on Sunday. Matthew Dowd, oh, it says they’re still calling him a Republican strategist? Maybe he still is, but he’s just a leftist now. I don’t know. Also, Jonathan Karl and Cokie Roberts, and they had this little chitchat back and forth.

DOWD: What would happen if a candidate showed up that had liberalized abortion laws, that had the largest tax increase in history, that had given weapons to Iran, that had tripled the national debt, that had given amnesty to three million immigrants —

KARL: Stop talking about Ronald Reagan. (laughter)

DOWD: What would happen if Ronald Reagan, with that record, had shown up at this conference? He would have been booed.

ROBERTS: Absolutely. But this is a different Republican Party.

RUSH: Okay, so Dowd’s point was that CPAC is so far gone, that conservatism’s so radical that Reagan would have been booed if he were alive and showed up at CPAC this year. Largest tax increase in history, weapons to Iran, triple the national debt — well, I don’t have time to go through all three of those things, but he’s wrong on his interpretation of all three. Here’s Jonathan Karl, one more bite again from Good Morning America today and his review of CPAC.

KARL: No surprise that Rand Paul won that. He’s won now three years in a row. His father, Ron Paul, won two of the previous three years. But, George, what’s significant there is Scott Walker has really broken through. You see a very close second. The governor of Wisconsin quickly becoming a favorite of conservatives. And Jeb Bush in fifth place in single digits, another reminder that he’s going to have a very hard time convincing conservatives in the Republican Party to vote for him.

RUSH: And I gotta take a break, folks, and must do it right now.

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