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RUSH: All right, so the White House response to this is evidence of the petulant nature of President Obama. I mean, Israel is our lone ally in the Middle East. You might want to throw Jordan in there. You might want, in certain limited fashion, to include the Saudis in there, but that’s a stretch. But Israel clearly is and has been a US ally, and today the Barack Obama administration is treating Benjamin Netanyahu as though he is just your average Republican who made a speech that the White House feels was an attempt to show them up.

Reaction from the White House was: The Netanyahu speech was “all rhetoric and no action.” All rhetoric and no action. Just a bunch of gum flapping. Nothing serious here. I think that… The fact that that statement was released by an unnamed administration official (no doubt with the concurrence of Obama) is all the evidence you need of how small and petulant and egocentric the president is. I mentioned earlier that Benjamin Netanyahu is everything Obama is not. I should have added, “Obama knows it.”

In those rare moments where he is able to admit such things. Many egomaniacs and narcissists seldom even have that opening occur where they acknowledge that anybody is better, more equipped, or what have you. But in Benjamin Netanyahu, do you know what we saw today? Let me put in perspective what just happened here today. Benjamin Netanyahu gave a worldwide speech in which he pointedly refused to be intimidated by Barack Obama.

This isn’t a single Republican in the leadership of the House or Senate that would do that. Gotta give kudos to the Boehner for hanging tough on the invite, however, let’s be… By the way, kudos to Boehner. You know what Boehner’s gift to Netanyahu was? A bust of Winston Churchill. Do you realize what a double whammy that is, comparing a foreign prime minister to Winston Churchill, after giving a speech that was more powerful and pro-America than our own president could give?

But let’s not forget the other part of the double whammy. You gotta give Boehner credit for this. Remember one of the first things Obama did after being inaugurated? There was a bust of Winston Churchill in the Oval Office. It had been given to George W. Bush by the British. Obama returned it. He wanted no part of it. Today, Boehner gives a Churchill bust to Benjamin Netanyahu.


RUSH: So the White House reaction is that Netanyahu is “all rhetoric and no action.” You’re kidding me, right? What’s the White House doing? The White House is trying to stop Israel from acting! Israel is promising to act if this deal doesn’t do the deal. And that’s what Obama doesn’t want. Can I predict you what Obama’s reaction to this gonna be? What do you think? Let me just take a little straw poll here among the stafferoo. What do you think Obama’s gonna do in reaction to this?

It’s very simple. It’s very simple.

I just want to check and see how many of my brilliant staff are on the same wavelength as am I. Mr. Snerdley? (interruption) Okay. So Snerdley thinks we’re on a campaign of hate against Netanyahu to discredit him at every turn. Yeah, that’ll happen, but that’s not what I think. He’s not gonna continue the deal. He’s gonna fast track the deal now. What will happen… When Obama thinks he’s been embarrassed, when Obama thinks he’s been shown up, doubles down on revenge. (Obama impression)

“Oh, you don’t like this deal? Oh, you think I don’t know what I’m doing? Oh, you think that you can come to my country and tell me how it’s gonna be? Well, watch this!” Bammo, fast track the deal and make it even worse than it is. He bets, ladies and gentlemen, that that is not what will happen. Because I, El Rushbo, think that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. And then after that, the first press conference Obama calls will be to pick his brackets in the March Madness, in order to illustrate how little he thinks of what happened today.

Obama’s next public appearance will have to do with the NCAA tournament, or some such thing as that. Or maybe Obama will just ratify the deal via executive order. Have you heard that Obama is now toying with the idea of raising taxes via executive action? What do you mean? It’s not unbelievable at all. What do you mean unbelievable? Raise taxes! The Democrats are out there saying, “You know what? That makes perfect sense!

“Why didn’t we think of that earlier? Raise taxes! We’ve got to solve this income inequality divide. Just raise taxes by virtue of executive action.” I mean, what’s anybody gonna do? (Obama impression) “The Republicans have telegraphed they’re gonna stop me. Why not do it?” Anyway, that’s what I think Obama will do, he’ll double down on it and he’ll speed it up and he will. He’ll agree to things that make Netanyahu even angrier, and everybody else. Because you don’t show up and do this. You do not embarrass Barack Obama.

You do not do this and get away with it, you do get to come over here in my Congress, at my podium, with my microphone and make my speech and show me up! You don’t get to try to come over here and humiliate me. (That’s how Obama is going to view this.) I tell you, watching it, it was powerful, and it was everything Obama is not. I actually think that this speech exposed the weaknesses and the ideology of the Obama administration and its approach to all of this. Pete Wehner had a piece at Commentary magazine recently.

It might have been today. I think it was today, in fact. Yeah, this morning. He says, “I have spoken to members of Congress who have dealt with Mr. Obama and remarked to me that he gets most petulant and prickly when heÂ’s challenged and bested in debate. It infuriates him, which is what you would expect from a president who is notorious for his facile arguments and intellectual dishonesty.”

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