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RUSH: Well, Obama’s now addressed the Netanyahu speech, said there was nothing new there, nothing new in the Netanyahu speech, and there weren’t any viable alternatives. And we need to wait until there’s actually a deal on the table that Iran’s agreed to before we start making comments on it, so forth. And of course we know what’s in the deal because John Kerry has told us.

We know what’s in the deal because John Kerry has told us, and one of the things Netanyahu was trying to do was put the brakes on it by publicizing it, because it’s absurd. John Kerry has told us what the Iranian deal is. The Iranian deal is they agree to not finalize the production of a weapon for 10 years. We make it possible that they can get there. We do not stand in their way. And then in ten years they can fulfill the desire to get a nuclear weapon. Kerry has said so.

Our policy is going to be rooted in the acknowledgement that if they want one, they can have one. We’re not the ones to tell ’em they can’t. What we’re gonna do is use persuasion on them, and we are gonna persuade them not to use the nuclear weapon that we have permitted them to build. Remember, 75% of the centrifuges that Iran needs to complete the project have been built during the Obama administration, on the Obama watch with Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, secretary of state.

By the way, I should point out, Obama looks really mad. I know this guy. I know you people don’t think I do. You think I don’t, but I know this guy. He’s holding back. He’s having trouble holding back, too. He wants to launch. He wants to launch, but he knows he’s got to hold back. In private, whoever this poor secretary that he talks to next, or Josh Earnest, he’s gonna unload if he hasn’t already. He is going to unload on Netanyahu, probably already has. For this exercise he’s got to appear collegial and professorial, you know, the way they are in the faculty lounge. He has to appear reasonable, while explaining that Netanyahu has no idea what he’s talking about.

The question I have is this: Why is giving Iran the nuclear bomb so important to Obama? You realize that’s what we’re talking about here. The former position of this country, until Obama was elected, was Iran does not get the nuke. That was the official position, be it stated at the United Nations, be it stated by presidents at State of the Union, doesn’t matter. The official position of the US was never Iran gets the nuclear weapon.

Now, why does giving Iran the bomb mean so much to Obama? That’s my question. And why has the official position of the United States changed on that? Why does the official position of the US now seem ambiguous? It used to be obvious. The position the United States had was unalterable and it was rock solid. We were firmly opposed to the Iranians getting a nuclear weapon. Now we’re not. It’s just that simple. Why is Obama so concerned with giving Iran the nuclear bomb?

What is it that makes Obama think they are warranted in having one? What is it that makes Obama think it’s okay for them to have one? What is it that makes Obama think we’ve got no business stopping them, really? Now, on this nuke deal, something else that John Kerry has made clear about it is, Iran can get out of this deal at any time. And Obama claims that’ll still give us a one-year lead time to stop them. So we’ve got a deal on the table, Kerry has told us what it is, that’s why we know what it is, and Obama’s running around, “I don’t know what Netanyahu’s doing. He shouldn’t be talking about this ’til there’s a deal on the table. There isn’t a deal on the table.”

Well, Kerry’s told us what it is. In addition to paving the way for Iran to get a nuke in ten years, and then in ten years they can do it but we’re gonna try to stop ’em from using it. That’s gonna be our official — folks, don’t laugh at that. I know it sounds ridiculous. That’s the policy. The policy is to not stand in their way of getting a bomb, other than to force it to take 10 years. But after ten years goes by, they can get the bomb. And our policy is going to be trying to persuade them never to use it.

We’re gonna treat them as adults. “Okay, you want a nuclear bomb? Fine, here’s your nuclear bomb.” A 16 year old, “Okay, you want your Corvette? Here’s your Corvette, but please don’t drive it until you’re 21.” That’s not the best analogy I can come up with, but it’s off the top of my head. Then we find out that Iran can get out of the deal any time they want. In other words, there’s no point in having one. Even if they sign it they can get out of it any time they want. Obama’s answer to that is, well, even if they get out, it will still give us a year lead time to be able to stop them.

Now, Obama’s angry, I understand his anger. There has just been a profound contrast in leadership on display in Washington. Benjamin Netanyahu has illustrated what Barack Obama is not. And it is what it is. Obama’s understandably piqued. He’s mad about it. He’s ticked off. He views it as insolence, disrespectful and so forth. So he’s gonna double down on this deal, but he’s out there saying Netanyahu didn’t say anything we haven’t heard. There’s no alternative, no viable alternative proposed here. This is no big deal.


RUSH: Here is Dave in Gurnee, Illinois. Dave, I’m glad you waited. I really appreciate that. How are you doing, sir?

CALLER: Good Rush. You know, these certainly are troubling times, especially for us that pay attention and us that remember the duck-and-cover days.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I mean, very troubling. But there are pinnacle moments when the Democrat Party is revealed and unveiled. Today is one, but let’s remember, less than three years ago in 2012 at the Democrat Party convention, I know you mentioned it slightly last hour, where the introduction of God into platform and then also recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and how that got booed three times. And actually, it didn’t pass, but they allowed it to pass. But that was another time when we get to see what’s going on in that party.

RUSH: It’s exactly right. I mean, people may have forgotten that their convention was in Charlotte, North Carolina. Jerusalem got booed. God was booed for being included in the party platform. I think what people who don’t yet understand the modern left, you can call it the Democrat Party, liberals, or whatever, clearly they’ve taken over the Democrat Party. It’s now full pledged radical left. There are no moderate Democrats left.

The thing that — and I think I proved this, I mean, to myself. I satisfied myself this is true by watching House of Cards. It’s not the first observance. This just confirmed. I think really at the root of all of their anger, and everything is a derivative from this, or descended from this, is their abject hatred and fear of Christianity. And everything else, everything they oppose or fear descends from that singular fear and hatred that they have. I’m convinced of it now.


RUSH: David in Hartford, Connecticut, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. What a privilege to talk to you.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I just wanted to add to what you were saying — as you rightly said — that the left, they despise Judeo-Christian values, and they hate the laws of nature. Nature’s God. As your caller before pointed out, they booed God, as insane as that is, and they rejected Jerusalem also, too. And I really believe that President Obama — and this is my personal opinion. But I really believe that because of the way he was raised, he despises Israel, and he’s trying to force Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s hand, to see what they will do.

He’s putting them in the corner. We don’t know what that will take, but if it gets to the point where they fear for their existence, they will institute the proof of the Limbaugh Doctrine ’cause Israel has nuclear weapons. They will secure their border, and the world will have to think twice. It’s sad, but Israel will do it. As we all know, the Holocaust put that nation in that land and established it, unfortunately. But they will never, ever let that happen again while they have the power to prevent it, which they do. So I just want your thoughts about that, about the Limbaugh Doctrine.

RUSH: I’ll give you my thoughts on it. If you would, as a service to the audience, state, as you understand it, the Limbaugh Doctrine.

CALLER: You cannot achieve total victory without totally wiping out your enemy.

RUSH: That’s essentially it. The Limbaugh Doctrine is, “There is no peace unless one side’s militarily surrenders. There is no peace resulting from doctors, nurses, clean water, negotiations, speeches, or what have you.” The Limbaugh Doctrine states the winner is the military winner. The winner defeats the other side and the other side militarily surrenders. That’s the Limbaugh Doctrine. So you’re asking me if I think Obama is pushing Netanyahu to the Limbaugh Doctrine.

I think Netanyahu made it clear. They’re gonna go it alone if they have to. They can defend themselves now. They’ve made it clear. There are two primary points in the speech today, and that’s one of them. The second really big element of this was Netanyahu dramatically contrasting leadership with passivity, himself versus Obama. But the Limbaugh Doctrine? I think Netanyahu made it clear. They’re not gonna sit around and rely on negotiations of someone that has not got a vested interest in Israel’s security.

Like I asked you maybe a moment ago: Why does Obama seem so interested in Iran getting a weapon, folks? Seriously now. The official position of the United States up until Obama’s election was, Iran will never get a nuclear weapon. Now, that doesn’t mean that Bush had committed to military action to stop it. I’m talking about in a diplomatic sense, that was the official position. Now Obama’s in the White House and it seems like, to casual or astute observers, Obama’s very interested in these people getting a nuclear weapon.

John Kerry’s told us what the terms of the deal are, and they include that Iran does indeed get a weapon in ten years. James Rosen at Fox News (the dreaded and hated Fox News) has reported today that Iranians have acquired 75% of the needed centrifuges they must have during the Obama administration. There clearly has been a change in American policy. United States government, the State Department, is negotiating with Iran the terms of Iran getting a nuclear weapon. Of course Netanyahu’s gonna react to that. That’s a change.

The United States has never held the position that Iran should have and would be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. Now, look, folks, what you want about…? I’m sure many of you leftists in this audience are saying, “Well, who do we think we are? The United States says Iran doesn’t get a nuke? Well, it’s not our business!” I’m sure many of you think that. Think what you want of it, but I’m telling you: The official position of the United States government has been Iran will never get a nuclear weapon.

That’s now changed.

Obama’s in office, and we are devising a deal whereby they can get a nuclear weapon. Why does Obama so desperately want them to have one? (interruption) I’ll explain it to you. If you want me to answer it, I’ll answer it. Do you want me to answer it? (interruption) You really want me to answer this? I’m gonna restate the question, and if you really want the answer, I’ll give it to you. Why is it that, for the first time in American history, an American president is adopting a negotiating stance that guarantees the Iranians getting a nuclear weapon?

Why does Obama seem to interested in Iran getting one? Do you want to know the answer? “To counter the nuclear dominance of Israel in the region,” folks, is the answer to the question. Now, you may not like hearing it, and you may think that it’s offensive, and you may think it’s extreme, and you may think it’s properly characterizing Obama. But I’m telling you: That’s the answer. I don’t think Obama wants Iran to start nuking people. I think he doesn’t trust Israel as the only nuclear power in the region. I think he wants Israel, as a nuclear power, balanced — neutered, if you will.

I think from Obama’s standpoint, the whole point of Iran getting a nuclear weapon is Israel.

And make no mistake: This, Netanyahu knows.


RUSH: Make no mistake about it, make no mistake, the reason Iran getting a nuclear weapon is important to Obama is that will balance Israel as a nuclear power in the region. It’s all about fairness. It’s all about equality. It’s all about justice. And it’s really unfair that the Islamists don’t have one. So there you go.


RUSH: Here’s Obama. We have a couple of sound bites, maybe three, at the White House during meeting with his Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, and they let reporters come in there for the gaggle, and here’s some of what Obama had to say about Netanyahu’s speech.

OBAMA: I did not have a chance to watch Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech. I was on a video conference with our European partners with respect to Ukraine. I did have a chance to take a look at the transcript. And, as far as I can tell, there was nothing new. On the core issue, which is how do we prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, which would make it far more dangerous and would give it scope for even greater action in the region, the prime minister didn’t offer any viable alternatives.

RUSH: What the hell is that? The core issue, how do we prevent Iran from obtaining — no! We’ve got a plan that allows them to obtain it. See, he did see that speech, he knew what was said in that speech, and this was his timely response to it. So now he’s equating his position with Netanyahu’s, which is prevention. And it’s not.

Folks, don’t doubt me. The American position on nuclear Iran is they get one, we are going to try to persuade them not to use it, but we think they’re entitled to it because we don’t have the right to tell ’em “no.” You may think that sounds crazy, but I ask you to remember who we’re dealing with here. The next bite is sort of the president saying, “Hey, don’t talk about the deal before there is one, dude.”

OBAMA: Let’s wait until there’s actually a deal on the table that Iran has agreed to, at which point everybody can evaluate it, we don’t have to speculate, and what I can guarantee is that if it’s a deal I’ve signed off on, I will be able to prove that it is the best way for us to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

RUSH: And that’s how it works. Trust me, if I, Barack Hussein O, if I approve the deal, you can rely on the fact that it’s the best way to keep them from getting one. Just like when I told you, remember, if you like your doctor, you keep your doctor. And remember when I told you if you like your policy, you can keep your policy. And remember when I told you that your premiums are gonna come down $2,500. And you remember when I told you that your taxes weren’t gonna go up because of health care. And you remember when I…

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