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RUSH: Here’s another question for you. Why is there a Democrat reaction to the Netanyahu speech? Why is there a specific Democrat reaction to the speech? I mean, it’s a rhetorical question. You know the answer. I’m just trying to make a point by pointing it out. There is a specific Democrat Party reaction to the Netanyahu speech, and that is because they are threatened by it. That is because they consider Netanyahu to be in the opposition. He’s no different than your average Republican in that he seeks to undermine President Obama, in their view.

So now the media is dutifully sending their cameras to wherever the Democrats happen to go so that the Democrats in Congress can react. And it just highlights one of the primary succinct, brilliant points I made yesterday. We had a caller who said, “How come, Rush, no matter what we do, they always have an answer for it? No matter what we do, they’ve always got a way to nuke it and blow it up.”

And I said that’s because their whole life is ideological commitment to liberalism. And the Republican Party has no ideology today. Conservatism is absent in the Republican Party. So there is no ideological opposition. The left has total ownership of the ideology in politics today, and that ideology is liberalism. The Republicans don’t present an ideology that is an opposition. They just try to stop, as best they can, which is not very well, the Democrats now and then. The idea that we’ve got a Democrat response to Netanyahu? He-he-he-he. Anybody that knows how to watch this stuff, that in itself is quite telling.

Do you remember this, September 15th of 2014 from the Associated Press: “Kerry: US Open to Talk With Iran on Islamic State.” You might have wondered, what is Netanyahu talking about here? When has the US ever joined forces with Iran against ISIS? Well, I’m reminding you. September 15th, 2014, six months ago, seven months ago, John Kerry said America is open to discussions with Iran on the Islamic State.

And then from two days later, by the way, the headline from Reuters: “Iran Supreme Leader Spurns US Overture to Fight Islamic State.” So what happened was, last September John Kerry who, by the way, served in Vietnam, approached Iran and said (imitating Kerry), “Hey, how about a little joint discussion here? How about we join forces on defeating ISIS? We’re willing to talk to you about that.” Kerry making the harebrained assumption that Iran could become our ally in the fight against ISIS. And Iran said, “Ha, are you kidding?” And they spurned Kerry’s offer.

Then the State-Run TV, Iranian Press TV, said, “Anti-ISIL Coalition Mere Joke, Says Iranian President,” Hassan Rouhani. So Kerry got slapped last September. He treats Iran like, “Hey, hey, you want to be our buddy here, trying to stop ISIS,” and Iran said, “No, no, we’re not your friend, we’re not your buddy, and your coalition to stop ISIS is a joke.” That’s why Netanyahu made the comment about just because Iran might be an enemy of ISIL doesn’t make Iran our friend. Iran and ISIS want the same thing. They’re just in dispute over who will run the caliphate once they make it happen.


RUSH: Well, predictably, the Democrats are blowing a gasket. The Democrats are blowing a gasket over this speech. The major networks did not broadcast the speech. It was only on the three cable networks: PMSNBC, CNN, and Fox News. Pelosi was said to be distressed during the speech, her facial expressions, her tepid applause, that she bolted from the House chamber right after the speech in tears practically and was just devastated over Netanyahu’s insult to the intelligence of the United States of America. Other Democrats called Netanyahu a baby and told him to go home.

None of this is surprising. It’s very typical. I remember during the eighties, you know, when Reagan would speak this way of the Soviet Union, the Democrats had a cow back then. Any time anybody spoke in the Soviet Union in truthful terms, the Democrats got scared to death, acted scared to death, anyway, and they accused whoever said things of the Soviet Union of being unnecessarily provocative, you’re gonna make them mad, oh, my God, this is gonna make things worse, you’re just gonna incite retaliatory action, oh, my God. And when Reagan told the joke about calling ’em the Evil Empire and the bombing starts in five minutes, they about had a cow.

And apparently they are having much the same kind of reaction, only worse this time around. They came out of that chamber and they bolted. Now, for the audience that watched it, they were seen applauding it. But then when it was over the Democrats headed in mass exodus to the nearest cameras and microphones and just began to unload. They even started comparing Netanyahu to Cheney. Darth Vader, a baby, a warmonger. And of course the reason they invoked Cheney is because their deranged and lunatic base has been persuaded to hate Dick Cheney.

Dick Cheney is the focus of evil in the modern world, according to the madcap leftist Democrat Party base. So if they can convince those people that Netanyahu was just Cheney, essentially, making a speech, then they can gin up the same kind of hatred for Netanyahu. And it wasn’t that long ago — folks, it really wasn’t that long ago, the nineties, when the best friend Israel had was the Democrat Party. Remember, for those of you who were alive and old enough, paying attention, the lengths to which Bill Clinton went to try to get a peace deal with Netanyahu?

But the point is, the Democrat owned its support of Israel. The Democrat Party was presumed to support Jewish people in Israel just as though they support the African-American population. The Republican Party was nowhere near the state of Israel. It was suspect, all this anti-Semitism, those allegations abounded back in the eighties and nineties, was all aimed at Republicans. And now look at the difference, look at the change. The Democrat Party now hates Netanyahu, they despise Israel, they blame Israel for the problems in the Middle East. And literally, it was just 20 years ago that the Democrat Party was seen as the biggest ally in the world for Israel.

I remember going to fundraisers — this is back when I still did this kind of stuff before I learned — and I remember Democrat politician after Democrat politician after Democrat politician telling me that the number one issue as far as he was concerned was Israel, and you better support it. Not me personally, but his donors, people better know that he supported Israel. It was un-ambivalent. They made no bones of the fact, Israel was it. In terms of foreign policy, you had to be supportive of Israel, you had to be or you were not going to be held in good favor.

Now it’s the exact opposite. And, of course, understand, Netanyahu’s conservative. Netanyahu to them is no different than Dick Cheney or any other conservative, not to mention which Netanyahu handed Obama’s hat to him today. That’s what really has — everybody knows what happened today. Everybody knows who looked leadership, worldly, everybody knows who looked fearless. It was Netanyahu.

Netanyahu made Obama look as ineffective and weak as he is, and that just can’t be allowed to stand. And so Obama’s gonna double down now. Mark my words.

The way this kind of stuff, this insolence, this show of disrespect for the Dear Leader, the way this kind of stuff is dealt with is massive doubling down of exactly what it is that’ll make Netanyahu mad. Mark my words.


RUSH: I just want to reiterate here that Netanyahu was so effective today that the Democrat Party is now on the warpath to destroy him. And part and parcel of that will be Obama doubling down on his Iranian nuke policy. He’ll be doubling down on the aspects of it that everybody, most everybody, does not like.

RUSH: Okay, let’s now go to the audio sound bites and the Democrat Party response. It’s like a Republican president gave a State of the Union speech and the Democrats get their equal time here. They ran to the microphones. It’s incredible. By the way, I think we got a call coming up that’s gonna remind us of this but, you know, Netanyahu quoted Moses. Moses is in the chamber. There’s a carving of Moses on the wall of the House chamber and Netanyahu had the gall to actually quote Moses.

This is the Democrat Party that left God out of their convention in 2012. Don’t forget that. This is the party that booed God. So anyway, here is John Lewis, who was beat upside the head at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma. He’s an accredited member of the civil rights movement, big congressman from Georgia who’s been there for decades now, and he was one of the Democrats that ran to the cameras and microphones after the Netanyahu speech.

LEWIS: I take a backseat to no one in my commitment and support of Israel and the American Jewish community. However, this nation is currently involved in sensitive ongoing negotiation with Iran. Election in Israel just about two weeks away on March 17th. The Speaker of the House of Representatives would allow the floor of this chamber to be used to undercut the negotiation of the president of the United States is partisan, and it’s not right. It is my hope that today’s partisan political low will never, ever be repeated again on the House floor.

RUSH: Oh, I feel so bad for Congressman Lewis. He had to sit there and witness the lowest partisan political low that there’s ever been on the House floor, and he hopes it’s never repeated. He had to sit there and watch his dear president’s Iran deal undermined.

Let’s not forget something. Many of you, you may not know this. The Obama administration has its own campaign experts on the ground in Israel right now, and for the past week or two, attempting to defeat Netanyahu. Obama campaign operatives are helping to run the campaign of Netanyahu’s opponent in Israel. Talk about a partisan political low. Here is Jim McDermott, Baghdad Jim McDermott, after Netanyahu’s speech.

MCDERMOTT: He was trying to make people afraid and somehow saying that the president wasn’t doing his job.

RUSH: Yeah?

MCDERMOTT: This was a very sad display of political activity being brought into the House of Representatives to demean what the president has been doing under great stress for the last year’s — six, eight months directly, but even before that. How do you get things on a safe position with Iran? The president deserves our support and didn’t need this today. John Boehner ought to be ashamed of himself for having brought it on him.

RUSH: Okay. This is just evidence here of how effective Netanyahu’s speech was, that both John Lewis and Baghdad — why do we call him Baghdad Jim? Baghdad Jim McDermott practically went to Baghdad to act as a human shield so that George W. Bush couldn’t institute military action there. Baghdad Jim McDermott sided with our enemies from Nicaragua to the Soviet Union to Iraq. For Jim McDermott to talk about a sad display of political activity brought to the House of Representatives to demean the president? You ever heard of the Boland Amendment, Congressman? Here is Earl Blumenauer, Democrat from Oregon.

BLUMENAUER: I’ve been in Congress 19 years, back to when he first came. I’ve listened to his alarmist predictions. I listened to him cheerlead for the United States’ greatest single blunder in our history, the Iraq war, that cost trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives and the extent to which he’s accurate, that somehow Iran controls now four countries, there’s some question about that.

RUSH: Some question? You can’t automatically refute the claim that Iran controls four countries? There’s some question of that? And finally, John Yarmouth. This is the Democrat that drew the analogy of Netanyahu to Darth Vader.

YARMOUTH: This speech was straight out of the Dick Cheney playbook. This was fearmongering at its ultimate. Phrases like essentially saying nuclear war is inevitable if this deal were to be — a deal were to be accepted, phrases like this would pave the way to Iran having a nuclear bomb, these are things that, I think, are again, part of what Dick Cheney would have done and did.

RUSH: Do you realize how intellectually vacant that is? This guy has nothing to say, he has no intellectual opposition, no intellectual substance to his disagreement here, so all he can do is invoke the name of Dick Cheney, which is a dog whistle to the insane, lunatic Democrat Party base. That’s all it was.

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