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RUSH: Yeah, yeah, that’s… (laughing) So let me… (laughing) Look, it’s not fair to laugh when you don’t know what I’m laughing about, so let me clue you in here. During the break, I found a website that features a lot of the new apps that are gonna run on the Apple Watch. It’s a simulator, in a sense. The apps are actually installed on facsimiles of the Apple Watch, and you can tap or click on the graphics and make them work.

So whatever the app is gonna do on the Apple Watch, it demos itself in this website. I think it’s WatchAware.com. I’ll find out in just a second. I don’t have that here. I should have had that in front and center so I could give it to you, but I’ll find it in just a second. Anyway, it’s a good little prepub website. It’s not related to Apple. It’s just an Apple blog that’s decided to get a bunch of developers to submit their apps, and they’ve simulated them as they will run on the watch on this website.

WatchAware.com. I think there’s some 27 apps… (interruption) What is it? Say it again? (interruption) WatchAware.com. Is that what it is now? (interruption) Watch… (interruption) Is somebody saying yes or no to me? (interruption) Yeah, WatchAware.com. I think they’ve installed 27 apps on these icons of the actual watch itself, and you can simulate how the apps will run. Anyway, I sent the website out to the staff today as a public service, and they’ve all been responding.

There’s an app that duplicates the sound of a human being expelling gas. This is a — this is an app that farts while you’re walking around. So Brian wrote back and said, “Oh, my kid, I’m getting that app for my little boy. He will love that app.” Dawn sends me a note back, says, “I can’t wait for the maps app.” So I said, “Wait a minute. What — you’re looking forward to an app on a screen that’s barely 1-1/2 inches, as opposed to a maps app on your phone that’s either 4.7 or five inches?”

She said, “Well, yeah, because I can walk around and it could talk to me and tell me where I’m going when I don’t know how to get there.” Yeah, so, okay, the watch is gonna talk to you and tell you when to turn left and when to turn right, and that’s what you’re looking forward. Yes, just on your wrist. You won’t have to take your phone out of your pocket, is that the thing? (interruption) I don’t know. It’s a Mars-Venus thing.

The maps apps on the iPhone are to die for, they’re excellent, and here’s somebody telling me they can’t wait for one on a one-inch screen, and it just made me curious. What’s the attraction? The attraction is the watch is going to talk to her and tell her when to make the turns, and that’s good for me to know.


RUSH: Okay. I’m sorry for the confusion on the website address for this Apple Watch site. It’s called WatchAware, one word, the word “Watch” then A-w-a-r-e, WatchAware.com/watch-apps. If you just go to WatchwAare.com, you’ll see what I’m talking about. If you have any interest in this watch and wonder what it’s gonna do, you can see how some apps are gonna appear on it. That’s the purpose of the site.

Now, one thing to know — and I’m not a big watch aficionado. I’ve got plenty of watches. I like ’em, but I’m not bursting at the seams over this thing, so don’t think that I am compromised here in my comments on this thing. The thing you have to understand about the Apple Watch at first is, the apps will not run independently on the watch. They will actually run on the iPhone and be handed off to the watch using the continuity or handoff technology that Apple introduced in iOS 8 and OS X 10 Yosemite.

Only later, maybe late this year, will watches feature apps that run by themselves independently on the watch. This is being done primarily to save battery life, which is gonna be the biggest challenge that they’ve got with this. It’s a small thing, it’s got small battery in there, and you don’t want to have to take it off in the middle of the day and not be able to use it ’cause you gotta charge it.

So they hope to get a full day’s use, and one of the ways is to make sure the apps are not actually using any of the watch’s processing power. That’ll all happen on the phone to begin with. But if you want to see how these apps look and how they operate, a bunch of developers have sent their apps to this website so they can simulate it all and you can see how it looks, and it’s WatchAware.com.

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