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RUSH: I just had another theory presented to me in an e-mail, and this is the last one, and then we’re gonna move on to Eric Holder and the DOJ and Ferguson. How about this. How about Hillary Clinton sets up this private clintonemail.com domain because she has no idea what she’s doing as secretary of state. Now, stop for a minute and think of something. What, after all, were her qualifications for this job? Hillary Clinton had been first lady. She had been a Senator from the state of New York.

She had botched the first attempt at nationalizing health care. She ran the bimbo eruptions operation for her husband. What in the world qualified Hillary Clinton to be secretary of state? The answer’s nothing. She literally hadn’t done anything that had paved the way or had even taught her how to do secretary of state. So what if the private e-mail account was set up so that she could receive advice and, say, suggestions, and help from Bill on various episodes of foreign policy.

Look at how horribly that Russian reset thing went. She had that fake reset button, she’s over there with Putin, and that even got botched up. It was embarrassing. And then the Benghazi situation. Obama wanted her in the administration under the theory keep your friends close and your enemies closer. So Obama wanted her in there. It’s better to be able to have her work for him than to be outside the tent making all kinds of noise, particularly if she wanted to run for president herself, as everybody knows that she did. So he comes up with something very enticing for her, secretary of state. She gets to travel the world, but she doesn’t have the slightest idea what she’s doing.

She has no qualifications. She has no experience. She doesn’t know diddly-squat about it. So she’s got this private e-mail address set up. And, by the way, this is a very charitable explanation. She sets up this private e-mail address so that her husband and whoever else she can communicate with away from any prying eyes, particularly — I mean, why, if you’re secretary of state and you don’t know what you’re doing and you need help, you need advice, you need suggestions, you need guidance, you don’t want that ever being released. You don’t want that as part of the national record. You don’t want those e-mails archived so that someday they can be released. I mean, that wouldn’t help anybody. It wouldn’t help the country, it wouldn’t help Hillary, it wouldn’t help anything.

It could be she was scared to death not knowing what the hell to do other than, you know, be a good liberal at every opportunity. But stop and think: What really had qualified her for that gig? We just assumed, okay, smartest woman in the world, they tell us, secretary of state, brilliant, brilliant call. That’s right, put Hillary in there, have her negotiate with all these different countries around the world. Diplomat? Hillary Clinton? Right. It all makes sense. It didn’t. But she was there. ‘Cause Obama was actually gonna be running foreign policy anyway. Just like Obama’s always gonna be running Justice. Obama’s gonna be running everything so he puts Hillary over there, it’s his policy ultimately that’s gonna rule the day, but still she’s gonna need tips, advice, help, assistance.

This is a charitable view, and it’s just another theory out there to explain maybe why she set this up. If she wanted to do this just to be able to communicate privately with her husband and her daughter, it makes perfect sense. But when she brings official State Department documents to that server, that is a big problem. She had this thing set up for whatever reasons, and whatever reason we come up with, charitable or anything else, the bottom line is she did not ever want some of these e-mails released. That is the primary reason to do something like this. You have total control over the content, and when it’s deleted, when you delete it, it actually is gone.

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