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RUSH: Netflix. Giant See, I Told You So. Netflix has flip-flopped on net neutrality. Netflix is now saying, “Hey, wait a minute now, we never really wanted to support this notion that we’re gonna be regulated by Title II, i.e., 1934 rules.” See, I know what Netflix was doing, and I told you people at the outset, Netflix was simply campaigning to its customer base trying to get its customer base on its side by claiming it was for the kind of net neutrality that the customers thought was on the table, and it never has been and never was.

And now it’s obvious, Netflix never really believed the FCC would go this far. Remember, nobody saw the rules before they were voted on, 302 pages, and now Netflix is getting an idea what’s in there and they’re backtracking, saying they never thought that it would go this far. Somebody else at Netflix, “No, no, no, no, it’s not true, we still are in firm, full support.”

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