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RUSH: Here’s Jeff in Colorado Springs, as we go to the phones. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Dittos from frigid Colorado, wishing for some global warming here. I remember several times in the past you said, watch the Clintons, they go underground when an issue pops up because they don’t know what to lie about. So I’m just curious when someone’s gonna grab a hold, probably a media person, and say, “Look how brilliant she was? I mean, we can’t keep any of our government e-mails secure. We have the NSA, Eric Snowden’s threats against our infrastructure, banks, and look how brilliant she was, just on that alone, securing her own e-mails. She ought to be president. That’s how secure and savvy she is.”

RUSH: That is an interesting theory. I remember the strategy that the Clintons used to employ. When something like this happened they would go to ground and they would wait, they would figure out what to lie about and what the lie was gonna be. They would go to ground with their war room people, who are now on ABC, by the way, interviewing them. That would be Stephanopoulos. How about that? One of Hillary’s former leading strategist, George Stephanopoulos, is now doing the news on ABC, Good Morning America.

So the theory the caller has is pretty good, that at some point Hillary will pop up and say, “Hey, look, I had to take these drastic steps because we don’t know what’s secure these days and what isn’t. Look at Snowden. Snowden was able to get into the NSA servers and hack ’em and release all these government secrets, and I was doing this to make sure that everything I was engaged in remained secure and private. And rather than you people complaining about me breaking the law, you should be praising me for coming up with my own initiative and my own ways to keep everything I was doing at our State Department secret and private and secure.”

I could see that. I literally could see that as a future Clinton defense. But I still think something else is going on here, because in the old days when the Clintons would go underground and wait for the right moment to break out the explanatory lie, the media was not aiming for ’em. The media was breathlessly waiting to support whatever lie they came up with. No, there’s something else going on.

Let me present to you another theory. As you know, the progressive wing of the Democrat Party, which is perhaps the entire party now, really, really, really, really, really, really wants Elizabeth Warren to run. I mean, they can taste it. They want Elizabeth Warren to run. They want her to be the next president. They don’t buy into this silly notion that Hillary Clinton is owed anything. But there’s a problem. Elizabeth Warren has said numerous times she will not run as long as Hillary is in the race, that she is going to extend sisterly respect. She said she is not going to provide the country with the b-i-itch battle. She’s not gonna give ’em the show. She’s not gonna give ’em the show of Hillary versus Elizabeth. As long as Hillary’s in there and as long as Hillary wants it, Elizabeth Warren will bide her time and wait.

But the left really wants Elizabeth Warren. They want her much more than they want Hillary. So what if all of this is actually the media and the progressive wing of the Democrat just doing what you would normally expect them to do. They want Elizabeth Warren, she says, “I am not going if Hillary’s in the race.” So everybody says, “Okay, we’ll take Hillary out for you.” And all they’re doing here, or what they’re doing is paving the way for Elizabeth Warren to get in by taking Hillary out. And they’re gonna keep piling on Hillary. We’ll know if there’s some credence to this theory if they keep this up, if this drumbeat continues. If whatever excuse Mrs. Clinton offers is refuted and not accepted, we will know. It won’t be very long, by the way.

How long will the media stay with this? How much more intense will it get? How much energy will they really add to what they’ve already expended in embarrassing or nailing Hillary? If this doesn’t run its course pretty soon, then we might want to conclude that the media and the Democrats, one and the same, are trying to clear the decks of Hillary so that Elizabeth Warren can get in without having to embarrass Hillary that way.


RUSH: Dave, you’re next in Warrenville, Illinois. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, pleasure to talk to you.

RUSH: I appreciate it. Thank you for calling.

CALLER: The point I want to make here is Hillary violated the law. Benghazi, there was no law violation. The Clinton Foundation issue, no law violation there, really, that they could pin on. This was a clear violation of the law and I think that’s why the left is using this to allow Elizabeth Warren a path to the presidency.

RUSH: So you think Elizabeth Warren is a factor here?

CALLER: I would — I would —

RUSH: But when has the left cared about people on their side of the aisle breaking the law?

CALLER: But they like Elizabeth Warren.

RUSH: Well, okay, if you throw that in as part of the equation.

CALLER: That’s correct.

RUSH: Okay. So you’re buying into that theory. The theory, again, is, Elizabeth Warren is who they really want, and she said she’s not running if Hillary is. She is not gonna give ’em that battle. She’s not gonna do girl on girl for ’em. She’s not gonna do it. She’s gonna defer to Hillary so they’ve taken it upon themselves to take Hillary out because they really want Elizabeth Warren because she is judged to be a more trustworthy and radical leftist who does not have the baggage that Hillary has that they have to carry the water for.

That could be a factor here. They know that Hillary’s got all this baggage, and they know that her husband comes along and he’s got his own baggage, such as special friend of a playboy pedophile jet setting all over the world. The Democrats and the media may just be concluding that they’re tired of having to carry all that water. They’re tired of having all that added pressure of keeping the Clintons viable, and Elizabeth Warren is comparatively clean. The only problem she’s got is this fake Indian business, and they can easily cover that up. Well, that we know of.

We also know she’s a hypocrite. I mean, she’s a wealthy woman, and she’s done it in the private sector, in the real estate markets and so forth, but they’ll sweep that under the rug. They won’t find that hypocritical. But maybe he’s right, maybe there’s something here, that this is a clear violation of law they don’t even want to have to try to defend.

Look, folks, it won’t be long, it won’t take much more time before we figure out what is going on here. This is either gonna run its course and she will survive it, which is the normal pattern for the Clintons. They survive everything. Nothing ever sticks to ’em. That’s been the pattern. So it’s either gonna happen again here after a big hubbub, or it’s gonna keep up, the drumbeat is gonna continue and continue, and it’s gonna get more relentless, and more and more people are gonna pile on.

And they’re gonna find more and more things to be concerned about and worried about, and the ultimate objective, to show Hillary she can’t win. (interruption) Well, look, okay, so you think the blue dress made Clinton’s situation a little sticky. I ask you, where is he today? He’s a rock star. He’s at the top of the food chain of the Democrat Party. Don’t tell me the blue dress stickified his situation any. When they get caught, they’ve always survived it, is the point. Who paid the price for that? Monica Lewinsky paid the price for that. Paula Jones paid the price for all that, Kathleen Willey, all the women.

Clinton is in fat city. He’s on a jumbo jet flying around with a playboy pedophile. And if not with a playboy pedophile, he’s with some other billionaire flying all over the world ostensibly doing charitable works, but there are always women around. The Clintons get away with it. That’s the experience guided by intelligence, or vice-versa. They always get away with it. They always survive it. Nothing ever hurts them. That’s what’s so remarkable here. I don’t mean to be beating a dead horse, but the last time that there was this kind of unity in the Drive-By Media negatively pounding a Clinton, that’s what somewhat may be altogether unique here.


RUSH: Bill in I-70 in Missouri, that’s somewhere between Kansas City and St. Louis. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Yes. Rush, hey, my wife heard you about 10 minutes ago, and she yelled at the radio, because, Rush, this is the first issue that the Democrats can hang squarely around Hillary Clinton’s neck that won’t drag anybody else in the party down. It’s a good way to get rid of her now, because nobody else is in the crosshairs.

RUSH: That’s an interesting thought. So what your wife is saying, during previous Clinton scandals, if the Clintons suffered, the party would go down with them?


RUSH: Or somebody else in the party?

CALLER: I mean, right now this is her server, it’s her e-mail. Everything is her. There’s even a way for Bill to say, “I don’t know anything about it.” This is clearly Hillary’s and nobody else.

RUSH: That’s exactly right. (crosstalk) He can’t hear me ’cause of our phone. We need SquareTrade to make our phone system work here. You can’t hear me. Not your fault out there, Bill. It’s a great point. We haven’t even heard Bill. We haven’t heard of Bill being involved in clintonemail.com. Just Hillary. That is an interesting point, that the reason they can go after her on this one is it is only her that could be harmed and damaged. Not the party, and not anybody else. I’m glad you got through on that, Bill. I hadn’t thought of that.


RUSH: Okay. I just checked. Bill Clinton does have — it makes sense — a clintonemail.com account, so he does use it. But that is a good point, that this is an opportunity to isolate Hillary and not take any other Democrat out with her in the process. MoveOn.org, by the way, is urging action to get her taken out.


RUSH: Joyce, Phoenix, you’re next, EIB Network, El Rushbo. Hello. Great to have you here.



CALLER: How you doing?

RUSH: I’m fine. Well, actually, I could be better, but I’m all right.

CALLER: Me, too. Well, I got in earlier, called up during the Hillary hour, I guess it would have been. My biggest thing, the Democrats with that, is you just can’t defend premeditation.

RUSH: What are we talking about here, Hillary?

CALLER: Yeah, but I think you’ve changed the subject a few times. What would you like to talk about?

RUSH: No, no. Whatever you want. I’m just trying to understand what you’re referring to.

CALLER: Well, you were asking earlier why the Dems were basically backing off of Hillary, because there’s no way to — considering all the other past junk the Clintons have done, there’s no way that even the people at MSNBC can defend premeditation. I mean, based on everything I’ve read, she did all this stuff right up front, nobody stopped here, nobody did anything, and she did it with full knowledge of what she was doing. How are they gonna defend that?

RUSH: Well, they defend other forms of Clinton premeditation.

CALLER: I think this one is a little over the line. It’s not like the billing records they found two years later.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: This she specifically set up a way to hide or keep her e-mails away from everyone and she did it with premeditation.

RUSH: Oh, okay. I think I get it. Like this isn’t a Vince Foster rumor. This she really did.

CALLER: Yes. Her fingerprints are all over it. There’s no getting away from it.

RUSH: Right. So there’s no defending it, in your mind.

CALLER: There’s no defending it. You can’t blame it on a staffer.

RUSH: She did it. There’s no defending it. It’s a violation of the law, and it’s a losing proposition to try to defend Mrs. Clinton ’cause she violated the law on purpose and knowingly with premeditation and we’re not sticking our necks out for you anymore. That’s your theory. It may work. I like all these different ideas and theories, ’cause one of them is gonna end up being right.

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