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RUSH: Okay. So last week Valerie Jarrett said that she’d never heard from Hillary She said that Hillary didn’t send her e-mails, and Obama had never gotten any e-mails from Hillary. Josh Earnest went out and said, “Oh, no, no, no, no! The president doesn’t recall. He didn’t he didn’t he didn’t know that Hillary was using a private e-mail server until he read about it in the media just like the rest of you.”

But now it turns out that the press secretary, Josh Earnest, admits that Hillary Clinton and Obama did indeed exchange e-mails while she was in the Regime. Josh Earnest said, “The president — I think as many people expected — did, over the course of his first several years in office, trade e-mails with his secretary of state. But the number wasn’t large.” That’s kind of like, “Yeah, I smoked, but I didn’t inhale.” It was never believable that Obama didn’t know that Hillary was using a private server.

In fact, I’m gonna offer you a little analogy. You know who else was using a private server for e-mails? General David Petraeus. And you know what was happening in those private e-mails? He was conducting a relationship with his paramour, with his mistress, Paula Broadwell. The way they did it, is they had a common Gmail e-mail account, and they used the drafts folder to communicate with each other. They didn’t ever send each other any actual e-mails.

Whenever they wanted to communicate, they would just compose a draft of an e-mail, not send it, and put it in the drafts folder. And then they would each log into the Gmail account and read whatever was in the drafts folder, and they would each find the latest note from one to the other. None of them had ever been sent. They did this to keep it on the down low. But here’s the thing. The Regime knew. The Regime knew, and they held it. They didn’t tell Petraeus that they knew.

They didn’t tell anybody. But Obama knew. They knew. So then Benghazi happened. And they wanted Petraeus to say X, Y, and Z about Benghazi, which was to parrot the Regime line. Petraeus, not aware that they knew about his little Gmail draft folder technique, refused. The Regime responded accordingly by leaking the fact that Petraeus was having an affair. This was because Petraeus would not toe the line on whatever the Regime wanted. They probably wanted him to go out and blame the video.

I don’t remember what it was. Well, here we have Mrs. Clinton, and she’s got this private server, and here’s Obama saying, “Ah, I didn’t know about that ’til same time you found out about it! He didn’t know about that ’til I saw it in the news,” except they knew. And Earnest has now admitted it, “But, aaah, he didn’t know very much! I mean, there weren’t a whole lot of e-mails.” But they knew. This is the most spied on country by a president ever. Barack Obama and his Regime are spying on Americans like no president ever has.

Richard Nixon? A piker.

George W. Bush? A piker.

Why, just today, ladies gentlemen, there was one of the latest document dumps from Edward Snowden, says that the CIA has been trying since 2005, which actually it would be 2007, to crack the hardware and firmware encryption that Apple uses to keep iPhones and iPads secure. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, is perhaps the most vocal in standing up for the private rights of Apple customers. He is not responding.

The Regime, the CIA, the FBI, everybody is hounding Apple for the decryption keys. Apple is not handing them over, and Snowden’s latest document dump says that the CIA has been doing this. It’s not just Snowden. There’s a conference that happens every now and again with reports on this kind of thing made to the intelligence community by the intelligence community, and latest report confirms what Snowden’s document dump says, that have been trying to crack Apple security, iPhones and iPads, and they can’t.

Apple will not give them the decryption keys. You can encrypt hardware and firmware, and the CIA supposely cannot crack Apple’s and local law enforcement can’t and FBI can’t, and they all claim they need to be able to to stop crime. Obama is right in there leading the charge, wanting to know what’s on Apple devices. He wants that security cracked like everybody else does. These little tech bloggers that I read… It’s been so much to read these guys about the watch, folks.

I can’t wait ’til we get to that. But that’s for later. They are just livid that Obama is participating and his administration’s participating in trying to crack Apple security. And they are saying things like, “This will not bode well for Obama. This one thing will not bode well for Obama in history.” I said, “Why can’t you little guys here see that Obama’s desire to crack the security of your iPad is not just contained to that? Why can’t you see who Obama really is?” He gets a pass on everything else.

But they don’t like him, and they don’t understand why he’s trying to violate their privacy. Do you not know what Obamacare is all about? Do they not know what everything Obama’s doing is all about? It’s about violating everybody’s privacy so they can end up controlling everybody. So, anyway, now we’ve got Hillary and her secret e-mail server and address, and the Regime’s saying, “We didn’t know about it,” but they did, and I’m just waiting for the possible Petraeus moment.

What do they know about Mrs. Clinton? If Obama has any desire to sabotage her, believe me, he’s got the goods. I’m sure of that they do, just like they had ’em on Petraeus. So here’s, anyway, the sound bite. This is Obama CBS Sunday Morning. Let’s see. This is Bill Plante interviewing Obama. The question: “When did you first learn that Hillary Clinton used an e-mail system outside the government’s for official business while she was secretary of state?”

OBAMA: The same time, uh, everybody else learned it through news reports.

PLANTE: You say that you have the most transparent administration ever. You said it again just a couple of weeks ago.

OBAMA: It’s true!

PLANTE: How does this square with that?

OBAMA: Well, I — I — I — The, uhhh… I — I — I think the fact that she’s gonna be putting ’em forward, uhh, will allow us to make sure that, uhhh, people have the information they need.

RUSH: This a crock. The idea that he didn’t find out about it. We put together a montage all the other things Obama didn’t find out about until they were in the news.

OBAMA, GRUBER, 11/17/14: Uhhh, I just heard about this…

OBAMA, IRS SCANDAL, 05/13/13: I first learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this.

OBAMA, FAST & FURIOUS, 10/14/11: I heard on the news about this.

OBAMA, SECRET SERVICE SCANDAL, 04/15/12: If it turns out some of the allegations that have been made in the press are confirmed…

OBAMA, IRS SCANDAL, 05/16/13: (outdoor/rain noise) I certainly did not know anything about the IG Report before the IG Report had been leaked through the press.

OBAMA, AIR FORCE ONE BUZZING MANHATTAN, 04/28/09: (camera clicks) It was something, uhh, we found out, uhh, about along with all of you.

OBAMA, VA SCANDAL, 05/21/2014: I will not stand for it, not as commander-in-chief! None of us should. It is dishonorable, it is disgraceful, and I will not tolerate it. Period.

OBAMA, HILLARY EMAIL SCANDAL, 03/09/15: The same time, uh, everybody else learned it through news reports.

RUSH: He was talking about Jon Gruber and saing the American people had to be stupid, Fast and Furious, IRS targeting Americans, Secret Service scandal, IRS targeting Americans, Air Force plane flying over Manhattan. All of those things Obama says, “I didn’t find out about it ’til I read the news, just like the rest of you!”


RUSH: Anyway, Josh Earnest admitted that Obama knew about the e-mails before he read it in the news. And we have more coming up on that.


RUSH: Here is Josh Earnest yesterday afternoon in Washington, White House press secretary, the daily press briefing, gets a question: “We heard from the president in his interview with CBS about this, and he said that he first became aware of it in his reports last week.” This is Mrs. Clinton’s private e-mail server. “So I’m wondering that implicit in that is that the president and Secretary Clinton never e-mailed one another when she was serving at the State Department?”

Because everybody’s saying, wait a minute, now, you get an e-mail from somebody, you notice the e-mail address, and particularly if you’ve had it drilled into you how you have to use government servers for security, and here comes an e-mail or two or three from Hillary, from Clinton e-mail.com, you go, “Wait a minute, what’s this?” And I’m just telling you, Obama knows, just like they knew of General Petraeus and his secret Gmail account, they knew.

Have you ever tried that draft folder trick? This is a great trick. If you’ve got something secret going on with somebody and you don’t want your inbox to be seen, e-mails back and forth with the person you’re conducting something secret, whatever it is, use the drafts folder and a Gmail account. Get a Gmail account and both of you have the ability to log into it and then with every e-mail you write just put it in the drafts folder, never send it.

And then each of you or however many of you involved in the conspiracy, log in to that account, check the drafts folder for the latest that’s there. You never send anything. You never receive anything. Your inbox never shows anything. Your outbox never shows anything. Nothing. You’re not sending anything.

So Petraeus and Paula Broadwell, that’s how they kept e-mails to each other from being sent. Well, I’m telling you, the Regime knew. They knew. For crying out loud, we’re talking about the NSA here. I mean, the Gmail drafts folder trick is not exactly new. But they knew. They knew that Petraeus had this all going on and they held it for when they needed it. And when Petraeus refused to follow the company line on Benghazi, that’s when everybody found out he was having an affair. And that’s when they found out that secrets, CIA secrets were going back and forth in that drafts folder.

Well, Petraeus, this woman was doing a biography on him and he was revealing some things. They thought it was secure because no e-mails were being sent. They thought only they had the password to get into the Gmail account, so who the hell else could know? Petraeus here ends up running the CIA. I mean, “it’s ironic” doesn’t describe it. But my point with all this is that the Regime knows what’s in Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. If they don’t know that, they know she was doing her e-mails in secret. And everybody in government would know why. Not specifically, but generically.

Anybody who knows the Clintons would know why. They don’t want anybody knowing what they’re doing because they are not up and up about most things. It’s not complicated. So Obama running around saying, “I had no idea. I didn’t learn about it ’til you did in the news” is BS. And finally, Josh Earnest had to give up the ghost, and he did this yesterday afternoon at the press briefing in response to the question, “Well, wait a minute, then, the president never, ever saw, thought anything odd about any of this?”

EARNEST: I would not describe the number of e-mails as large, but they did have the occasion to e-mail one another. And the point that the president was making is not that he didn’t know Secretary Clinton’s e-mail address; he did. But he was not aware of the details of how that e-mail address and that server had been set up.

RUSH: Oh, come on.

EARNEST: The president did e-mail with Secretary Clinton. I assume that he recognized the e-mail address that he was e-mailing back to.

RUSH: Wait a minute. You said he did know. And then you said you assume he recognized. He was not aware of the details of how that address and that server had been set up. Well, who is? If you were to get an e-mail from me at ElRushbo@eibnet.com, would you even wonder how it got set up? He wasn’t sure how it got set up.

What does that mean? He would know exactly why it was set up. He would know that Hillary is trying to keep her e-mails secret, and he would that know that his responding to somebody whose e-mail archive is not public, according to the law, he would know that. After all, it’s Barack Obama, smartest guy we’ve ever had as president, right? And she’s the smartest woman in American history. I mean, that’s their image, that the media has given us.

And here’s Josh Earnest, “Well, yeah, he knew, but it wasn’t very many e-mails,” went back and forth. Well, yeah, they had sex, but, you know, they used a condom, it really isn’t gonna lead to anything. Yeah, yeah, but he didn’t inhale. All of these qualifiers. They all knew what was going on here. Now they try to make Obama sound like an idiot in order to relate to people? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, well, he did, but he wasn’t aware of the details of how the address and the servers had been set up.

What does that have to do with anything? “The president did e-mail with Secretary Clinton. I assume that he recognized the e-mail address that he was e-mailing back to.” They act like there’s something to hide, and that’s because there is. Let’s just remember, Valerie Jarrett. So here’s Josh Earnest, “Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, Obama and Hillary, they e-mail back and forth,” and this is Valerie Jarrett last Friday.

JARRETT: I actually did not. No, I have not received e-mail from Secretary Clinton.

ERIK SCHATZKER: Did members of the administration receive e-mails from Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state?

JARRETT: That I don’t know. I do know that obviously the president has a very firm policy that e-mails should be kept on government systems.

RUSH: Right. So she was not telling the truth. These people just don’t tell the truth, and that’s because they’re all hiding things. Liberalism itself is a lie. They have to lie about what it is. They can’t be honest about it therefore they lie, Clinton lied, Obama does. I’m not worried about insulting them or showing them disrespect. It’s what they do. Yeah, 23 times you get to keep your doctor if you like him. Yeah, 23 times, you get to keep your policy if you like it, your plan. Oh, yeah, how many times were we told that our insurance premiums are gonna come down $2,500 bucks.

So they lie. They have to. Obamacare would have never gotten close to passing in the House and the Senate if its sponsors had been honest about what was going to happen. It just wouldn’t have. Practically any liberal program would never, ever see the light of day if they were honest about what was going to happen as a result. The fact that people continue to fall for it and vote for it is its own psychological challenge that’s above my pay grade.

I think it’s rooted in compassion and good intentions. But the fact that it never works and the fact that it makes things worse doesn’t seem to destroy people’s eternal hope that someday government, the Democrats, whatever, will get it right.


RUSH: So we’ll start with Russ in Calabash, North Carolina. I’m really glad you called. I’m glad you waited. I appreciate that, and hello, sir.

CALLER: Greetings, sir. My question was, General Petraeus was found guilty or pled guilty to a misdemeanor for mishandling of classified document. How many classified documents could possibly have been mishandled by Hillary Clinton?

RUSH: Well, we would assume quite a few. We would assume that Mrs. Clinton, as secretary of state, has access to quite a lot of classified material, and with her secret and private e-mail account, who knows what’s happening on that information. She’s e-mailing it back and forth, more than likely, as Petraeus did.

CALLER: The FBI should be investigating her like they did Petraeus.

RUSH: Well, remember, though, nobody was onto Petraeus until the Regime turned ’em on him. The Regime knew what Petraeus was doing, and they held it in reserve. When Petraeus refused to follow the corporate line on Benghazi is when the leak and all of the hell descended on Petraeus ’cause he’s had this mistress, who was the author of his biography. By definition, he had to reveal some things to her ’cause it’s his biography; she’s the official biographer.

So it’s not that law enforcement was on to Petraeus and finally found him. They were tipped. I get your point. I mean, Petraeus cut a deal to avoid a trial, and the reason that he did that is legacy, reputation. Look at the difference here. Petraeus ended up being a person of such high repute and stature because of the success of the surge in Iraq, that Obama kept him on. Obama wanted him in the Regime over at the Pentagon, at CIA, because Petraeus’ reputation was so impregnable that it was shared with Obama.

Having somebody like Petraeus in your administration gave you credibility that you otherwise didn’t have on your own. Now look. Petraeus cuts a deal and agrees to a misdemeanor of sorts, all to avoid a trial. The reason he wanted to avoid a trial, even if he would have ultimately won the trial, was all of this stuff would have come out, and bye-bye reputation. I don’t know if you’ve known people who are obsessed with their legacies and with their reputations.

But people who are, everything they do is about how they are going to be perceived, especially after they are dead and gone. Everything they do is designed to engineer the utmost respect and admiration, character, that you can imagine. Now, people like that are different than you and me. I mean, that kind of vanity, I’ve seen it in some people. It’s different. But to those people, it is everything. It’s all that matters. It shapes every decision they make, every decision. Personal, professional.

Every decision is made on the basis of what will happen, how will it help; could it possibly hurt my legacy, my reputation? And at one point Petraeus, David Petraeus was high on that pedestal as you can get. Now look. All it took was the Regime revealing that he had violated the law on sharing classified documents. I didn’t matter that it was with his biography, his official biographer. His reputation isn’t what it was, and I’m sure he’s going to be working as hard as he can to rebuild it.

Now, Mrs. Clinton, I think, also has… I think her husband, too. I think they both have the same kind of devotion to legacy and their place in history and how they will be written about and remembered. They know that the real history of anybody is written by people who are not even born. The real history is written by people who are not alive when you were out doing what you were doing, and that’s why all of this stuff in these people’s lives is ordered and arranged so that people not even born yet looking at the historical record will have to conclude that we’re looking at a great man here, or a great woman.

Now, my only point here is, it didn’t take much to totally destroy this for Petraeus. I don’t know that with everybody it is destroyed, but certainly it’s not where he wanted to be. Mrs. Clinton’s doing the exact same thing. Mrs. Clinton was who knows what kind of private, clandestine things were going on in her e-mails, and that’s why she did it was to be able to do this stuff privately, and I don’t doubt for a moment that the reason she did it was also because of all this money coming into this foundation.

It’s from where, from who, and what they were expecting for it. She couldn’t afford for that to come out. The Clinton Foundation exists precisely for the reason I gave you, the Clinton legacy, the Clinton Foundation, the Library and Massage Parlor, all of that is meant to erase the Lewinsky event from their biography. All of it is. That’s what they’re hell bend on down is erasing that whole sordid period in long-term history and collecting a lot of money. They’re obsessed with money.

Here’s Christopher in Timonium, Maryland. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Nice to speak with you. I think you may have been thinking along the same thing I was thinking while I was listening to you. I was wondering if perhaps Hillary’s use of a private e-mail account is not a single incident but maybe perhaps there are other people in the White House who also do it, other insiders who also used private e-mail for the purpose of being able to say, “I didn’t know. I had no idea. I didn’t have the details,” et cetera, you know? I was just wondering if perhaps this is a more common thing than we know, because obviously President Obama knew about it and wouldn’t be surprised if there were others. I mean, I don’t know for a fact. I was also wondering if perhaps it might even have something to do with the IRS scandal and their refusal to release those e-mails because maybe that would have indicated something like, in Hillary’s case, private e-mail. I don’t know.

RUSH: This is the thing. When there are secrets, and when there are secrets purposely kept by stratagems such as this, people’s imaginations run wild. Okay, ’cause the root here is, “Okay, she did this because she wanted whatever she was doing to remain private no matter what. It would not have to be released because it not part of the government server program. So it’s not subject to the records law, federal records law, she thought, or hoped, or at least a case could be made.”

There’s no doubt… Folks, this is where the obvious is in front of everybody’s face, and since it’s so obvious, people think that can’t be it. She was hiding things. She was doing things in e-mail precisely because she wanted to hide them. She didn’t want anybody to see them. That’s the reason to do, because she suspects. I think the Clintons have a little paranoia, too. I think the Clintons think that everybody’s out to get ’em, and just because you’re paranoid does not mean you are wrong.


RUSH: What do you mean, do I think that the Regime has been holding stuff on Senator Menendez? What do you think the odds are? Menendez is out there ripping the Regime on Iran and ripping the Regime on Cuba, and then he gets indicted? What are the odds they’re holding information on Menendez? I don’t have any doubt about it. Can’t prove it, of course.

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