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NYT Crops Bush Out of Selma Pic

RUSH: Speaking of Selma, did you see what the New York Times did? BS. Have they never heard of Photoshop? Get this. They cropped George and Laura Bush out of the picture of people crossing the bridge. Bush was on the far right, and they cropped him out, and they went to the New York Times, said, “Why did you do that?”

“Well, you know, Bush, he was overexposed. There was too much light on that part of the bridge.”

For crying out loud, I could fix that and I wouldn’t even need Photoshop to fix that. Just isolate that part of the picture and reduce the exposure. They cropped Bush out. They didn’t want Bush seen by their readers as part of the anniversary at Selma, and he was there. He was in the front row, but he was way off. He was on the right side. He was on everybody’s left as they were crossing the bridge.

But, I mean, what a hokey excuse. “We didn’t crop him. We made an editorial decision. His part of the photo was so overexposed that it didn’t look good. It would have distracted everybody’s attention away from other parts.” They cropped him out, and they can’t even admit it. Ah, the venerable New York Times.

ATF Pulls Back on AR-15 Bullet Ban — For Now

RUSH: Breaking news, ladies and gentlemen. Faced with strong opposition in both houses of Congress, the ATF has decided not to issue a ban on the AR-15 ammunition. The ban on AR-15 bullets has been withdrawn. The ATF’s decided not to issue a ban on the AR-15, because of opposition in both houses of Congress. Both houses of Congress, my foot. The opposition from all over this country is what led to that. By the way, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives put out a press release saying that they will not seek a ban on the AR-15 “at this time.” They received more than 80,000 comments on their proposal, the vast majority of which were negative. Now, “at this time” is what’s crucial. They will do it next time without any announcement — or if they do it when they make an announcement, it’ll be when other things are going on same time and their announcement will be dwarfed so that you don’t know about it.

The left never gives up, folks.

They’re gonna ban the AR-15 one way or the other, and if it takes doing it while you’re unaware, then so be it.

Mrs. Clinton Delays Presser Until After This Program

RUSH: So Hillary was supposed to make her Claire Underwood speech at the United Nations at 1:30, and it’s an audience of women. It’s a speech about women, to women, for women, by women, straight, gay, bi, trans, whatever. And then after that she was gonna do the e-mail press conference.

Now, keep in mind, the UN requires 24-hour notice to get credentialed for a press conference. So American reporters theoretically could not be there. Only the UN beat should be able to be there asking her questions. Now, the UN may make an adjustment on that. I don’t know. I really have no idea about that. But I do know that the requirement normally to get a credential for any press event at the UN is 24 hours advance so they can scope you out.

So Mrs. Clinton, she didn’t miss a beat here. She knows she’s gonna be at the UN making this speech to women. “You know what? I’ll go ahead, I’ll answer e-mail questions,” knowing full well that nobody not covering the UN already can’t get in there. And it’s gonna depend on how many of these beat reporters with the UN are up to speed on the e-mails in terms of the questions. I wonder if it’s too late for her to slip and have a concussion during this speech that she’s making here. Well, you know, anything can happen.

I’ve just been asked over the IFB by a staff member if it looks like she’s had a facelift. On Fox, yes, they’re using soft focus, they’re treating her politely. On CNN, no way, babe. It’s incredible. You got two entirely different — I mean, same camera, but Fox is using a soft focus like — well, I don’t want to mention names — aging female infobabes require. And CNN was bare bones, literally and figuratively. I mean, CNN, she looked 20 years older than she does on Fox. Go figure.

But, anyway, the point was this was all supposed to start at 1:30, and then the press conference regarding e-mails at two o’clock, and it looks like she moved back the UN speech to two o’clock, so the e-mail press conference will be at 2:30, if all of that plays out.

I knew Hillary wasn’t gonna do this e-mail press conference before this program ended. I just knew it. Now it’s gonna start right after we finish here, which is now.

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