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RUSH: Let’s listen to a couple of excerpts from Mrs. Clinton’s press conference — no, no, no, no, I just saw the call Snerdley put up there on line four. Let me take this. This is an interesting take, if I’m reading it right. We ready to go to the phones in there? Cool. Here’s Paul in Greensboro, Georgia. Paul, welcome to the program, sir. Great to have you.

CALLER: Rush, thank you very much for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, you know, I heard Hillary yesterday.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: She was very adamant about not turning over the server.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: I’m of the opinion that she’s actually baiting the Republicans to go after that server and then after six months or perhaps a year, they’ll get a hold of it, and, lo and behold, everything will be gone that could possibly have been damaging. And I think it’s a strategy on her part. One of the things I’ve learned about her is that she is shrewd. And I think she was very deliberate about the way she said she’s not turning it over. And I think ultimately she believes she will. But interestingly, about a year from now will be right in the middle of the election and you can imagine the papers coming across with a big headline that Hillary’s clean.

RUSH: Well, look, I do not blame you for thinking that in this mess that Republicans could end up being blamed, and I do not blame you for thinking in this mess that the Republicans are the target for more ridicule. But I don’t think that’s what’s going on here, because I don’t think the Republicans are behind this. I think the Republicans are gonna be hands off. I don’t think the Republicans are gonna go there because the Republicans don’t want to irritate the independents. And the Republicans think that criticizing any Democrat, first African-American president or a female secretary of state as War on Women, I think they’ll shut up and let this play out. They’ve got their own presidential campaign revving up now, focusing on that.

The real … “impetus” is not the word I’m looking for. But I think Hillary’s real enemies on this are on the Democrat side. She has, in the estimation of many legal beagles, she’s committed felonies here. I mean, there are State Department forms that people leaving the State Department — I’ve just seen one. You have to fill it out, you have to promise this and that have happened, and you’ve given up your records. You know, threatening to never let go of this server because all that’s on it is yoga and e-mails back and forth to Chelsea about her wedding, I can understand how you might think that would be a rope-a-dope kind of thing.

I think there’s more than that on this server that she doesn’t want people to see. It’s the sole reason that she set it up, is to be able to keep things from anybody’s eyes. And I think largely she was doing this to shield herself from Obama. Make no mistake, there’s no love lost between the Obamas and the Clintons. You say, well, then why did he make her secretary of state? Well, it’s the old saw about keeping your friends close, your enemies closer. If you put her in the Regime and she accepts, she almost has to be loyal. I mean, it would be very difficult for her to start sabotaging the president from inside.

So I think there’s all kinds of reasons. They cover up the fact that there’s real animosity between these people, but this campaign in 2008, that was brutal within its own parameters. It was not kumbaya when it was all over and let’s hunker down and be friends again. There’s still a lot of real animosity. Hillary was owed that. That was hers. And now 2016 is supposedly hers, and the same thing is starting to unfold again right before our very eyes. What was hers they’re already making a move to take it away from her. And the point of playing the sound bite from the Pretty in Pink Press Conference back in 1994 was to show she hasn’t changed.

She is still paranoid. She thinks everybody’s out to get her, and just because you’re paranoid doesn’t make you wrong. And I think she’s more concerned about Obama and Valerie Jarrett and the Democrats, than she is about the Republicans. They’re the ones that can do her damage. They are the ones that can deny her the nomination. They are the ones that can pull the rug out from under her. And she didn’t want to give them any ammo whatsoever. So hello, secret server, secret e-mails, separate rules. Even though she knew what the rules were because she was making sure everybody else in the State Department abided by ’em. Let’s go to some audio sound bites. This is at the United Nations. Hillary talking about the scandals involving her e-mails. Listen to this.

HILLARY: I opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account, which was allowed by the State Department, because I thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails, instead of two. Looking back, it would have been better had I simply used a second e-mail account and carried a second phone.

RUSH: So she said the main reason for the e-mail address on the server was because she wanted to use one device and not two, which of course is absurd. You can have multiple accounts on one device. There’s so much tech here that clearly she doesn’t know. But then I don’t know how much other people know. But the rules for what’s gonna happen to your e-mails on your phone or on your iPad in 99% of the cases are established on your server or on your e-mail program. That kind of flexibility on a hand-held device is not built into it because it would eat up the battery. It would require too much processing power, and that would really shrink battery life.

So e-mail on a device is a slave to the server that delivers it and stores it, particularly, in her case, if you set up to use iMap accounts, then everything stays on the server and what ends up on your device is determined by what rules you have set up on the server. There’s any number of ways that Mrs. Clinton could have been legal. There’s any number of ways that anybody in IT could have made this legal on one device. There’s any number of ways that personal and professional would have been separated. You can set up all kinds of rules to send mail from certain e-mail addresses to this folder or that folder, and if she doesn’t know this, her IT people do.

The point is, she didn’t take any of these steps because her express purpose was to hide it all. So now the next thing she’s done, “Okay, I want my e-mails read. I have instructed the State Department to distribute my e-mail.” You know what she did? And I frankly don’t think she has the knowledge to figure this out, either. She’s being advised on this. The first thing she did, said, “I’ve got 60,000 e-mails, but only half of ’em are relevant, and I’m the one to decide.” No, she’s not. She doesn’t get to determine which of her e-mails are private and which are official government business. She’s not the arbiter. There is an archivist, in this case at the State Department, that does that. And that’s why everything, by law and by rule, should go on the State Department servers.

So what Mrs. Clinton did, first thing she did was to decide which of the 60,000 that we’re talking about were personal, and she kept ’em on the server (imitating Clinton), “and I’m not giving you the server. I’m not releasing the server. It’s personal, it’s mine, and you’re not entitled. And I’ve decided it’s all personal,” nobody gets a chance to see. The other half of them, 30,000, she printed. She had them printed. She doesn’t do anything. She had them printed and had the paper, the dead tree versions of her e-mails, delivered to the State Department.

Do you realize — I’m sure you do — the near impossibility of searching hard copy e-mails? You can’t keyword search ’em. You can’t name search ’em, unless somebody digitally rescans them, and they would have to use OCR. You can’t make PDF copies out of every page. At some point you’re gonna have to use optical character recognition to make that stuff searchable. It’s a nightmare. And she’s done this to delay and to obfuscate and to make sure that people can’t find out what’s in those e-mails or can’t make any connection to anything based on what she released.

This is a pure out and out falsehood, series of falsehoods and obstacles, while she goes out there and tries to make it look like, “Oh, I didn’t know. And, you know, two devices, I should have had a second to make it simpler and so forth, but, you know –” It’s the same old technique, the lovable, likable Hillary bumbling around here, doing her best, “Just trust me, trust us, we’re the Clintons, you can believe us.” And this is what the media that is revving up against her is fed up with, ’cause they know they can’t trust them.

If this were Bill it’d be a whole different story. If Bill were in this mess that’s another thing. She’s out there saying, “Well, some of these e-mails that I’m keeping were to my husband.” Really? Well, her husband has said that he’s only sent two e-mails in his life. He doesn’t do e-mail. There are a lot of people that don’t do e-mail for this very reason. They don’t want to establish this kind of searchable trail.

Clinton’s announced he’s only sent two e-mails, and he didn’t do it, somebody else did it for him. There’s Hillary out there saying that, well, some of these private e-mails, it’s yoga. And that’s another thing. Yoga? Are we really supposed to sit here and look and see what we see and think yoga is taking place here?


RUSH: What, the instant messages? That’s a whole different ball game. Now, if you want to start talking Hillary’s — okay, so what’s she using? She had an iPhone, she loves Apple products. She’s obviously using iMessage. Well, I’m sorry, I don’t care if she’s got 15 personal servers, those messages she doesn’t have control over. They are on Apple servers. The problem is they’re encrypted and the CIA can’t even unlock ’em. But if you talk about instant messages, that’s a different thing than e-mail. She doesn’t control the content of instant messages. That’s another reason why to not give up the server.

If she’s using BlackBerry BBM, that’s on BlackBerry servers. If she’s using AOL Instant Message, that’s on AOL servers. If she’s using WhatsApp, if she’s using iChat, any number of these, she does not have her own messaging service. You can get your own e-mail domain and you can control it with your own server where you hit “delete” and it’s really gone. But there’s another thing about that — and she does know this because she referenced this. You can have your private server all day long, and you can delete every e-mail that you have received, and you can delete every e-mail that you have sent from your server. However, the person to whom you have sent e-mail maintains a record of everything you sent.

When you delete your sent e-mail from your server, you are not deleting it from the server of the recipient. So the e-mail address that Hillary did send to people about government business, like other people in the State Department, anybody with a .gov e-mail address, those still exist, and they exist on government servers. If she’s e-mailing with other people, say have an iCloud.com account, they’re on Apple servers. You can’t recall an e-mail that you send and delete it from the recipient. And the recipient, nine out of 10 people, 99 out of a hundred do not have their own servers. You could, by the way, people have been e-mailing, “What is a server? What do I have to do?”

Folks, you can make a server out of any computer, for all intents and purposes, if you want to. You can have your own server in your own house, but you’ll have to go get your own e-mail domain, which means you’re gonna have to buy a domain. It’s not that expensive, but you become the administrator. You operate the program, you have to become proficient in maintaining the e-mail program. It’s not the program that’s on your computer. It’s a whole different ball — e-mail’s a complicated thing. And it takes an IT specialist to install it and maintain it. Hillary wouldn’t have the slightest idea. Most people wouldn’t. But you could do it, too.

I mean, you can create a server out of a Mac Mini, which is the size of a hockey puck. Just however many external hard drives you need to store the data that you accumulate and that you receive. But anybody can have their own server and you can put it in your house, you can put it in storage, put it anywhere. But it’s having your own e-mail domain. A lot of them are bought up like we bought up Drive-By Media, every derivative of that for our use just to keep other people from having it, and depending on who owns them, it’s a negotiating practice.

So that’s what you’d have to do. Then you’d have to get your own administrative e-mail program, your own server software. You’d have to learn how to operate it, spam filters, any number of things that the providers do for you that you never see, you’d have to do for yourself. And it would give you the privacy that you want, but it would give you all kinds of new time requirements you would have to spend on keeping it up and running. And when it goes down, guess what? You have to fix it or you have to hire somebody to come in and fix it. The minute you do that, the minute you hire somebody else, then you gotta wonder, okay, are they mirroring your server on theirs, ’cause they know all about tech and you don’t, so are you really private?

I mean there are snakes in the grass everywhere out there, folks, and the more high profile you are, the more delicious your data is. So it’s something you could do if you wanted to. It’s not even that cost prohibitive, but it does carry with it its own responsibilities and time constraints, consumption requirements and this kind of thing. Mrs. Clinton said two devices, she should have used two, but she decided to use one. But just a few weeks ago she admitted that she had two phones. Yesterday she said she only had one. “I should have had two, would have made it a lot easier.” Well, just February 24th Santa Clara, California, question by Kara Swisher at Re/code.

SWISHER: Asks the big question.


SWISHER: IPhone or Android?

HILLARY: (laughing) IPhone. Okay, in full disclosure —

SWISHER: BlackBerry.

HILLARY: And a BlackBerry.

RUSH: She has both. Do you hear that laugh? That’s the Arkansas Broadbeam that is found in the wild of Arkansas, and it’s migrated to the East Coast. It’s found often in Washington and New York. (Laughing) Hillary sounds just like it. It’s incredible.


RUSH: And listen to this, yesterday afternoon from her UN press conference.

HILLARY: The server contains, uh, personal communications from my husband and me, and, um, I believe I have met all my responsibilities, and the server, um, will remain, um, private.

RUSH: Right. She’s reading from notes. She doesn’t even know what she’s talking about. Her husband sent her two e-mails, folks. There are not a bunch of e-mails. There’s no trail between her and her husband.

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