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RUSH: What do you mean, am I tired of talking about Hillary? I’ve been tired of talking about Hillary for 20 years. Yes, I’ve got the Washington Post story. There’s a Washington Post story that Democrats are very worried about Hillary. They’re very worried that she doesn’t have the ability to win. The main reason for this story, main excuse given in this story is that she’s being treated like a Republican in the media, and that alarms them.

But believe me, they know, I mean, they understand. If Hillary’s being treated like a Republican, it means she’s being treated like Sarah Palin to an extent, which means the media’s out to destroy her. Which means it could. It’s not nearly as focused and targeted as the media is going after a Republican. But it’s different this time, and the Democrat Party powers that be are worried that Hillary doesn’t have the ability to overcome this and the overall image that’s being created by this media attack.

It’s not universal, not everybody in the media is going after her, but it’s generational. A lot of media that was around in the nineties is. Not all of them, but most of the media from the nineties that covered the Clintons and adored them and loved them, they’re the ones not excited about all this and not eager to help her through it. Some of the younger Drive-Bys who don’t have real hands on experience with the nineties are much less inclined to beat Hillary up over this.


RUSH: We’ll move on to Mrs. Clinton — and, boy, did I hit the nail on the head yesterday by going back to the nineties to explain what Mrs. Clinton is doing today. Because we had more relics from the nineties pop up last night in defense of Mrs. Clinton. Madam Albright came up. Did you see that, Mr. Snerdley? Albright showed up to defend what Hillary is doing, and do you remember the name Donna Shalala? Well, you know, Donna Shalala was best buds with Janet El Reno who was the attorney general.

Donna Shalala was Health and Human Services. She also does a lot of yoga, like Hillary does. You can see it. Well, Donna Shalala… When they left the Clinton Regime in 2000, Shalala and Reno went on a nationwide trip, traveled the country in Reno’s pickup truck. And they stopped at various campsites and did things. After they got the fun out of the way, Shalala came back, and she was appointed president of the University of Miami, and guess what? She’s now been named the CEO of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation.

Do you realize that the staff, the employees at the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation are underwritten by a $16 million United States grant? In other words, taxpayer dollars are used to pay the salaries of people that work at it Clinton Foundation. This is not the Clinton Global Initiative. This is the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation. Shalala has been named the head. She used to run the University of Wisconsin, then she went to the Regime, she went to the Clinton Regime, Health and Human Services.

And then she went on this nationwide tour with Reno in a pickup truck, then she went to the University of Miami, and now she’s the Clinton Foundation. The nineties! The relics of the nineties! Hillary’s bringing them all back to life and putting them in positions of prominence, just like they had back in the nineties. Who was it that identified the nineties as the identifying decade for Mrs. Clinton and the way she does things?

It was I, El Rushbo.

Before we get into more of that in great detail — ’cause the Washington Post had a story that kind of rocked people. Part of the story did. It was all about how, “You know what? This treatment that Hillary’s getting by the media, that’s not good. She’s being treated like a Republican!” Now, they didn’t say that, but that’s what they meant. Remember, the coverage Republicans get is meant to destroy them.

The coverage Drive-By Medias give Republicans, particularly presidential candidates, is meant to take them out. The Washington Post fears that that’s the kind of coverage Mrs. Clinton is getting, and they wonder out loud if she has the ability to overcome it! Most Democrats are not battle tested in that sense. Most Democrats wouldn’t last a week with the kind of press coverage Republicans get, and the Washington Post raised that point.


RUSH: Here’s Dave in Hebron, Kentucky. I’m glad you waited, sir. Appreciate your patience.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s good to talk to you. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: Yeah, earlier in the show you had mentioned that, you know, Hillary’s having problems. She’s basically just running on the Clinton name. I mean, she’s not Bill Clinton. He was a likable guy. I mean, I didn’t like his policies or anything, but he had the good old boy thing. He related well to the camera, you know, blue-collar workers can relate to him, and she’s just not it. I mean, she comes off as angry and bitter and entitled, I think.

RUSH: Yeah, the way I’ve always described it is Bill Clinton is the kind of guy that you wouldn’t mind going to a ball game with, having a couple beers, and go out and chase women afterwards.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: But Hillary, you encounter Hillary when they commit you to the asylum. And she’s one of the nurses in there that’s always hounding you to stay in your room. Like Nurse Ratched.

CALLER: Yeah. Well, I mean, you said the Democrats are panicking. You know, I don’t like to put down another Republican, but I think that they’re just coming to the realization that they put out the modern-day version of Bob Dole.

RUSH: I think they’ve come to that conclusion long before now, otherwise she wouldn’t have gone down in flames in 2008 to a young, skinny guy that nobody’d ever heard of other than one speech. People forget this. Here is Hillary Clinton — don’t forget the image, now — Hillary, goddess, powerful, omnipotent, wife of Bill Clinton, the Clintons, impossible to beat, they’re everywhere. And she’s up.

People will remember, I got so tired in 2008, I got so tired of my friends being paranoid of Hillary. I got so tired of everybody I knew scared to death of Hillary Clinton. I just grew weary of it. I didn’t understand the fear. I didn’t understand why everybody was afraid of her. They were afraid that she was unbeatable, is what it was. So 2008 comes along and here comes this guy out of nowhere. No one knew who he was. He’d given a speech at a convention, he’s young. Joe Biden called him clean and articulate.

Harry Reid said his secret is that he’s a black guy that doesn’t sound like a Negro dialect. Harry Reid did say that. Harry Reid did say that he’s got a gift. He can turn the Negro dialect off and on. Harry Reid said that. And, you know, some people, very few, jumped on Harry Reid. “I meant it as a compliment. I meant it as a compliment.” I’m sure he did. ‘Cause what he was saying was, this Obama guy has the ability to fool people.

So there began to be puff pieces written on this guy left and right. The media just fell in love with Obama. We got the “Magic Negro” column in the LA Times, and by the time that was written everybody thought I had written it. And Hillary was toast. Hillary was toast with four months left in the Democrat primaries. Now, if that happened, it means that the Democrats back then already had doubts and that the first person that came along that looked like a viable alternative, they went for him.

We’re back there again. Here we are. Mrs. Clinton presumptive, everything’s repeating itself. Everybody I know is scared to death that Hillary’s gonna be the nominee. Everybody I know is scared to death that she cannot lose. Everybody I know is scared to death and it doesn’t matter who the Republican nominee is. Everybody I know is scared to death, if it’s Jeb Bush, we’re not gonna be able to tell the difference in the two. And now we got the e-mail problem, and the Washington Post, there is an article in the Washington Post that says the Democrats are worried about timely dispensed talking points and structure.

And what I think this Washington Post story means, they’re questioning, the Washington Post says that there are Democrats, high-ranking Democrats that are alarmed about Hillary’s readiness for the campaign because she doesn’t look like she’s on top of her game. She looks like a Republican in terms of press coverage, and they know what that means. Press coverage destroys Republicans. That’s its purpose. And she’s getting that kind of press coverage and is not rising above it. She’s not even rising to it to meet it.

She’s being treated like a Republican. Saturday Night Live is mocking her as though she’s Sarah Palin. And even that United Nations press conference where all the questions were supposed to be like the first one from that stooge from Turkey (imitating stooge), “Oh, Mrs. Clinton, it’s so good to see you again here at the United Nations. It’s so wonderful to have you back. Tell me, are the Republicans behind this scandal to get you with the e-mails, Mrs. Clinton?”

That’s what they hoped every question would be. Except that didn’t happen. She got peppered with tough questions from informed journalists, shocking everybody, including me. And so Democrats said, “What the hell is this?” So she was forced into reading those lawyerly talking points. She didn’t even have enough familiarity with those talking points to say them. She had to read them. It was obvious she was consulting her notes. She looked defensive. She didn’t win anybody over. And at best you could say she withstood the kick of a mule.

So top Democrats and donors — see, they get excited when the fix is in. They need the fix to be in. The Democrat donors, the Democrat hierarchy will not be comfortable with a Democrat on his or her own. The game has to be rigged. The media has to be aimed at destroying the Republican candidate and give the Democrat candidate a free pass, and that hasn’t happened. So there’s very much concern over Mrs. Clinton.

I’m just telling you that if that concern over Mrs. Clinton is surfacing now, she’s not the lock that everybody’s scared to death that she is. And the Democrat Party, I contend, just like it was in 2008, is prepared to throw her overboard again. And don’t forget, it was me and Operation Chaos that sustained her campaign, extended her campaign long into the spring, May and early June. If it hadn’t been for Operation Chaos, Obama would have had that nomination sewn up three months earlier.


RUSH: Look, the Democrat Party needs their donor class to think that their candidate is inevitable. They don’t want the donor class to ever imagine that their candidate might not win. And that’s what Hillary is screwing up. And that’s why there is palpable fear palpitating out there in the Washington Post and other places over Hillary.

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