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RUSH: Your host in the audio sound bites today, this morning on C-SPAN, the guest, Congresswoman Gwen Moore, Democrat, Wisconsin, during a viewer call-in segment of her appearance, a caller from Maryland by the name of Richard, “Ted Cruz’s candidacy is living proof that the birther movement was all based on racism. And that Democrats are silent. They just always stand back and let the Republicans bully them and run over ’em, treat ’em like dogs.”

MOORE: I think that a lot of us are really frustrated about our so-called messaging. It is really difficult to fight against, I think, Republicans having 24-hour, seven-day a week opportunity to talk to folks through, you know, Fox News and through programs like Rush Limbaugh. They’re very, very well-funded venues.

RUSH: Very, very well-funded venues. This is a Democrat congresswoman from Wisconsin, Gwen Moore, me and Fox News, we’re really, really well funded. We need to send her back to school with Meredith Shiner. She is ignorant as well. She’s ignorant of how capitalism — Funded? You know what “funded” means to a politician? Donations. Funded means put your hand out and somebody puts money in it. Donation means that you are given money.

So Fox News, they got a lot of donors. And the Rush Limbaugh Show, a lot of donors. And it’s hard for us to compete with all of those donors. I don’t have a single donor. I’ve never had a donor. We don’t deal with funding that way. It’s absurd. But you know what’s also interesting, folks? Listen to these people. The caller and the congresswoman thinking that the Republicans are running roughshod over them, bullying them, getting their way. (laughing) And that the Democrats, the docile little angels, they never fight back, and this caller, Richard from Maryland is livid that his Democrats never fight back.

And how many Republicans say and think the same about their politicians? I find that fascinating. I really do.

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