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RUSH: The Clinton campaign has issued a list of words and terms to the Drive-By Media in the form of a threatening e-mail to a New York Times infobabe telling them, “These are the words you cannot use to describe Mrs. Clinton.” One word that’s not on the list is “cankles.” I guess everybody in the media is free to use the word “cankles.” But their list of words… (interruption) Well, it’s not on the list. I thought it would be on the list. (interruption) What, is that sexist? (interruption) I thought that it would be, but it’s not on the list. You can say it. You can say “cankles.”


RUSH: I want to take you back, as we swerve now into the words that the Clinton campaign is warning Drive-By journalists not to use when covering Mrs. Clinton. Before getting to that list, I want to remind you of something. I want to remind you of something that I said way back on August 12th, 2013. I’ve actually said this many times on the program. We just threw a dart up on the wall and picked a random date. I’ve said this a number of times, but this instance happens to be from August 12th of 2013.


RUSH ARCHIVE: The Democrats have learned something here profound. You’ve got the first black president; he’s immune from criticism. You cannot criticize the guy. Any criticism is racism. We have a president of the United States who cannot be criticized. His policies cannot be criticized. Not credibly. Anybody who tries is diminished and dismissed as a racist or a bigot, and so Obama can get away with anything he wants. I think the Democrats have seen this.

So imagine the first female president. The same thing. Any criticism, sexist. Any criticism, unjust. Any criticism, unwarranted. Any criticism, not real. Any criticism, not substantive. It’s all based in anti-woman. It’s all based on a Republican War on Women. It’s not based on anything substantive. The Democrats’ modus operandi is to eliminate opposition, and this is one of the ways they do it.

And then after Hillary they’ll move for the first Hispanic president, and the same thing will repeat. No criticism of “the first.” After that they’ll need to get the first gay president, and no criticism allowed there. Then after that the first transgendered president. After that, the first… I don’t know. From Mars? Whatever, but it’s gonna be a protracted policy, I think, that they’re gonna keep trying to implement.


RUSH: And the fact that I was right about that is being borne out with Mrs. Clinton and her campaign and these list of words, this list of words that reporters are not to use because the words are said to be sexist, and sexism will not be permitted. This is making my point. The Hillary campaign, before it’s even officially a campaign, is getting in gear and attempting to implement the same guiding procedures that have protected Obama all these years. You’ll see what I’m talking about when I get to the list.


RUSH: Now, I have to point something out, folks. This Rule of Firsts that the Democrats have successfully implemented with Obama, never works for Republicans. It only works for Democrats. The Rule of Firsts, the rule of no criticism of firsts did not apply, for example, to the first black female. That was Condoleezza Rice. And it was open season. The fact that she was the first black female secretary of state did not make her immune to criticism. Because she was Republican. In fact, she was Sarah Palined.

They even did cartoon strips portraying her as an Aunt Jemima with the cartoon illustrations emphasizing the so-called African-American characteristics and appearance, and they even portrayed her as getting the job (and accused her of getting the job) by performing, shall we say, various type of sex acts at the high officials in the Republican Party. All that was fair game. They could go after Condoleezza Rice all they wanted and did. And how about the first black male secretary of state?

That would be Colonel Colin Powell. People went after him, even though he was the first black male secretary of state. The Rule of Firsts did not apply to him. Nor did it apply to the first Hispanic attorney general. George W. Bush broke the racial barrier on a number of positions, and it didn’t matter. Every one of his appointees was destroyed, or at least they tried. But with Barack Obama, any criticism is disallowed. Any and all criticism was chalked up to racism. And it worked.

The Republican establishment and many in the media just don’t want to go anywhere near being called a racist, and so they just shut up. Bow Hillary is attempting to implement it for herself on the theory that she’s going to be the first female president from The Daily Caller. It’s a confusing article, by the way, but here it is in a nutshell. The New York Times’ Amy Chozick on Wednesday posted on Twitter yesterday that a Hillary group had e-mailed her with a list of words that she was not to use when describing Hillary.

Now, this group is called the HRC Super Volunteers. Hillary Rodham Clinton Super Volunteers. They’ve been around since 2007, and they were active at the beginning of Hillary’s 2008 campaign. Their e-mail to the New York Times infobabe ended with a warning, quote, “You are on notice that we will be watching, reading, listening, and protesting coded sexism,” close quote. Now, The Daily Caller got hold of the tweet and listed the words, and here they are.

Here are the words that the Hillary Clinton campaign sent out to the New York Times reporter Amy Chozick is telling her she can’t use. “Polarizing.” You may not use the word “polarizing” to describe Mrs. Clinton. You cannot use the word “calculating” to describe Mrs. Clinton. You cannot use the word “disingenuous” when describing Mrs. Clinton. You cannot use the word “insincere” when describing her. All of these words are said to be coded sexism.

Polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, insincere. These are coded sexist words, and the Clinton campaign is gonna be calling the media out on them. And we’re not through. “Ambitious.” Ambitious! You cannot refer to Mrs. Clinton as ambitious. That is coded sexism. Women are supposed to be like Ann Romney: Lazy and eating bonbons all day, or whatever you do with bonbons. You do eat bonbons, don’t you? What are bonbons anyway? I keep hearing about them. (interruption) That’s what I thought.

They’re little chocolaty things in there, like petit fours or petit fours or whatever the heck those things are. You sit around sipping cocktails and eating your bonbon. That’s what women are thought to be in elite circles, but no. You’re not to use the word “inevitable.” “Inevitable” is also said to be sexist. “Entitled.” “Entitled” is a word not permitted. Again, these words were sent to a reporterette for the New York Times warning her not to use these words in describing Mrs. Clinton because this group is gonna be sitting out there watching, reading, and listening.

“Overconfident” is also a term not to be used in association with Mrs. Clinton. “Secretive,” also, like as in these latest news stories about e-mails and servers. “Secretive.” That’s said to be sexist. “Will do anything to win.” Mrs. Clinton cannot be so described as willing to do anything to win, because that is sexist. “Represents the past.” Can’t use the term or this group that’s monitoring will be on you. “Out of touch.” You can’t describe Mrs. Clinton as “out of touch.”

And, according to the New York Times reporter, Amy Chozick, the e-mail from the HRC Super Volunteers went on to warn again, “You are on notice that we will be watching. We will be reading, listening, and protesting coded sexism.” Well, how about the other terms? You know, Obama said of Mrs. Clinton, “You’re nice enough, Hillary.” Hillary’s nice enough. I mean, isn’t that kind of sexist? And how about “cankles”? I would think “cankles” would be in the top five of these word lists that you can’t use.

“Wrinkles”? That could be another one in there. “Screechy.” “Shrill.” “Hysterical.” “Sniper fire.” I mean, there’s any number of words I would think that would also be on that list. How about “bossy”? They forgot that. Certainly they don’t intend for people to describe Mrs. Clinton as “bossy.”

How about…? There’s another one. How about the B-word that rhymes with “witch.” It isn’t that banned? (interruption) You didn’t say it. You don’t have to go… (interruption)

They’re shaking their heads in there like, “Man, Rush gets so close to the line every day.” I didn’t get close to the line. I would b-i-itch. Why isn’t that word on the list? So we’ve got “cankles,” “nice enough,” “bossy,” “wrinkles,” “screechy,” “shrill,” “hysterical,” “wrinkly,” and “needs to iron her face.” None of that stuff’s on the list that you can’t say. Anyway… (laughing) But make no mistake. I mean, this is funny and it’s lighthearted in a way, but this group is serious.

They are threatening this reporter the New York Times, and I would have to bet you that the reporter at the New York Times will obey. I’ll bet you that this Amy Chozick is going to be beaten. Well, she’s a fellow female, and I’m sure she’s going to take this as educational. I mean, this is one of the goddesses of modern-era feminism. That would be Mrs. Clinton. She’s an arbiter. She knows what’s proper and what is not proper. And Mrs. Clinton is not only asking for this, demanding for this herself, but also to protect the sisterhood so as to maintain the dignity and respect of the collective group.


RUSH: We’ll start Valencia, California. This is patty. Patty, thank you for calling. It’s great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you so much, Rush. I have tried for 20 years to get through and never did and finally, Snerdley had to peel me off the ceiling. I was so upset when I called. (chuckles) This is in regard to your comment, I’m sure you were just being flippant, but it kind of set me reeling about women are supposed to be like Ann Romney sitting around eating bonbons. She doesn’t sit around and she doesn’t eat bonbons. And I know that personally and people and I know there are a lot of women doing a lot of wonderful things. Women run for office, women who support their husbands as they run for office…

RUSH: I am sure for the confusion. It was not I. If I said it in a way that made it sound like those are my words. I was repeating to you —

CALLER: You were quoting?

RUSH: Well, not quoting, because it’s a paraphrase of what some people in this article are talking about. They use… You know, Ann Romney is a common punching bag —

CALLER: Yes, terrible.

RUSH: — of people on the left, so in this story about Mrs. Clinton and the words you can’t use, they describe Mrs. Clinton as this active go-getter, self-controlled. And they made reference to lazy elite Republican women like Ann Romney.

CALLER: She’s not —

RUSH: I threw in the eating bonbons. They didn’t say that, but I didn’t accuse Ann Romney of doing it. It’s the story that makes the reference.

CALLER: I’m so sorry. It went by so quickly, and I was listening, but I have to clarify. None of them work harder than Ann, in serving her family and serving her community and giving. She is only a giver. She’s never had the kind of help that they can afford more than anybody. I mean, they can afford to have every single breath taken for them, and she is constantly a worker, serving in her community, her family, her church. She has been her entire life, although they have the money to take care of everything.

RUSH: Look.

CALLER: I guess at the moment —

RUSH: Patty? Patty? Patty, here’s the thing about that. You’re absolutely right. This is one of the great problems that we face. It was Hilary Rosen, by the way, who is a Hillary acolyte but an Obama acolyte as well, a big Democrat. It was Hilary Rosen back during the Romney campaign who talked about Ann Romney as not being a great example for women. “She’s never had a job, she’s never had to work.” I’m sure you remember that. Ann Romney was just the stand-in to the latest potential Republican first lady.

The specifics of Ann Romney’s life and her great work doesn’t matter to these people. They’re gonna lie about it and they’re gonna smear and impugn just like they did her husband, and they continue to do so. I know it’s very frustrating for people like you who know her and know her personally and know that all of this stuff is made up. It’s frustrating for all of us. But I’m glad you instinctively knew that it wasn’t me that was uttering those mean words. I was just repeating them.


RUSH: Here is Geno in the Bronx. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: In one minute or less, here is an additional list of words, phrases, proper names, and topics that are banned for the bimbo from the New York Times: “Manly, cattle futures, Bonnie and Clyde, Vince Foster, Travelgate, impeachment, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, the letters B and J in the alphabet, bent penis, Slick Willie, Rose Law Firm, Travelgate, Whitewater, the vast right-wing conspiracy, philanderer-in-chief.

“Slimeball-in-chief, Lincoln Bedroom, carpetbagger senator, Benghazi, e-mails, deleted e-mails, servers for e-mails. ‘Some little Tammy Wynette baking cookies.’ The song Stand by Your Man, fake feminist, Barack Hussein Obama, Elizabeth Warren, a/k/a 1/32nd Cherokee half-breed, right-wing talk radio, fat, ugly, stupid, bathing suit on a beach, and the biggest obscenity of them all on the most number one list of banned phrases, words and proper names: Rush Limbaugh.”

RUSH: (laughing) That’s great!

CALLER: And you have now earned yourself a second chicken parmesan dinner!

RUSH: Those are words that should have been banned. None of those words are banned. The New York Times “bimbo,” as you say, was not prohibited from using any of those words, but they should be added. You’re exactly right.

CALLER: Well, I tell you, Rush.

RUSH: You left out Epstein.

CALLER: I’m probably going to be banned with you.

RUSH: You left out pedophile. You left out Jeffrey Epstein, by the way.

CALLER: Ah, well, I tell you. We are in trouble if we allow this slob, this Clinton, this obscenity to become a potential president of the United States. We cannot have another Bush, we cannot have another Clinton, we must have a conservative. That means also we eliminate Governor Fat Boy from Jersey, Uncle Jed Clampett Bush, and all this other minions that are gonna get the nomination. Because that’s what the Republican Party has become. They have become collaborators. They are traitors along with the Democrats. So I hope I put a smile on your face, and like I said the last time: You gotta come and collect your chicken parmesan dinner in the Bronx. I know Mr. Snerdley will, but you probably won’t.

RUSH: I remember. No, I totally would. And your timing here is impeccable. There’s nothing I need to add to that.

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