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RUSH: Man, oh, man, the news coming out of there is distressing, it’s depressing, but it’s all too predictable. One of the sidebar news stories about the Iranian nuclear talks is that Obama, there’s a credible train of thought, folks, that is percolating inside the Beltway and up to New York, the New York-Washington corridor, that Obama is officially, within the next few months or so, is officially going to abandon Israel as a United States ally.

The way it would happen, you know, we’ve been negotiating the Middle East peace process, which we have detailed in great detail here as its own entity, the Middle East peace process is like a corporation. It never ends. The Middle East peace process is a career. The Mideast peace process, you can grow up and have as an objective in life to work at the Middle East peace process. You can make a career out of it because nobody will ever be out of work because the problem is never solved.

The Middle East peace process is an ongoing, never solved process, and it features different people over the course of generations making the same arguments, depending on who you’re talking to, and what side they represent. And because of these ongoing negotiations the Middle East peace process has not produced anything anywhere near close to peace. The scuttlebutt inside the Beltway and up to the New York corridor is that Obama is going to solve the Middle East peace process by going to the United Nations, getting a resolution demanding a two-state solution and divvying up Jerusalem and giving part of it to Palestinian or the Palestinians, which would be a total sellout of the Israelis.

Now, I’m here to tell you, I don’t know if there’s any truth to this, but with Obama the experience teaches us never to discount these kinds of things, because they actually make perfect sense if you put them in context of the US foreign policy mission and directives during this administration. Folks, this is an act of hate. I mean, I hate to be so blunt about it, but that’s what this is.


RUSH: This scuttlebutt that Obama is finally gonna just rip the cord, so to speak, and disown Israel and go to the United Nations and let a Security Council resolution or some other kind of resolution actually establish the Middle East peace process results, there’s only one thing that can be motivating or inspiring that, and that’s hate. And sadly, it’s predictable.

Now the monkey wrench that the Iranians have thrown in the deal, here we were, we were on the verge of carrying Obama being able to launch this gigantic celebration, that finally we had reached an agreement with the Iranians and the future of their nuclear program, and it was on the verge of happening, and then predictably, at the last moment, the Iranians threw in a monkey wrench, and they refused to allow any inspection or to give up any of the nuclear material that has been created to date so that it could not be used for the creation of a nuclear weapon.

Even Putin, even the Russians came in and they promised, okay, look, we’ll hold your material in escrow, so to speak, and the Iranians said no, no way, no how, not gonna do it, and the Regime, Obama administration caught flat-footed with this latest development. More details coming up. The New York Times has a big story on it, and they are clearly not happy, either, because everybody thought we were on a slam dunk. An American president, the greatest ever, Barack Obama, getting a deal with the Iranians on nuclear weapons and so forth.

The Middle East is a mess. The world is on fire, and it’s precisely because the United States is being deemphasized. It’s precisely because the values and the traditions and the institutions that have made this country great are absent and are not being applied. That’s why the world is on fire. It’s why the Middle East is. Netanyahu came out and said this deal is even worse than we thought. This is even worse than we thought it was gonna be. Details on that coming up.

And of course we’ve got Indiana with the left going absolutely bonkers over what they claim is legalized discrimination against gay and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people, when that’s not what happened. But it doesn’t matter. Facts don’t matter. The media is gonna portray this as Indiana is discriminating against gays, then that’s what people are gonna think, when that’s not what happened. The religious freedom of people has been affirmed in Indiana, much as it has in many, many other states and much as it was signed into law by Bill Clinton back in the 1990s. Nothing different from then to now, except the pop culture orientation of everything.


RUSH: Now, the monkey wrench (if there’s such a thing) in the latest talks with Iran has to do with enriched uranium. You see, the Iranians have some. They have some enriched uranium, and part of the deal is that they are going to give it up for a time as a show of commitment that they have no intention whatsoever of immediately making a nuclear bomb. But the Iranians, at the last minute, said, “You know what? We’re not gonna give you our enriched uranium.

“Screw you, Jean-Francois Kerry! Screw you!”

The US, said, “W-w-w-wait wait! That… that… that… You said! You said you were gonna let us have your uranium!”

The mullahs said, “Sorry. Death to America! Death to America! You do not get it.”

At which point, Russia came in, Vladimir Putin, and said, “Hey, we’ll take it. We’ll hold the Iranians’ enriched uranium in escrow, so to speak. We’ll put it over here in some sort of warehouse and we’ll guard it zealously. We will be vigilant that nobody can get to it, and nobody will ever see it.” Now, what could possibly go wrong with that? The Iranians rejected that as well.

Russia has given Iran all the reactors and the nuclear tech that they have, or the vast majority of it. That’s where the Iranians have gotten it. So the Russians coming in and saying, “Hey, hey, we’ll save the day here. We’ll take your enriched uranium, and we’ll hold it for you.” It would be like Iran keeping it. But the Iranians saved Obama from agreeing with the principle because they refused. Everybody knows that Russia would be more than happy to give or sell back Iran’s enriched uranium right back to them that they’re holding in escrow.


RUSH: As I was saying at the top of the program, I mentioned that there’s a Washington Post story, by the way, this is not some cockeyed, obscure source. Jackson Diehl, Washington Post, is reporting that the Regime, the Obama Regime, is getting ready to back a United Nations Security Council resolution that would, quote, mandate the solution to the questions Israelis and Palestinians have been unable to agree upon for decades, such as the future of Jerusalem.

So the Middle East peace process, this never ending career type existence that’s been going on for decades with no resolution, Obama is, according to the Washington Post, months away from selling Israel out and just going to the UN and getting a Security Council resolution that mandates a two-state solution and the future of Jerusalem. And my point at the top of the program, anybody that would do something like that has to be motivated by hate. In this case, for Israel, an ally.

Make no mistake, taking this route would not be taken to protect or to enforce the rights of Israelis here. Obama would do this because Netanyahu will not agree with Obama, what Obama wants. And Obama now doubly insulted, not only will Netanyahu not cave, Netanyahu came and showed him up with that joint speech to Congress. So it’s get-even time. You don’t show up narcissists like that. You don’t publicly humiliate ’em like that, so this is, okay, fine, is that what you gonna do? Well, I’ll just go to the UN. I’ll get a Security Council where you people are hated. Obama knows that anti-Semitism’s home is the United Nations. Make no mistake about that.

The modern day home of anti-Semitism, anti-Israeli anti-Semitism is the UN. So you go there and you get your UN resolution mandating a solution to the so-called peace process, and you commit to paper the future makeup of Jerusalem and you enforce it. None of that would be done on Israel’s behalf, believe me. And I’m just saying that to do something like that, there has to be huge emotions. There’s gotta be real anger to do something like that, bordering on hate.

And, no, I’m not gonna take that back. I’ll tell you something, folks. I’m sick and tired of this idea that all the hate in the world is absent the Democrats or the left, that the left do not hate. That’s just utter BS. They’re obsessed with hate more than any other group I can think of.

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