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RUSH: You know, this a great example of what we do every day on this program, and I’ve mentioned this countless times previous. Every day we’re minding our own business here. We’re bothering nobody, just going about our business. We wake up every day, start getting ready for the day, and we find out that people or things or institutions that we love, respect, and hold dear are under assault. So I come here and defend them, and that’s exactly what’s happening here today with this business going on in Indiana.

I’m attacking nobody. I’m impugning nobody. I’m simply reacting to a bunch of lies, dis- and misinformation in the Drive-By Media in what is probably a meager attempt, meager effort at getting the truth out there against this avalanche and assault of lies, half-truths, distortion, and propaganda that the Democrat Party and the media are responsible for. That’s what we do. This is a classic illustration. We were minding our own business. We don’t come here with the idea of attacking people every day.

We just watch what’s going on, see ourselves under assault (for the most part daily), and see the need to defend it. Now, where we are in America right now is — as far as the left is concerned, as far as the Democrat Party is concerned and the media as well — there is no righteous majority. Every majority — in terms of the way they treat them, report on them, act, behave, every majority — is an oppressor. Be it a racial majority, a numerical majority, be it a religious major, whatever.

Majorities are the enemy.

This can go traced all the way back to the founding documents and the founding of this country. It was founded by a bunch of oppresses that made up the majority of the day. The minorities of the day and the voiceless and the speechless and the thirsty and the hungry were shut out and never have had a voice, and this is about correcting all of those hundreds-of-years-ago errors and mistakes.

But at the root of it is the Christian majority are a bunch of oppressors, and the white majority are bunch of oppressors. Any other majority — if it has any kind of political relevance or ramification — is automatically guilty which necessitates all of this good intention, well-intentioned corrective action by the left which is supposedly shrouded in justice and decency and goodness and good intentions and all that.

When all that’s really going on is a concerted, strategic effort to tear apart all of the good things that have made this country what it is. Facts, truth, reality be damned! It doesn’t matter. We’ve got a manufactured crisis, an agenda item made to order, and it’s a stand alone. As far as the media today is concerned, Indiana just passed a law legalizing discrimination against gay people, and that we must stop. That’s not what happened by any stretch, but that’s what they’re telling people. Do a man-on-the-street interview and find out how many idiots think that’s true.


RUSH: By the way, just a reminder, this business in Indiana, this is exactly what happens on this program, exactly what I have tried to explain to people what we do here. Get up every day, minding our own business. We don’t have even time to advance an agenda; we’re too busy defending ourselves. Every day we get up, every day we see somebody or some thing that we deeply believe or hold dear or believe in, under assault and it necessitates a defense. And that’s what this business with Indiana is today.

It’s a total misrepresentation, misinformation, disinformation campaign designed to totally screw with people’s emotions, not tell ’em the truth about what’s going on, not give them any kind of historical context, all for the express purpose of not just advancing the Democrat Party agenda, but destroying the opposition agenda’s conservatism, Republican Party, what have you. Somebody’s gotta stand up and defend it, and that’s what we do here.

And I say this in reaction to the charge that I simply get up every day and decide who I next want to attack. We don’t attack here. Well, I mean we do now and then. But the vast majority of time is spent like it is here today. The Drive-Bys and the Democrats start lying about something, and somebody has to tell people the truth. In the process, defend traditions and institutions that we all hold dear, and that’s a great example of it.


RUSH: Folks, do not doubt me on this. I don’t intend this as throwaway commentary. As a member of a majority, I don’t care if it’s a numerical or racial or political, if you’re in a majority, if you’re Christian, if you’re white, if you’re male, you know, whatever, the way things are structured now, you are incapable of being bullied. As a member of a majority, you can’t be bullied.

You also cannot be discriminated against because you’re the powerful. All you can do is discriminate, but nobody can discriminate against you. You can bully, but you can’t be bullied. You’re the majority. But if somebody comes along and does bully you, then that’s great, because you deserve it, because you’ve been bullying everybody else. This is how the Democrats act when they lose.

When they win minorities become irrelevant, such as the Republican Party when it loses becomes irrelevant. There are no such things as minority rights. When the Democrats lose, all of a sudden the minority has to run the Senate in order for things to be fair. Majority rule does not count when they lose. Only when they win.

But when it comes to all these other social things that we’re talking about, you’re guilty simply because you’re in a majority. You are a lifetime oppressor. You have been a member of an oppressive majority since the days of the founding of the country, and that justifies all the bullying against you and all the hassles that you get, all the harassment that you get. And despite all the allegations you hate, you’re this, you’re that, when you go out of your way to prove that you’re not, it doesn’t matter. You just show ’em you’re weak and they can have their way with you. It’s the way it works.

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