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RUSH: You know, Obama was down here this weekend. He was up at the Floridian. I’m a former member of the Floridian. Wayne Huizenga owned the course, Wayne Huizenga, the Miami Dolphins owner, waste management impresario, well-known billionaire, built the course and extended membership to his friends.

Then he sold the course to the guy that owns the Houston Astros, Jim Crane, and a lot of member’s went their own way. So it’s got a whole new membership now. Jim Crane, a big Democrat fundraiser, and Obama has been down here, second time. He played with Tiger Woods the first time at the Floridian.

Palm City is — well, you need meal money to get up there from here. If you obey the speed limit it’s about an hour to get up there from where we are. He was there this weekend playing golf, and do you know that a member of his foursome is a board member of, wait for it — dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut — Halliburton.

Milton Carroll is on the board of directors of Halliburton. Just the word “Halliburton,” the liberals hear that, it’s like showing Dracula the cross. They hear “Halliburton,” and, folks, they literally go insane. The first thing they think of is Cheney. They think of the Iraq war. Then they think of Darth Vader. Then they think of George W. Bush and they literally start pounding their heads into the nearest available hard surface. And here is Barack Hussein Obama, devout Christian who did not go to church on Palm Sunday because he was in Palm City playing golf with a member of the board of directors of Halliburton.

Where is the outrage? There won’t be any.

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