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DC political leaders want to spend $20 million to create a new high school and mentorship program aimed at just “some” of their students. It would only enroll minority boys, black and Latino. All the other students need not apply.

Now, council member Mary Cheh had the nerve to question the legality of this exclusionary arrangement. So the DC’s Attorney General, Karl Racine, came up with a legal support for the creation of a school for minority boys.

In a letter to the council member, the AG explained that the new exclusionary high school would not violate Title IX legal protections. That’s because, he says, minority boys are a vulnerable population. The new high school for boys only doesn’t deprive girls of equal opportunity, he says. Even though there isn’t an all-minority girls’ school, yet.

Now, we all know minority children in blue cities — run by Democrats — are routinely warehoused in underperforming schools. We also know the Democrat Party is joined at the hip to teacher’s unions. Now, the unions get generous contracts and benefits, and repay the favor with generous campaign donations.

All that said, don’t you think it’s a bit ironic that in modern-day America — the DC government is opening a school that is “separate but equal”? Will Democrats stand in the schoolhouse door and declare: “Segregation now, segregation forever,” like they used to do — which they did — in the old days?

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