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RUSH: I’ve got a whole Stack here on this new host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah. Man, oh, man. This guy’s classic, folks. He’s an anti-Semite. He doesn’t like America. He makes no bones about it. And people are comparing him to Obama, on the left. He’s half white, half black, he’s comes from racially mixed family, just like Obama. But this guy’s stepping in it with all these old tweets of his. And now he’s come out — and I’m kind of reluctant to talk about this ’cause I know what’s gonna happen.

The more he gets talked about, the more Comedy Central says, “This is the right hire. We need to move Stewart out next week and put Trevor in there right now while he’s hot.” And they are standing by whatever he says here in these tweets. These tweets are anti-Semitic, they’re anti-fat girl, they’re anti-Jewish women. I mean, some of these things are really mean-spirited. Violence against women. He talks about enjoying an uppercut to a woman that disrespects him.

So he’s out with an apology saying that’s not really him. He said it’s not fair to judge, especially a comedian, on just a few tweets, that really is unfair. So he’s doing his best to say that’s not — I love that apology, that practice, doesn’t matter, athlete X, celebrity Y, Hollywood actress Z, they get involved in something that’s really rotten and horrible and despicable, and their public apology position is, “That’s not who I am.”

Really? Well, who was it? Who wrote those tweets? Who hit the “send” button? “That wasn’t me. That’s not who I am. I don’t regularly rob liquor stores,” or whatever is being accused.

It is him. It’s exactly who he is. He hit the “send” button. He meant to send that stuff out. I think his biggest problem is he’s not funny, and he’s supposed to be hosting a fake news comedy show. (interruption) Well, I know it worked for Jon Stewart. That’s where the writers can come in and pick up some slack. It may be the case with this guy. But I do, I have a whole Stack — we’ve got sound bites — yeah, grab sound bite number two. This is Trevor Noah. This is March 13th, so just a couple of weeks ago. He’s doing a stand-up performance in London.

NOAH: Flying to America particularly has been the worst. You go through different lines. There’s extra checks, you know, especially if you come from what they consider a high risk Ebola region, which is apparently the whole continent. Spill coffee on each other in one big hut. I don’t really ban them, ’cause, look, the truth is most Americans don’t know much about South Africa, so — well, they don’t know much about Africa as a whole. Most of them don’t know much about anything.

RUSH: This guy’s perfect. All of his material is what liberals would really say about America if they thought they could get away with it. This guy’s got it all, I think. I think he’s gonna be huge. I think Trevor is gonna be huge. He may be bigger than Stewart. Trevor Noah, he’s gonna be bigger than Stewart. He may already be. This guy is perfectly willing to talk about his dislikes or even hate for America. Do you realize how many leftists are gonna eat that up? (interruption) How’s he gonna stand up to the competition? Because he’s from South Africa.

Remember what they said. We need the perspective of somebody from a different hemisphere. It’s one thing to have a Native American hate their country. Anybody can do that. But if you can find somebody from South Africa who lived through apartheid, who says America’s worse? Nirvana. Added credibility coming from South Africa. Added credibility not being an American. Well, Piers Morgan didn’t make it because he sounded snotty. When you listened to Piers Morgan you wanted to clear your throat and blow your own nose. I did, anyway. Piers Morgan came across as snooty. He came across as almost an elitist.

He’s a media guy. Trevor Noah here, he’s just like your average, run-of-the-mill escapee from apartheid, and he thought he got out and he ended up in America and he’s in worse shape. It’s made to order. Don’t doubt me. You wait. He thought he was escaping apartheid, escaping racism, escaping bigotry, he lands in America and feels compelled to walk through JFK saying “hands up, don’t shoot.” I mean, the left is gonna love this guy when they get to know him. (interruption) The novelty will wear off in about a week? No, I don’t think so.

They got another one, John Oliver on HBO, he’s another leftist British import who also is making a name for himself ripping apart every American institution he can, and they love him. You wait. Snerdley, don’t doubt me on this. Don’t doubt me. You’re applying audience and media standards from 50 years ago that no longer apply.

RUSH: And we’re back, Rush Limbaugh, half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair. Okay. Trevor Noah and the controversy over him being hired to be the next host of The Daily Show. Grab sound bites three and four, if I have time to squeeze ’em in here. Trevor Noah is — I don’t know if any liberal could ever really be in trouble in the media. I mean, they make it look like it. Hillary Clinton made it look like she’s in trouble with the media for, what, a couple of days, but then it dissipates and evaporates, and that’s where this guy is now.

I mean, they’re getting it out of the way, but nothing’s gonna happen to him. He can tweet whatever he wants. He’s a good lib. He’s half black. He comes from apartheid. He’s got every reason in the world to hate people, it’s justified, and that’s gonna be what people will end up saying. He’s gonna be a big star and they’re gonna make sure he’s a big star. I think Comedy Central probably wishes they could put him on the air tonight, given all the publicity.

But some of the things that he’s tweeted out: “Girls with a big ass are like cars without power steering. Great feedback but you need to work hard to keep control.”

“Almost bumped a Jewish kid crossing the road. He didn’t look b4 crossing but I still would hav felt so bad in my german car!” Ha ha.

“Behind every successful rap billionaire is a double as rich Jewish man.”

“‘Oh yeah the weekend. People are gonna get drunk & think that I’m sexy!’ – fat chicks everywhere.”

“Messi gets the ball and the real players try foul him, but Messi doesn’t go down easy, just like jewish chicks.”

Some Jewish babe really did this guy wrong at some point in his life ’cause he’s got it in for ’em. So people have been reacting to this and he’s apologized: Hey, this is not who I am. This is not me. This is not who I am. I don’t really believe this and to try to characterize my views, to reduce my views to a handful of jokes that didn’t land well, that’s not a true reflection of my character nor my evolution as a comedian.

So what, we just ignore all that? It didn’t happen. I don’t think that would work for me. I should test it. I should try it, again. Now they’re all shaking their heads in there. “Don’t even think about it. You won’t be given the benefit the doubt.” So you don’t think if I said something offensive here along the lines of what Trevor Noah said, and then tomorrow, “You know, folks, that wasn’t me, and to judge my many multiple year career on the basis of a one two-minute segment on radio, totally unfair,” you don’t think that would fly?

Here’s the vice-chairman and founder of reputation.com. What is this? I thought this was the Comedy Central guy. Who is this guy? Reputation.com vice-chairman, Howard Bragman, Jake Tapper is talking to him, says, “What a difference 24 hours makes. We just got a statement from Comedy Central defending Trevor Noah –” Oh, it’s a PR guy, okay. “We got a statement from Comedy Central defending Trevor Noah saying, quote, ‘To judge him or his comedy based on a handful of jokes is unfair. Trevor is a talented comedian with a bright future.’ Is that a good response? I guess in some ways it’s risky to even respond to this stuff?”

BRAGMAN: I, frankly, wonder if any comedian could survive the scrutiny of thousands of people looking through everything you ever posted, every joke you ever made, everything you ever said. I think he’s gonna come out of this unscathed. I think he’s gonna be a fine host, and I think he’s gonna move on from here with a little speed bump in the way.

RUSH: See what I mean? You see the automatic excuses these good-behaving little liberals get. “Well, I frankly wonder if any comedian could survive the scrutiny of thousands of people looking through everything they ever posted.” Well, you know, those of us on the conservative side of the aisle go through this every day, folks, and nobody makes excuses for us. Nope. We are held accountable even for things that we don’t say. We’re held accountable for things they think that we might even privately think. This guy comes along and says it, it’s a speed bump, nobody could withstand this kind of scrutiny. He’s gonna have a great career. Don’t sweat it.

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