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RUSH: The Iranian — I guess the guy’s title is foreign minister, is up now. They’re in Lausanne, Switzerland, and they’re announcing the details of the preliminary agreement in the nuclear talks, phase one. The real deal will be finalized supposedly this summer. And the Iranian guy’s up there and he’s speaking Farsi, obviously, which needs to be translated. Boy, would I love to be translating, ’cause I think I know what the guy’s probably saying. (laughing) He’s doing the Iranian version of: “We will bury you. Death to America! You just don’t know, you have signed your warrant today. Ha-ha. We will bury you, along with the Israelis. You are history. Ha-ha.”

My guess is he’s speaking in some kind of code back to the Ayatollah Khamenei: “You have just signed your own death warrant. You are believing us to being nice peoples. Ha-ha! You are such fools. You are letting us make nuclear weapons and power, while we believe in everything you supposedly oppose. Death to America!” Meanwhile, never forget, Indiana is the focus of evil in the modern world this week.


RUSH: Did I hear this right? Did John Kerry say that he thinks he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize? (interruption)

Oh, he didn’t say, it was in an article. He hasn’t said it. ‘Cause how do you get the peace prize for growing nuclear weapons?

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