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Well, isn’t this sad. It seems like Senate Minority Leader Dingy Harry’s upcoming retirement is causing a family feud among his leadership team. Democrat Senators Dick Turban and Chuck-U Schumer are accusing each other of dishonesty.

Now, Turban is the Democrat Party’s Senate Whip. That makes him the No. 2 guy behind Dingy Harry: the underboss. Now, he took himself out of the running for leader to support Schumer’s takeover when Dingy leaves. That much both guys agree on.

The feud began because Dick Turban wants to remain Whip. That is a job he has held for ten years. His spokesman, Ben Marter, says that when Turban took Schumer aside to promise he wouldn’t run for the leadership, the two guys agreed to support each other, and they shook hands on it.

But Schumer says he doesn’t remember that. His spokesman says it never happened. Chuck-U reportedly wants the No. 3 Democrat, Patty Murray of Washington, to take over as his No. 2. He wants to toss his buddy, former roommate Dick Turban, under the bus. In other words, “Chuck you, Dick.”
So. Dingy Harry isnÂ’t even out the door and the vultures are already fighting over the spoils. You have to admit itÂ’s amusing to watch these guys accuse each other of lying, and to see their usual ruthlessness and duplicity aimed at each other, for a change. I just wish it would last.

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