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RUSH: I am told the media, while they take a time-out from destroying businesses in Indiana, are breathless over the fact that we might be, it could be, we might have an Iranian nuke deal. This is another thing that puzzles me. Since when do leftists sit idly by while an American president helps a country go nuclear? I thought nuclear proliferation was as bad as being a conservative Christian to the militant left?

I will never forget, ladies and gentlemen, growing up — well, I was grown up by then, but it was the eighties during the presidency of Ronaldus Magnus — and Phil Donahue is doing his show every morning, depending on when it aired where you lived. And it was devoted to peaceniks and peace marchers, the peace movement, anti-nuclear people.

I will never forget one memorable episode of Donahue, the child actress at the time, Laura Dern, appeared, the daughter of Bruce Dern and one of his baby mamas, as the term is in Hollywood. She was about 18 or 19 at the time, and she literally broke down in tears. It appeared that she was having an actual panic attack on Phil Donahue’s sofa. She was begging the studio audience and the TV audience to try to understand how unsettling and how scary and how frightening it was to grow up in an era where all it took to destroy everything was the push of one button.

She lost her composure. She’s crying and she’s screaming (imitating Dern), “Don’t you understand, it’s scary. How can we be expected to grow up with this kind of fear surrounding us all the time.” The audience applauded, Donahue gave her a high five and all that, and the message was nukes are bad. The message was nukes are destructive, nukes are horrible, and we can’t be expected to live and grow normally in a nuclear world. And, by the way, as an added note, it was always the United States having nuclear weapons that was the problem.

That was because the president happened to be a Republican, it was Ronaldus Magnus. Anything Reagan did, like deploying missiles in Europe, any language that Reagan used that properly described the Soviet Union, such as calling ’em the evil empire. Oh, that scared Laura Dern to death ’cause that was provocative. That might make ’em launch a nuke. Folks, I’m not kidding. She literally lost her composure. She was crying, sobbing, jumping up and down on the sofa, begging people to understand how tough it was to be a young person in America in the eighties living amidst the omnipresent nuclear threat.

Message was: nukes are bad. Any president who doesn’t understand that is bad. We need to begin to disarm. We need to have START talks with the Soviets. We need to engage in getting rid of our nuclear weapons. When Obama was elected that’s the impression he gave and it’s one of the reasons some leftists and young people liked him. He even said he was gonna start getting rid of our nuclear stockpile regardless what the rest of the world did.

And shortly before the 2012 midterms he’s having a meeting with Dmitry Medvedev, the munchkin-like right hand to Vladimir Putin. The subject of nuclear weapons came up, and Obama was caught on a microphone that he didn’t know was live, saying (paraphrasing), “Tell Vladimir to be patient. I’ll have a lot more flexibility after the election,” meaning the one in 2012. He was telling Medvedev, just be cool. I’ll be able to get rid of a whole bunch of more nukes after I win.

So as recently as three years ago, two years ago, nuclear proliferation was the exact opposite of what we were talking about. Everybody believed that we were on the way to disarming and reducing the number of nukes. But my point overall is leftists are now applauding and celebrating a brand-new nation being welcomed into the nuclear fold. And of all nations, it’s Iran. When did this transformation happen, I ask. Since when do leftists, lunatic, insane leftists sit idly by, in some cases not sitting idly. In some cases they’re applauding and supporting an American president helping an evil oil producing country to boot. Iran ought to be the absolute worst place on earth if leftists are honest about themselves.

Iran produces oil. Iran murders, executes, homosexuals. Do you know that Apple, Incorporated, has more stores selling iPhones and iPads in Tehran than they do in all of Indiana? And yet the CEO sees fit to describe life in Indiana as unfit and un-American, while there are more stores in one city in Iran selling Apple products in a country that executes homosexuals when they are discovered. And no sense of irony is seen, no sense of hypocrisy is seen.

So we have a country that’s the state sponsor of terrorism, acknowledged to be. We have a country that is a huge producer of oil, which the left supposedly detests and hates and reviles and despises ’cause it’s polluting and it’s ugly and it’s what the Koch brothers do, ooh, yuk, oil, no blood for oil, all that. Here’s a country that executes homosexuals, stones to death women who dare to speak up, dare to complain about being raped. If a woman in Iran gets raped and complains about it, they punish her.

A country that produces oil and threatens innocent people the world over with state-sponsored terrorism, and now the president of the United States is about to enable them getting a nuclear weapon, and leftists sit idly by? Leftists that are so concerned, so disturbed, so upset, so panicked about what’s going on in Indiana. Something doesn’t sound right here to me.

If the leftists were being honest, if the leftists were true to form, they’d be opposing Obama and everything he’s trying to do in Iran. Helping a country that butchers gays, butchers women. Civil rights is not even a concept in this country. Human rights is not even a concept, plus they have oil. The president of the United States sitting by, helping them be or become nuclear. “Yay! We love Obama. Barack Hussein O, yeah.”

It doesn’t make any sense to me. Barack Hussein O is helping Iran with two things that leftists said would destroy the planet: nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons, and the third thing, oil. If there was no oil, they wouldn’t have any reason to go running around complaining about global warming. How about the carbon footprint of Iran? Why do we never hear about that? This is quite a flip, folks, and I’m not being facetious here.

Like the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, when Obama voted for it as a state Senator in Illinois and when Bill Clinton signed it into law, it was a godsend. They thanked God, they praised God, and they were celebratory of this law. When a Republican governor approves the very same law, it’s the work of the devil. It’s the work of Satan.

Barack Obama signed a Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and he’s pushing hard for a nuclear Iran, nuclear power, nuclear weapons. Liberals embrace this? Liberals applaud this? So were they never really afraid of nuclear weapons? Have they never really been opposed to nuclear power? Was all that fake? Was all that ginned up? Was all that simply the way they gave voice to their opposition to Republicans, such as Ronaldus Magnus? We’re left confused, because this is a huge 180.

How in the world do you spend your entire life telling the country that nuclear anything is disastrous? And you sit idly by while a state sponsor of terrorism which murders and executes gays and women goes nuclear, with aid and assistance of a bunch of leftists that run America at the moment, Barack Hussein O and the hapless and haughty John Kerry, Jean-Francois Kerry, who once served in Vietnam.

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